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Driving the champagne route of France

Driving the Champagne Route of France – a One Week Awesome Itinerary

Driving the Champagne Route of France, what could be better than that for avid champagne drinkers such as ourselves. No sparkling wine here but the best of the best! What a fun week to visit the Champagne Houses of the region! (Editor update 2022) Who doesn’t love a glass of chilled champagne? France is the perfect country for a road trip.  There are so many...


8 Charming Villages to Visit Near Toulouse France

France has some of the prettiest villages in Europe and we found some of the 8 most charming villages to visit are near Toulouse.  To visit these charming villages you can take day trips from Toulouse France or plan to spend a night or two in the larger towns of Carcassone and Lourdes. Whatever you decide to do, you will not be disappointed.  This region is one of...

How to save for travel

Top Tips on How To Save For Travel

Wondering how to save for travel? It is not easy trying to put money away each week for your next vacation or that trip of a lifetime.  I have been there and so have many more before us.  How do you start? How much do I need to travel? Everyone loves a bargain flight, accommodation or a cruise and money-saving tips when they are booking their travel. But how can you...

How to Choose The Right Travel Destination

Things You Should Consider When Choosing The Right Travel Destination Where are the best places to visit? How long should I spend there? Is it expensive? What should I do? There are so many questions that you ask yourself when you start to plan your next travel destination.  These questions are important and they do need to be answered. You want to have a rewarding...

Most Beautiful Castles in Europe

The 10 Most Beautiful Castles to Visit in Europe

Are you a lover of European Castles? Europe holds an unmatched treasure of historical castles and forts across the continent. These castles distinguish themselves from the rest of the world in terms of their architectural uniqueness and aesthetic beauty. Every well-preserved castle in Europe has stories and wonders of times past to share. In this article, we will...