A Night Out At Killarney Brewing Company Ireland

Killarney Brewing Company

“The Legend is in the Brew” – here is the story of the Killarney Brewing Company and our story as part of our TBEX Ireland 2017 (Travel Blog Exchange) visit.

Killarney Brewing Company

TBEX’s enjoying themselves at Killarney Brewing Company

The welcome was a traditional Irish hospitality welcome, a lot of ‘craic’ as we entered, we were in for a good night.  We were in the Killarney Brewing Company and when the word ‘brewery’ is mentioned some research needs to be undertaken, but first the legend. We had learned on our travels around Ireland, that the Irish were great storytellers, they have great material to work with – Ireland is based on myths, legends, fairy tales and leprechauns and if you enter a ‘pub’ there is always a great story to listen too or one to be told.

Killarney Brewing Company

The Team

We were ushered upstairs to watch the video on the ‘Legend of the Killarney Brewing Company’. A video we would recommend all to watch if you have the chance when you visit the Killarney Brewing Company.  A video that portrays the beauty of Killarney and its people, well-kept secrets and the “legend of the brew”.

The Story of the Killarney Brewing Company begins….

“Our home is Kerry, sacred islands, the wild Atlantic coast, white sands, blue skies, mountain passes.  A land of story and song and at its heart Killarney where mountains sweep down to lakes and eagles sore over ancient lands……”

Already we felt that we were being weaved into this Irish legend, I can still hear the softly spoken words now, the warmth of the Irish accent…. but the story continues…

Killarney Brewing Company begins with the rain that sweeps in from the sea, that fills the lake, pure mountain water flows down over the sandstone rock, a pure source, a passion blended with the golden grains of earth fused with the aroma of hops, aged with time, the guiding hand of the brewmaster reveals its essence and the richness of the land…..” I hope I have transcribed this correctly, but the story is one of Irish pride and the Irish passion of the people, in our minds we can see the rain sweeping in, the picture painted was real, we were mesmerized with “the legend is in the brew’. We wanted to know more.

We heard about the secret recipe which was kept in a hidden place and passed down through generations where men were prepared to die rather than reveal its contents.

March 2015 and the door opens at the Killarney Brewing Company

The dream of 3 Irishmen, 2 from Kerry and 1 from Dublin – Paul Sheahan, Tim O’Donoghue and Barry Spellman who had all worked together in Chicago in various restaurants and pubs. They wanted to make the best beer in the world and do it in Killarney.

Killarney had not seen a locally produced beer since the 1800s.  The time was right, craft beers were becoming trendy not only in Ireland but also around the world. The old Killarney Mineral Water Drinks facility had laid empty since the 1970s, it was perfect for renovation and a perfect fit for a brewing company with its location a 5-minute walk from the center of Killarney on Muckross Road.

Killarney Brewing Company

State of the Art German Equipment

With one of the best Brewmaster’s from the US, add in the best beer brewing equipment in the world and the purest water you can get from Killarney you have a winning formula – a top craft beer company!

Killarney Brewing Company’s mission is to bring a new level of excellence and appreciation to beer drinking the world over.

Killarney Brewing Company

What beer will you choose?

We head downstairs for tastings and to learn more about the hops and the process.

Killarney Brewing Company – List of Craft Beers

Devil’s Helles Lager (my favorite)

“4.2% ABV is a pale golden brew, cold fermented and conditioned for an exceptional clean crisp finish. The aroma is honeyed and made with a small hint of noble hops.

The legend as told by Killarney Brewing:

THE LEGEND: Local legend tells of a fierce battle between Thor and the Devil. Thor cast down lightning bolt after lightning bolt upon the Devil, who retaliated by tearing up the earth and hurling it back. The resulting basin filled up with water and became known as the Devil’s Punch Bowl.”

Golden Spear – Blonde Ale

“4.8% ABV This blonde ale gets it complex malt character from several specialty malts and a touch of wheat, balanced with the right amount of fruit hop flavor.

