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5 Things to do in Morelia, Mexico

Our Guide on Top 5 Things to Do in Morélia México.

Are you planning to visit Morelia?

Our guide on the top 5 things to do in Morelia Michoacan Mexico. There are more, of course, we should have planned our visit better and stayed longer. What we are finding with towns in Mexico is that they are all special in their own way and offer the traveller a diverse and exciting adventure.

Morelia is off the regular tourist track of Mexico which gives it a charm like no other.  When you next visit Mexico if you can include Morelia on your visit we can highly recommend it. We were knocked over by the quality of the food and the accommodation.  We are huge fans of Mexican food and Morelia did not disappoint. We had previously been staying in San Miguel de Allende.

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FAQ’s on Visiting Morelia

Is it safe to travel to Morelia by bus?

Buses are an easy way to travel around Mexico.  We travelled by bus from San Miguel de Allende to Morelia about 288 km away. Click here for the latest schedules and ticket prices.

Is Morelia worth visiting?

Yes, it is. We really enjoyed our stay and definitely would return.  It is a small town and off the tourist path of popular destinations such as Puebla, Guanajuato etc.

How many days should we stay in Morelia?

We would recommend spending 2 nights in Morelia.

Is Morelia safe to visit?

Yes, Morelia is safe but like all Mexican towns and cities make sure you are aware of your surroundings and keep your possessions in a safe location.

How do you get to Morelia?

If you are travelling from Mexico City it will take 4 hours by bus.

From San Miguel de Allende the bus journey takes 2.5 hours.

From Guadalajara, the journey will be 3.5 hours.

What is Morelia famous for?

Morelia is famous for its pink stone which was used in the construction of its historical colonial buildings.

We love Mexico so much we even created an e-book – A Mexico Travel Guide.

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Our A Mexico Travel Guide is our adventures around Mexico highlighting where to visit, where to stay, where and what to eat and all our tips and tricks. A great guide for anyone planning things to do in Mexico.

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(Editor updated 2021)

Where is Morelia Mexico

A map showing where Morelia is located in Mexico
Morelia Mexico Map

Morelia is located approximately 200 miles west of Mexico City.

Morelia is Mexico’s hidden gem and the capital of the state of Michoacan.  It is one of Mexico’s beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site and it has become one of our favourite cities in Mexico.


Our 5 Favourite Things to do in Morelia are:

  1. Cathedral of Morelia
Morelia's Cathedral
Mexrad3k [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

The Centro Historico is dominated by the Morelia Cathedral built in baroque style and covers 2 blocks. During November the Cathedral is the site for the local Day of the Dead celebrations.  It is an incredible sight during the day and when it twinkles at night. It is stated the Morelia’s Cathedral is the most beautiful in the state of  Michoacán and one of the most beautiful in the country.

It took 84 years to build starting its construction in 1660 and finishing in 1744. The Cathedral was built in the Baroque style using the pink stone from the area. You can see the 70m bell towers from miles away.

Address: Av Francisco I. Madero Pte S/N, Centro histórico de Morelia, 58000 Morelia, Mich., Mexico


The best time to visit is when there is an organ recital taking place, the organ is magnificent boasting 4600 pipes.

At 20.45 on a Saturday night the Cathedral is lit up and there is a fireworks display – it is a spectacular sight.

2. Local Cuisine – Where To Eat in Morelia

Mexican food is a delight to the senses at any time but we found that Morelia and its numerous restaurants, cafes and bars topped the list for us.

Sunday Brunch at Lu Restaurant in Morelia
Sunday Brunch at Lu Restaurant

Lu Restaurant is our highly recommended restaurant in Morelia.  Our first experience was Brunch, the service and food were so good that we ended up eating dinner there 3 nights in a row. Tripadvisor rates the Lu Restaurant in the top #5 restaurants in Morelia. The location is perfect for ‘people watching’ and the menu is varied and suitable for both meat-eaters and vegetarians.

Local Mexican Fare in Morelia
Local Mexican Fare
5 Things to do in Morelia Mexico
Vegetarian Option

Another favourite is the local fare served up by the crew at Las Brasas.  Be prepared to queue.

Grab a beer and watch the art class in Morelia
Grab a beer and watch the art class

On Sundays ensure you visit the local cafes around the Jardin de las Rosas and whilst you sip a cold beer whilst watching the locals’ sketch.

3.  The Aqueduct of Morelia

Morelia's Aqueduct
Morelia’s Aqueduct

Built in 1785 with 253 arches, and stands 700m high,  the Aqueduct (El Acueducto) runs alongside Cuauhtemoc Park, the largest park in Morelia. The Aqueduct runs for over a mile through Morelia. In 1910 the Aqueduct stopped functioning. Some of the arches are starting to crumble.  You can walk the length of the Aqueduct down Avenida Acueducto.


Beware of the traffic when walking the length of the Aqueduct.

Morelia's Aqueduct


Morelos Square and the Equestrian Monument of Morelos.

4. Wander The Streets

Wander the streets in and around Morelia
Wander the streets

We love wandering around towns, cities and villages as you never know what you come across as you walk down a side street or alleyway.  Morelia has many interesting streets, just get off the beaten track and explore.

5.  The Market Place

Inside the market of Morelia
Inside the market

We came across the market as we were wandering around, this market is full of local Mexican sweets, it is a great place to shop if you have a sweet tooth.

To Travel Too Tip:

If you are interested in learning Spanish Morelia has some excellent Spanish Language Schools.

Other Things To Do in Morelia Mexico

Conservatorio de las Rosas

The Conservatorio de las Rosas was founded in 1743.  It was originally the Dominican Convent of Santa Catalina de Siena.  The grounds are peaceful to wander around.  There are many classical musical events held here throughout the year.

The Cultural House

The Cultural House was originally a Jesuit Monastery. Today, you can take many classes such as painting, writing, dancing etc.  There is a lovely colonial courtyard to walk through and a brilliant bookstore to get lost in.

Tarascas Fountain

The Taracasa Fountain
The Tarascas Fountain

A fountain that depicts 3 strong Tarascan Indian women holding up agricultural products that they have grown. Around the fountain, you will find lots of small bars and restaurants.  It is a local meeting point, easy to find close to the aqueduct.

Hotels in Morelia Mexico

5 Things to Do in Morelia
Hotel Colonial

We had an amazing stay at the Hotel Colonial which was located within walking distance to the centre, 3 minutes from the Cathedral and very comfortable and affordable.

Address: Calle 20 de Noviembre 15 Colonia Centro Morelia.


There are many choices of accommodation to suit your budget and needs, check out the latest prices and availability. In the historical centre, there are 64 properties to choose from.

5 Things to do in Morelia Mexico

Essential Visitor Information for Travel To Morelia

The Best Time to Visit Morelia

The weather in Morelia Mexico is hot during the months of April, May and June where temperatures can reach in the low 30s.  You can expect the most rain during between June and August.

Morelia Airport

Morelia’s Airport is located 15 miles from the city centre.   There are taxis available at the airport, we would recommend prepaying your taxi fare.

Flight Deals

Find the cheapest flights with Skyscanner who then directs you to the airline’s website with no extra fees to pay.


Bus Travel to Morelia

We travelled to Morelia by Primera Plus from San Miguel de Allende.

For the latest bus schedules and ticket prices click here.

We have travelled to many places in Mexico over the years and apart from Morelia we have enjoyed:


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