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A Unique Retreat in a Tiny House

Are you looking for something unique and different to stay in for your next getaway that is not a traditional hotel or an apartment?

Is a complete breakaway from the hustle and bustle of city life and a retreat back to nature high on your wish list?

(Editor Update 2021)


If you live in Victoria or NSW in Australia or are planning to visit in the near future a remote getaway in a tiny house from Tiny Away could be just what you need.


A tiny house in the country side
A tiny house in a remote rural location – photo courtesy Tiny Away

You may not have heard of Tiny Houses?  They are “a new way of living” and now due to their popularity worldwide you can now even vacation in a tiny house.  After staying in these unique tiny homes you may even want to purchase one!

Want to stay in a Tiny House in NSW & Victoria? This offer acts as a discount voucher for 5%, 10% or 20% off the value of your stay in one of Tiny Away’s tiny houses when you book with Klook.

What is a Tiny House?

Tiny House
Escape back to nature and relax in a tiny house – photo courtesy of Tiny Away

The definition of a tiny house is a “modern approach to building and living in a sustainable way.  They are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, affordable and transportable.”

We wanted to learn more about Tiny House living and vacationing so we headed to the first Tiny House Carnival in Sydney Australia to find out more.

Since 2013 we have been travelling the world with just an Osprey carry-on and a day pack for our technology.  We started our minimalistic lifestyle when we downsized and sold everything we owned in 2013 to live a life of travel. Tiny houses are a part of an international trend to simplify our lives, reduce our footprint without sacrificing our quality of life.  This so resonates to our current lifestyle.

Tiny House Carnival Sydney March 2020

Tiny House Carnival
Tiny House Carnival – 17 tiny houses on display a record for Australia – the most tiny houses in one location
Tiny House Carnival
Tiny House Carnival 2020


Who better to talk about “all things tiny houses” on stage were John Weisbarth host and co-host Zack Griffin of the Netflix series Tiny House Nation. Their passion for Tiny Houses was infectious and we bet that all the attendees either rushed back home to watch Tiny House Nation or place an order for their own Tiny House.

If that wasn’t enough Bryce Langston actor, author, filmmaker and environmentalist whose Youtube channel “Living Big in a Tiny House”  with nearly 3 million subscribers had us all subscribing to his Youtube channel to find out more!

Who is Tiny Away?

Tiny Away’s parent company Big Tiny is based in Singapore.  Big Tiny “is the first company to integrate the concept of tiny houses with eco-tourism”. (Valium)

Big Tiny was one of 2 sponsors at the Tiny Homes Carnival along with the Australian Tiny House Association.

fun living in a tiny house
It is fun living in a tiny house

Currently Tiny Away has 12 properties in rural New South Wales:

  • Picton x 2
  • Pokolbin
  • Bowman Farm
  • Broke
  • Kangaroo Valley
  • Saint Albans
  • Jindera
  • Hawkesbury
  • Braidwood x 2
  • Windeyer

For more information and bookings on NSW Tiny House properties click here

Bass Coast
Bass Coast Victoria – photo courtesy of Tiny Away


Inside Bass Coast
Inside Bass Coast Tiny House – photo courtesy of Tiny Away


Loft bedroom Bass Coast
Loft bedroom Bass Coast – photo courtesy of Tiny Away

Tiny Away currently has 16 properties in rural Victoria:

  • Beaconsfield Upper
  • Jung
  • Newham
  • Toolangi
  • Lancefield
  • Bittern
  • Mongeetta
  • Bass Coast x 2
  • Tallarook x 3
  • Geelong x 2
  • The Gurdies x 2

For more information and bookings on Tiny Away in Victoria click here

What is included in a Getaway Tiny House Stay

In your luxury tiny house getaway facilities include (NB each property is different in what they offer):

  • Air-conditioning
  • Heating
  • Compost toilet
  • Kitchen with fridge
  • Hot water
  • Dishes and silverware
  • Shower
  • Free parking
  • Some have TV and some are pet-friendly
  • Some even sleep up to 4 people


How Big is a Tiny House

Tiny Away’s tiny house accommodations can range from 155 sq ft up to 200 sq ft.

What is Inside a Tiny House

A luxury tiny house is more like a home when you enter.  They are designed to include a lounge room, kitchen, ground floor bedroom, loft bedroom, single and queen, shower and toilets. Each Tiny House has a different configuration. The interior design is very stylish and very practical.

Plenty of storage
Tiny House Kitchen Area
Kitchen, entrance to the bathroom, under loft storage
Loft bedroom
Roomy loft bedroom
Lounge Room
Lounge Room


Zack and John outside the Tiny House
Zack and John outside the Tiny House at the Tiny Homes Carnival

One of our favourites at the Tiny House Carnival had a ‘cottage feel loft’, the roomy double bedroom upstairs with high ceilings that made the Tiny House feel spacious.  We instantly fell in love with the decor and the clever use of furnishings.  You could even invite people in for drinks or dinner there was so much space.

Tiny House Photos

Spacious living room
Stylish and spacious living rooms in tiny houses – photo courtesy of Tiny Away


Loft bedrooms
Loft bedrooms – ceiling heights can be adapted – photo courtesy of Tiny Away

Considering To Purchase Your Own Tiny House

One of your first resources is to contact and join the Australian Tiny House Association.

They will help advise on council requirements, current trends in Tiny Houses and the opportunity to network with other members.

You can join here.

Big Tiny can customise your own Tiny House to your own specifications even to the height of the ceiling if you are above average in height. What we liked about Big Tiny’s Tiny House is their use of environmentally friendly materials.  The panels they use in construction can be put up within a few hours.

For more information on Big Tiny and its Tiny Houses click here.

We attended the Tiny Homes Carnival as part of press/media promotion. As always our opinions are our own.

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