THE LEGEND: Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Ireland’s heroic warrior and hunter, often hunted on the shores of the lakes of Killarney and throughout the McGillycuddy Reeks. One day while climbing Torc mountain, he was attacked by a magical, ferocious boar. With a single blow, Fionn killed the lunging boar in mid-air with his fabled golden spear. Savour a pint of our delicious Golden Spear while toasting our legendary warrior!”

Rutting Red: Irish Red Ale

“4.5% ABV This ruby-hued brew showcases a broad spectrum of delicious malt flavors, ranging from caramel and toffee to biscuit and brown bread. Discerning beer drinkers will appreciate Rutting Red’s rugged flavor, which salutes the sheer intensity of our wild stags.

THE LEGEND: This full-bodied red ale pays homage to Ireland’s last herd of native red deer, who for thousands of years have roamed the mountains and valleys of our Killarney countryside. Each Autumn, during a ritual known as ”the rut,” the mighty stag’s clashing antlers and bellowing roars echo through the majestic amphitheater that is Killarney National Park – it is a magnificent display of power and dominance.”  

Scarlet Pimpernel

“6% ABV We have broken from tradition to create a deep red in color, American style IPA. Light bodied and dry, our IPA effuses a citrusy, resinous hop flavor and aroma. Best served with a thick frothy head so pour with vigor.

THE LEGEND: Our scarlet colored IPA was inspired by a true local legend of Killarney, Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, known as the “Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican.” While stationed at the Vatican during the World War II, and under threat of execution, Hugh saved over 6,500 people by hiding them in monasteries, farms, and other locations. After the war, he was awarded the US Medal of Freedom and Commander of the British Empire. We celebrate the altruism and courage of this great Killarney man.”


Casey Brothers Extra Stout (apparently so good that it was sold out)

“Casey Brothers Extra Stout 5.2% ABV is a fuller flavor version of the classic Irish-style dry stout, with a hefty body and incredibly dense head. We employ a variety of dark malts to capture the essences of espresso, treacle, black bread and dark chocolate. Some Flahavans oats add to the smoothness of this classic beer style.

THE LEGEND: This stout honours the seven Casey brothers who hailed from County Kerry – a unique family of fine athletes blessed with incredible strength, agility and skill. The boys were champion oarsmen with humble beginnings, rowing across Kenmare Bay to and from school. They went on to win numerous Salter Cups at the Killarney Regatta races during the early 1930s, and never lost a race across Europe and the United States. The most famous of the Casey Brothers, Steve “Crusher” Casey, immigrated to America, and utilising his signature “Killarney Flip,” was undefeated heavyweight wrestling champion of the world from 1938 through 1947; he was also a storied boxer, defeating US champion Tiger Warrenton in 1940. Channel your inner warrior while enjoying a pint of Casey Brothers Stout!

Apparently, so good for you, you can have it for breakfast.

Killarney Brewing Company

What is your favorite?

All the craft beer is produced in small batches and are all additive and preservative free.  70% of their sales are from the draught beer which the local pubs of Killarney have embraced, giving the visitor to Killarney a local experience whilst drinking a locally produced excellent craft beer.

Killarney Brewing Company

A great night out

Latest News – Pizza

The team from Killarney Brewing Company has added another favorite to their range of products – wood-fired pizza.  A great compliment to any beer is a well made tasty delicious wood-fired pizza.  We were fortunate to be able to taste test every variety they make and we can honestly say they are the best pizzas we have had in a long while.


Where is Killarney Ireland

Killarney Brewing Company

Killarney is located in South West Ireland in the County of Kerry. It is located on the very scenic Ring of Kerry.

Killarney Brewing Company

Killarney Brewery

Map of Killarney Brewery

Address:  Muckross Road, County Kerry, Killarney, Ireland

Tel: +353 64 663 6505

Email: [email protected]

Website: Killarney Brewing Company

We recommend the Killarney Brewery Tour as one of the top things to do in Killarney. Why not visit a Killarney Pub and ask for the Killarney Brewery Company’s Casey Brothers Extra Stout – apparently 70% of the sales are to the local Killarney Pubs.

