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Why you should visit Ston in Croatia

3 Good Reasons to Visit Ston in Croatia

Planning a visit to Ston in Croatia? Discover our 3 good reasons to visit Ston.

Ston in Croatia is worth a visit, just 54 km from Dubrovnik and you are witnessing the idyllic countryside of Croatia. Stop in for a short while on the way to the wine region of the Peljesac Peninsula.

A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik, one of the busiest cities in Croatia especially during the height of the summer season. On our way to visit the Wineries of the Peljesac Peninsular with Insider Holidays, we stopped off to visit the medieval town of Ston.

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Map of Ston Croatia

3 Good Reasons to Visit Ston in Croatia
Map of Ston

Ston is a city in Croatia located on the Peljesac Peninsula. It is famous for the Walls of Ston (unlike the Walls of Dubrovnik which are enclosed) they are known as the “European Walls of China”, the Salt Works and its mussels.  A popular destination to visit close to Ston is the town of Korcula which can be reached within 2 hours by bus.

3 Good Reasons to Visit Ston in Croatia

What? Europe Has A Great Wall As Well!

#1 Reason – The Walls of Ston

Ston Walls Croatia
Cast your eyes up towards the hill for the Walls of Ston

As we rounded a bend in the road our eyes were drawn to a huge wall!  A huge wall that looked very similar to the Great Wall of China.  We could not believe what we were seeing. A wall that was planned and first started construction in 1333 by the Republic of Dubrovnik who had bought the Peljesac Peninsula from Dusan the Serbian Emperor. The 5.5km wall connected the two towns Ston and Mali Ston, and their purpose was to defend these two towns, be the first line of defence for Dubrovnik and to protect their precious salt industry which contributed to the wealth of Dubrovnik.

The walls are 2nd to the Great Wall of China in length.  The walls in sections range from between 5 and 10 metres high. Can you believe it took almost 4 centuries to complete?

Taken from the Ston website

Opening Times for visiting the Walls of Ston

Summer working time:
08.00 – 18.30 h (1. april – 31. May)
08.00 – 19.30 h (1. June – 31. July)
08.00 – 19.00 h (1. August – 01. September)
08.00 – 18.30 h (1. September – 30.September)
08:00 – 18:00h (1.October – 31.October)

Winter working time:
09.00 – 15.00 h (1. November – 31. March)

Entrance Fee: Adults 70 Kn Children 30 Kn (2020)

It is comforting to know that the profits from the entrance fees are used for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the wall.

The site of Kings Landing in Games of Thrones used Ston in many of its scenes because of the Walls.

You can visit the Walls of Ston on a Wine Tour of the Peljesac Peninsula with Insider Holidays.

#2 The Salt Works of Ston

Salt Works of Ston Croatia
Salt Ponds of Ston

Opposite the town of Ston lies the Salt Works.  Salt has been in production in Ston for over 2,000 years and it is the oldest salt works still operating in Europe.  Salt was extremely important to the Republic of Dubrovnik providing 1/3 of its revenue back in the 14th century.  Salt was just as important as gold and during those times 1kg salt = 1kg gold.

Today there are 53 pools – 9 of which are the crystallisation pools who are named after Saints, you will find the name of the Saint written on stone and placed beside each pool.  #53 pool is named ‘Mundo’meaning world in Spanish and the salt harvested from this pool was passed onto the poor.

The storage for the salt was at the rear of the ponds, there were 2 keys to open the doors of the storage, as it was so valuable the salt was under guard 24 hours a day.  If you were tempted to steal salt the punishment was the loss of your hand.

Salt Works Ston Croatia
Mine Carts Used For Transportation of Salt to the Storage Sheds

The seawater flows into the ponds from Ston Bay, where it is captured, the high temperatures and the dry winds assist in the evaporation process and it becomes even saltier. The salt is dug out by hand with shovels and loaded into the mine carts.

The method of production and harvesting the salt has not changed over the years.  During the summer months on certain days starting very early in the morning salt will be harvested. This would be an exciting time to visit, if you are considering watching this incredible process, contact Solana Ston on their website.

Ston Salt Works
The Museum and Entrance

When you visit allow some time to watch the 2 videos within the Museum and do try the two types of salt on display.

Entrance fee 15 Kn per person (2020 prices)

#3 The Town of Ston

Ston Croatia
Ston – Narrow Streets

Ston is the gateway to the Peljesac Peninsula and Korcula Island.  A medieval town of narrow streets and noble houses with the Bishops Palace constructed in the Renaissance style that dates back to the 16th century.  Mali Ston which is 1km away is famous for its oysters.  The sweetest strawberries come from around Ston.

Ston: Best Places to Stay in Croatia

Should you stay in Ston or nearby Dubrovnik? We say, why not stay in both.

The top places to stay in Ston are:

Apartments Mage (rated 9): Put Brace Mihanovic 7, Ston

3 good reasons to visit Ston in Croatia





Villa Menalo (rated 8): Hodilje b.b., Ston

3 good reasons to visit Ston





Apartments Vlasic (rated 8): Put Malog Stona 2, Ston

3 good reasons to visit Ston in Croatia

If you want to stay just outside Dubrovnik on the way to Ston we can personally recommend the Sun Gardens Resort Dubrovnik

3 good reasons to visit Ston in Croatia




You can read our review on the Sun Gardens Resort Dubrovnik here.

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We were hosted by Insider Holidays and Ston was included as part of their Half-Day Wine Lover’s Tour of Peljesac Peninsula.  We thank Ana and Bozidar for allowing us to come and enjoy their tours.  Our opinions, as always, are our own.

Our blog post can be read here on our Half Day Wine Lover’s Tour.

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3 good reasons to visit Ston in Croatia
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