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Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive

Another bucket list experience checked off – Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive.  Is a submarine dive on your bucket list? Have you ever wondered what it would be like?

One of the top things to do in Barbados is Atlantis Submarines Day or Night Tour Adventures.

If snorkelling or diving is ‘not your thing’ experiencing a submarine dive is the next best alternative.

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We were hosted by Atlantis Submarines for our night-time dive and as always our opinions are our own.

Where to Experience an Atlantis Submarine Tour:

Atlantis Submarines has 12 submarines in 10 locations around the World:

**** In Curacao and St Martin the vessels used are Sea World Explorers – semi-submarine that sits 5 feet below the surface.

With so many locations to choose from around the world, Atlantis Submarines offer many opportunities to experience the mysterious life underneath the ocean.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night-Time Dive

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive
Boarding Pass

The afternoon had arrived for our underwater submarine dive.  Our check-in time was 5.00 pm for a 5.30 pm departure, here you will receive your boarding pass for your Atlantis adventure.

Barbados is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean not the Caribbean Sea as we thought.  The Atlantis Dive Site is around the Freshwater Bay Coral Reef which is Barbados’ oldest natural artifact in the Atlantic Ocean.  The Reef is over 20 million years old, 2 miles long and a high of 60 feet.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive
Boarding our vessel to take us to the Atlantis Submarine

As the sun set we boarded the boat that took us out to the Atlantis Submarine, it is a short journey of around 20 – 30 minutes. Whilst onboard a safety demonstration took place, with instructions on how to board and disembark the Atlantis submarine safely.

This was your last opportunity for a toilet break, there are no toilets onboard the submarine.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive
Atlantis Submarine
Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive
Going down the hatch into the Atlantis Submarine

Once seated, we were welcomed by our Captain Hugh and the crew with last-minute safety announcements made, the hatch closed and we were off to find ‘Nemo.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive
Inside the Atlantis Submarine

We were all seated on the port side (left) but could move to the starboard side (right) at any time during the submarine tour.  Sick bags were provided in the pocket in front of us, just in case, anyone felt queasy.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive
Captain and Crew inside the Atlantis Submarine

The nighttime dive is a different experience to the daytime dive as you view the coral reef and inhabitants with high-powered spotlights. There is the chance of seeing nocturnal creatures that you may not see during the day. Every dive will be different but there is one thing for sure that on the night time dive the colours of the reef will be very visible under the spotlight.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive
Viewing the Shipwreck

Part of the dive was getting up close to a shipwreck that dated back to 1650, just as a large barracuda 4 feet in length swam past. At the deepest part of the dive 144 feet, we were at the bottom of the ocean. Actually, it was not something that we had considered when we had booked the dive, that we would be skimming the bottom of the ocean.  Quite surreal!

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive
Spotlights on for viewing

During our dive we were fortunate to see many fish:

  • Horse eyed Jackfish
  • Barracuda
  • Sergeant Major
  • Trumpet Fish
  • Squirrelfish
  • Squid
  • Sea Plumes that look like feather dusters
  • Sea Fans
  • Pillar coral
  • Plate Coral
  • Black coral which is used to make jewellery

What seemed like only a few minutes exploring the bottom of the ocean and it was time to start our ascent.  Slowly we headed towards the surface and to our awaiting boat. Instructions on how to safely disembark were repeated to all of us.  What impressed me with Atlantis Submarines is that they are a very safety conscious company and the explanation at every step of the way was clear, concise and very easy to understand.

Back on board, we welcomed the snacks and rum punch before arriving back at the Atlantis Submarine base.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive
Back on dry land

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Atlantis Submarines Barbados Night Time Dive

General Information

For Atlantis reservations click here

Atlantis Submarine Barbados Address:

The Shallow Draught Bridgetown Barbados

Atlantis Submarine Barbados Email Address:

[email protected]

Atlantis phone number:

(246) 436 8929


Atlantis for kids:

Atlantis Submarine Tours are suitable for kids.  There is a minimum height of 3 feet tall.


Transport is available from Barbados Hotels at USD10 per person.

Facts About Submarines: The Atlantis III Submarine  (taken from their brochure)

  • Size: 65 feet
  • Weight: 80 tons (160,000 lb)
  • Operating Depth: Approved to 150 feet
  • Speed: 1-1/2 knots submerged
  • Capacity: 48 passengers, 3 crew
  • Viewing: Large 2 ft diameter viewpoints, 13 on each side, extra large 52″ front viewport
  • Cabin Pressure: Air-conditioned at normal sea level pressure
  • Propulsion: DC battery-powered electric thrusters
  • Buoyancy: Sealed water tanks are adjusted to provide positive buoyancy
  • Safety features: All systems are duplicated.  Surface vessel maintains constant radio contact with the Submarine

To Travel Too Tip

If you know your dates for your Barbados Holidays and you want to experience the Atlantis Submarine tour we would recommend that you book well in advance and plan it for the beginning of your holiday.  There are two reasons for booking in advance:

  1. there are only 48 passengers on each dive
  2. weather conditions could affect a dive and there may be a requirement by Atlantis Barbados to reschedule the dive

Barbados Time Zone:

Atlantic Standard Time Zone – GMT -4.

Barbados Hotels

We have put together a list of recommended Barbados Hotels for you:

The Sandy Lane Barbados – the #1 Barbados Hotel located in St James Parish

Sandals Barbados – Barbados all-inclusive hotel located in St Lawrence Gap

There are many types of hotels to suit all budgets in Barbados.

Barbados Restaurants

Barbados has an extensive range of restaurants available throughout the island to suit all budgets and tastes.

Some of our favourites are:

Getting Around Barbados

Barbados has a good public bus network or you can hire a rental car.

Things to do in Barbados

We spent a total of 3 months in Barbados and enjoyed numerous Barbados activities.

Barbados Weather:  When is the best time to travel

The temperature in Barbados is similar throughout the year.  The low to mid-20s are experienced through to the high 30s.

The busy tourist season starts from December and runs through to the end of April.  The rainy season is from May to the beginning of December.

The Hurricane Season starts from June and depending on the weather is can run up until November time.

Flight Deals to Barbados

Find the cheapest flights with Skyscanner who then directs you to the airline’s website with no extra fees to pay.

Our Thanks

We would like to thank Wayne Scott and Leeanne Brathwaite at Atlantis Submarines Barbados for our complimentary  Night Dive.  As always our opinions are our own.

We would like to extend our thanks to Hugh, our Captain and the crew for the night for our underwater experience.


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If you need to research Barbados before you book your Barbados Holidays, the following books through Amazon may assist.




Travel Insurance
We highly recommend that you take out travel insurance when you book and pay for flights, cruises and tours.


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