We thank Barry and all the team at Killarney Brewing Company who took great care of the TBEX attendees on the first night.  It was a memorable night for all.

Want to book a tour? Click this link.

Tripadvisor Killarney shows great reviews of the Killarney Brewing Company.

Killarney Brewing Company

T-shirts from the store

Check their store out whilst you are there.

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Killarney Brewing Company

Where we stayed when we visited Killarney

Killarney Brewery is a ten-minute walk from the Gleneagle Hotel and Apartments where we stayed for 4 nights.  If you continue for another 5 minutes you will reach the centre of Killarney.

Killarney Brewery

Map of Killarney Brewery


We traveled around the southern part of Ireland by rental car and stayed in some incredible properties along the way that belong to the prestigious Irelands Blue Book.

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To help plan your visit to the Killarney Brewing Company and Killarney we recommend the following books available through Amazon to assist.


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  • Great post. It was a great time visiting the Killarney Brewing Company, and meeting you both.

  • Great DETAIL report! I’m thirsty!

  • Alan says:

    This post made me thirsty…
    I’ll definitely visit this place on my next trip to Ireland.
    I can’t wait to try the rutting red irish ale!

  • Amy Chung says:

    Sounds like an awesome day out. Sadly beer is so not my thing and I don’t think I would have appreciated it very much. And stout is just so hard to drink! You must like it. But I can definitely see the charm and love the history behind the story. MY partner loves beer so I will most likely be dragged in here anyway!

  • Looks like quite an amazing experience. I had the privilege of visiting a brewery back in Siem Reap, and it was so informative. Having said that reading your post kinda reminded me of my experience in Paro, a couple of days back. The beers in Bhutan are so amazing, and cheep at the same time.

    • Hi Arnav
      Thanks for your comments. I am glad you enjoy visiting breweries as well, I must try one in Bhutan sounds an adventure.
      Cheers Jane and Duncan

  • Clare says:

    What a great post! I’m not a big beer drinker but man, this got me thirsty! But beer and pizza definitely sounds like something I would enjoy! The Devil’s Helles Lager sounds absolutely divine. So does the Rutting Red!

  • umiko says:

    Just by reading the video scripts, I could also feel the legend of the land. I would think the background music added the myths vibe to it. I know nothing about beer, but I learned a lot from your post. They even mixed of them with dark chocolate. Very interesting!

    • Hi Umiko
      Thanks for your comments. The legend was so interesting, and I love a bit of history on a tour especially on a beer tour.
      Cheers Jane and Duncan

  • Manjulika says:

    I am not a beer person but I love learning about brewing process. My friends in Ireland have also told me about Killarney brewing company. It was good to read your personal experience. I will love to go there whenever possible.

  • Clarice says:

    This is my husband’s idea of a great night out. Their history is truly inspiring.

    Knowing how it started makes you appreciate it more. Thank you for sharing. We hope to visit sometime in the future.

    • Hi Clarice
      Thanks for your comments. It was such a fun night out and we can highly recommend it for anyone visiting Killarney.
      Cheers Jane and Duncan

  • Abhinav Singh says:

    I have heard a lot about the cool pubs of Ireland. It is so heartwarming to see the TBEX attendees having a good time together. The tour does look interesting. The video on Legend of the Killarney Brewing Company sounds interesting. Is it possible to see the video online? I like your writing style, particularly this line – ‘men were prepared to die rather than reveal its contents.’

    • Hi Abhinav
      Thanks for your comments. I don’t think you can see the video online, you will just have to visit and enjoy a beer or two when you go!
      Cheers Jane and Duncan

  • Martha says:

    Killarney’s is some of my favorite Irish beer! I love the Rut Red. On St. Paddy’s Day I was definitely indulging in a few pints of it. Did you have a particular favorite brew that you tried? I also love the history of the brewery and each of the legends that go with the brews. Such a quirky place!

    • Hi Martha
      Thanks for your comments. I would love to be in Ireland on St. Patricks Day. Actually, I had no favourites I enjoyed every tasting we had.
      Cheers Jane and Duncan

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