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24 hours in Queretaro , Mexico

The State of Queretaro is one of the smallest states in Mexico.  The capital Santiago de querétaro méxico is such a beautiful city.  There are over 1400 monuments in Queretaro most of them date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, 20 of those are designated religious monuments. It is a world heritage city and Mexico states it to be a “colonial treasure”.

As you wander through the historical centre you will be amazed at the beauty. There are fountains, churches and museums to enjoy.  Not to mention the many side streets with local restaurants and bars to enjoy. Queretaro is famous for its wine and cheesemakers,  something that we were surprised to learn about. It has also one of the best climates in Mexico.  No wonder, Queretaro is becoming a city to reckon with and visitor growth is definitely on the way up.

Queretaro has turned out to be one of our favourite cities in Mexico, it will be yours too.

Unfortunately, we only had 24 hours to enjoy its delights and we will be back to spend longer.

If you only have 24 hours our guide will assist you in making the most of your time.  If you have longer we will cover that for you as well as this is what we will be adding to our itinerary when we return.

(Editor Update 2021).

Where is Queretaro in Mexico

Map of location of Queretaro in Mexico
Where Queretaro is located in Mexico


Queretaro is located:

Getting Into Queretaro

Queretaro Airport (QRO) is located 33km from the city.  It can be used as an alternative to flying into Mexico City.

For cheap flights to Queretaro, we would recommend checking both Mexico City and Queretaro.

Flight Deals

Find the cheapest flights with Skyscanner who then directs you to the airline’s website with no extra fees to pay.

Bus Travel

We reached Queretaro by bus from Mexico Airport.  Bus travel throughout Mexico is excellent.  For the latest bus schedules and ticket prices click here.

Car Rental

You can rent cars from either Queretaro Airport or Mexico City airport. For more details click here.

Queretaro Hotels

Hotels in Queretaro:

Hotel La Casa de La Marquesa located at Privado Madero 41 is a historic hotel in Queretaro that offers a restaurant, massage services, free parking and free WiFi.



Gran Hotel de Queretaro is a 5-star 42 room hotel located at Juarez Sur #5 in Centro Historico in a 19th-century convent.


La Casa del Atrio at Calle Ignacio Allende Sur 15 offers guests comfortable lodgings, 3 courtyards where breakfast is served and where you can enjoy evening drinks before dinner.  The hotel is located in a 19th-century Mansion opposite the Museum of Art.


For more hotels in Queretaro:

What to do in Santiago de Queretaro Mexico in 24 hours

Queretaro City Map

Queretaro City Map

3 Tours that are available in and around Queretaro

Visit Constitution Square

24 hours in Queretaro Mexico

Constitution Square originally was the Franciscan Friars Orchard and later became a marketplace for the locals, the fountain sits above the original water hole. The Square is full of locals day and night and is a major meeting place.

Visit the Cathedral of Queretaro

Queretaro and its cathedral at night

The Cathedral of Queretaro was built between 1786 and 1805 and situated in the Plaza de Armas and is built in the style of Baroque and Neoclassical.  The Cathedral was blessed by Father Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico’s famous Father who started the quest for Mexican Independence. You cannot miss the Cathedral at night.

Queretaro a UNESCO Site

Day time view of the Cathedral of Queretaro.

See The Frescoes on the Walls of the 18th-Century Temple of Santa Rosa de Viterbo

Interesting architecture around Queretaro

Frescoes still can be seen on the walls of the 18th Century Temple of Santa Rosa de Viterbo.

Get Lost in the Streets of Queretaro

Queretero in Mexico colourful architecture

We enjoyed getting lost and wandering through the streets of the Centro Historico area of Queretaro. Just look at these colourful buildings, this is what Mexico is!

Centro Historico area of Queretaro

The ochre colours change as you wander, plants grow over the top of the buildings and windows, walk slowly and peek through doorways and open gates for glimpses of Spanish courtyards and fountains.

wander the side streets of Queretaro

Dine at Lemon Tree Cafe

We stumbled across an open courtyard, venturing in we came across Lemon Tree Cafe, we just had to stop and have lunch.

Address: Calle José Ma. Morelos 74, Centro, 76000 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., Mexico

Great cafes in Queretaro

Where to Eat in Queretaro

Hacienda La Laborcilla, Prolongacion Corregidora Norte 911-B1-5 Colonia Parques Residenciales for French Mexican cuisine.

Sonora Grill Juriquilla at Blvd de la Campana 899 – steakhouse with Mexican cuisine.

Santo Mar located at Carretera Queretaro 70 San Luis Potosi 12401 Felix Osores Sotomayor Antea Lifestyle Centre for seafood and Latin cuisine.

Wines of Queretaro

Queretaro’s Bajio region is the #2 wine-growing region of Mexico. Some recommendations on which wineries to visit from Tripadvisor are:

  1. Finca Sala Viva by Freixenet at Carretera San Juan del Rio. Sparkling wine is the speciality here in one of the oldest wineries in the district.
  2. Vinedos la Redonda located at Carretera San Juan del Rio a Ezequiel Montes Km 33.5, 50 minutes away from Queretaro.
  3. De Cote Casa Vitivinicola at Libramiento Norponiente Km 5 900 Blancas Tunas Ezequiel Montes offers tours of their vineyard and meals available in their restaurant or bistro

Ruta de Vino y Queso

Queretaro has a wine and cheese route.  Queretaro is #1 in sparkling wine production in Mexico and takes #1 position in sheep cheese production.

For more information on what wineries and cheesemakers are listed on the route click here.

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Queretaro, we will be back, there is still so much to see and do there! We will travel your wine and cheese trails, revisit the colonial buildings and dine in the many of the restaurants that you have on offer.  We will get lost again wandering your streets, it will be another adventure for us.


If you have any questions or would like some advice we would love to hear from you. You can reach us via our Facebook page or email us here.



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