24 hours in Queretaro , Mexico

The historical centre of Queretaro was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its a shame that we had only 24 hours to enjoy its delights.

What to see and do in Queretaro in 24 hours

Queretaro Mexico

Constitution Square originally was the Franciscan Friars Orchard and later became a marketplace for the locals, the fountain sits above the original water hole. The Square is full of locals day and night and is a major meeting place.

Queretaro and its cathedral at night

The Cathedral of Queretaro was built between 1786 and 1805 and situated in the Plaza de Armas and is built in the style of Baroque and Neoclassical.  The Cathedral was blessed by Father Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico’s famous Father who started the quest for Mexican Independence. You cannot miss the Cathedral at night.

Queretaro a UNESCO Site

Day time view of the Cathedral of Queretaro.


Interesting architecture around Queretaro

Frescoes still can be seen on the walls of the 18th Century Temple of Santa Rosa de Viterbo.

Queretero in Mexico colourful architecture

We enjoyed getting lost and wandering through the streets of the Centro Historico area of Queretaro. Just look at these colourful buildings, this is what Mexico is!

Centro Historico area of Queretaro

The ochre colours change as you wander, plants grow over the top of the buildings and windows, walk slowly and peek  through doorways and open gates for glimpses of Spanish courtyards and fountains.

wander the side streets of Queretaro

We stumbled across an open courtyard, venturing in we came across Lemon Tree Cafe, we just had to stop and have lunch. Not sure whether we could find it again.

Great cafes in Queretaro

Queretaro, we will be back, there is still so much to see and do there! We will travel your wine and cheese trails, revisit the colonial buildings and dine in the many of your restaurants that you have on offer.  We will get lost again wandering your streets, it will be another adventure for us.

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  • Santiago de Queretaro looks adorable! I missed this gem during my last trip to Mexico, I need to add to my list of places for when I return. Hopefully next year some time. 🙂

  • Yep, 24 hours isn’t nearly enough time to Queretaro. There’s all the different churches, the 1.3km long Aquaduct, the main park and all the museums. We were there a week and loved it. Also a day trip on a bus to Bernal where you can hike up the Bernal monolith and enjoy the views.

    • Hi guys
      Thanks for the comments. Looks like we need to return to hike up the Bernal monolith and enjoy the views, thanks for the tip!
      cheers Jane and Duncan

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