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A Day in Mandalay, Myanmar Top Things To Do in 2024

Mandalay, the cultural heartland of Myanmar, is a city that encapsulates the essence of this enchanting country. Steeped in history and brimming with vibrant traditions, Mandalay offers visitors a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Burmese culture. From its ornate temples to bustling markets and serene riverside vistas, this city has much to offer even in just one day of exploration. So, whether you are on a tight schedule or simply looking for a taste of Mandalay’s charm before venturing further, join us as we embark on an unforgettable journey through the wonders that lie within this captivating city on our 1 day in Mandalay.

From monasteries to bright orange sunsets, from local vibrant markets to gold leaf workshops, a day in Mandalay is truly memorable. Are you planning to visit and wondering what are the top things to do in Mandalay?

Our Mandalay guide highlights the best of Mandalay that you can do in one day.

Where is Mandalay Myanmar

A Day in Mandalay Myanmar
Myanmar Map

Mandalay, the former ancient capital city of Myanmar is hot, dusty and flat but well worth a visit for a few days.

Mandalay was the former capital of Northern Myanmar (once known as Burma).  It is located on the Irrawaddy River.  Mandalay is the 2nd largest city in Myanmar, Yangon, the capital 716 km away is the largest.

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If you are visiting Yangon you may want to visit the #1 tourist attraction the Shwedagon Pagoda – you can read it here.

One Day in Mandalay

A day in Mandalay
The Dusty Streets of Mandalay

Hire a Driver and a Car

We recommend you hire a car and a driver for MMK (Burmese Kyat) 75,000 = USD50  to travel outside the city centre and have an adventure for the day. Local drivers have a route planned out for you, and of course, included is a visit to some factories but it is entirely up to you what you would like to visit, discuss your itinerary with them first. We recommend that you work with a driver that is associated with your hotel or a driver that you have used in and around Mandalay.

Here are some suggestions for your 1-day itinerary in Mandalay.

King Galon Gold Leaf Workshop

A day in Mandalay
Making Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf is a very important industry in Myanmar.  Devotees use the gold leaf as an offering to Buddha as a means of gaining merit towards rebirth in favourable circumstances in future incarnations.  It is hot and laborious work for these young men who work with small amounts of malleable gold which is encased in small leather packets.  They beat the gold with heavy sledgehammers until the metal is as thin as paper – the timing of the pounding is calculated by a traditional clock that measures 15-minute segments when a half coconut shell fills with water.  The gold leaf is then cut in squares and packaged for sale by the womenfolk.

Mahagandayon Monastery

A day in Mandalay
Young Monks at Mahagandayon Monastery

The visit to the Mahagandayon Monastery is timed around 10 am when the 1000+ young monks line up silently for lunch which is their last meal of the day.  The visit is on every itinerary in Mandalay so expect to see quite a lot of tourists.  The Monastery is located in Amarapura about 11 kilometres outside Mandalay.

It felt strange all these tourists watching them go in for lunch and taking hundreds of photos, but they are used to it. You can give cash donations to the monks as they walk past.

A day in Mandalay
Lunchtime for the Monks – their last meal of the day at 10 am.
A day in Mandalay

Sagaing Hill

A day in Mandalay

A visit to Sagaing Hill and its Temples and Stupas starts with a long haul up steep stairs to the top of the hill.  Once at the top, you have 360-degree breathtaking views of the Irrawaddy River.  Sagaing was once the capital of Sagaing Kingdom and it is located 20 km to the southwest of Mandalay on the opposite side of the Irrawaddy River.

We encountered a small snake on the steps leading up to the temples.  We would recommend sensible walking shoes and take care where you place your feet down on the steps.  As Mandalay is hot ensure you have plenty of water with you.


A day in Mandalay
Time for Prayer


Local Market at Sagaing

A day in Mandalay
Sagaing Market

Whilst at Sagaing spend some time wandering around the local market.  The locals are so friendly and the display of fruit and vegetables intoxicating with their smells.



A day in Mandalay
Market Day at Sagaing

U-Bein Bridge

A day in Mandalay
Traffic on the U Bein Bridge

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to U-Bein Bridge.  It is one of the oldest teak bridges in the world spanning 1.2 km over the Taungthaman Lake.  Back in 1860, the bridge was built by Mayor U Bein using teak planks from the former royal palace.


A day in Mandalay
Locals working the fields beside the U Bein Bridge

At sunset, saffron-robed monks make the journey back to the monastery, their shadowy images in the orange light make it a photographer’s delight. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to visit for the best photo opportunities.

A day in Mandalay
Stop for Coconut Water on the Other Side

Unfortunately, we did not visit at sunset but we walked across the bridge, had a local coconut drink at one of the stalls located on the other side and hired a boat to take us back for a small fee.


A day in Mandalay
U Bein Bridge
A day in Mandalay
Our taxi driver playing games with the locals

Our driver playing a local game with the locals whilst waiting for us.

More things to do and see in Mandalay


Where to Stay in Mandalay

We stayed at the Smart Hotel in Mandalay.

Address: 167, 28th Street Between 76&77, Chan Aye Thargan Town, Mandalay

The hotel had a rooftop bar where we enjoyed a cocktail or two whilst enjoying the sunset.  The accommodation was comfortable but our bedroom had no window (ensure that you check the room that you are booking if you want a window).  The Smart Hotel was centrally located in Myanmar.  The staff were very helpful in organising a car and a driver for us for the day.

For the latest Tripadvisor Reviews on the Smart Hotel in Mandalay – click here

For the latest deals at the Smart Hotel click below.

A day in Mandalay

For more accommodation options:




Where to Eat in Mandalay


A day in Mandalay


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Frequently Asked Questions About Travel to Mandalay

Is it safe to travel to Mandalay?

Mandalay and Myanmar are safe to travel to.  Most follow the Buddhist religion which means that crime and theft is very rare.  As in all travels keep your important travel documents and technology close to you. When you travel on buses ensure your documents are on your body as a safe measurement.

What is the voltage in Myanmar?

The voltage in Myanmar is 230v and the frequency is 50 hz.

What injections will I need to visit Myanmar?

Most travel medical websites mentioning Myanmar recommend vaccines and disease preventions against Hepatitis A and B, Diphtheria, Polio, Tetanus, Japanese Encephalitis B, Rabies, Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, and Malaria.

What else do I need to take to Myanmar?

We recommend taking a first-aid kit, sunscreen, hat and water bottle.

Can I drink the water in Myanmar?

No, we recommend that you buy bottled water.

Getting Into Mandalay

Myanmar has opened up rapidly over the last few years.  There are more flights in and out of Yangon and other major cities.

Flight Deals to Myanmar

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If you are heading to Bagan from Mandalay:



Bus Travel Around Myanmar

For bus, ferry and train transport around Myanmar and South East Asia we use 12goasia.

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A day in Mandalay Myanmar



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In conclusion, spending one day in Mandalay offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and history of Myanmar. From exploring ancient temples to witnessing traditional craftsmanship and observing the daily life of locals, this city has much to offer to all types of travellers. Whether you are interested in spirituality, and history, or simply immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, Mandalay is a must-visit destination. So take advantage of your limited time and make the most out of every moment in this enchanting city.



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