Best Travel First Aid Kit

Best Travel First Aid Kit

If you are travelling either for a short vacation or long term a well thought out and well-stocked travel first aid kit is a necessity. Your first aid kit is your survival kit.

We have been fairly lucky in the health department when we have travelled with only the odd stomach issues mostly in Mexico and Peru.  In San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico, we asked for water to go with the Mezcal we were drinking.  The staff on the previous night questioned whether we wanted bottled water or tap water and of course, we chose the bottled water.  Our last night in San Cristobal, a new staff member of the establishment just served us water from the tap.  We had an 8-hour bus ride the next day. We won’t go into further details but you can imagine how we felt.

In Peru, we had travelled to Ollantaytambo prior to trekking Machu Picchu.  We researched Tripadvisor for the best cafe for lunch and 6 hours later we got an experience that we would not want to repeat again.  Needless to say, 48 hours later and we were on the road to recovery.

A certain level of fitness is required to travel long term. When you are travelling long term you are changing time zones, eating different cuisines and jumping on and off all different types of transport.  If we can find a good walking tour or even a food walking tour we book it.

After your travel always replenish your first aid travel kit. In particular, check tablets and medicines for expiry dates.

The information provided here is for general travel health advice and information only. It is not a replacement for a personal consultation with a travel nurse specialist, your GP, or a doctor specializing in travel medicine who can tailor advice to your individual medical history and needs.


Here are our top recommendations for your Travel First Aid Kit.



Oral Rehydration

We recommend Hydrolytes.  Vomiting and diarrhoea can lead to dehydration. Drinking hydrolytes restores vital electrolytes back into your system. We prefer to carry the tablets in our medical kit.


Diarrhoea Relief 

For that nasty bout of diarrhoea

Imodium works well.

If you cannot find Imodium and you are in Central or South America charcoal tablets also work well.

Constipation Relief

Ducolax Tablets can also relieve the effects.



Heartburn Medication

Heartburn is a form of indigestion where you can feel an uncomfortable burning experience.  Some products to help overcome heartburn are:


Stomach Cramp Relief

Buscopan can assist in those nasty stomach cramps.

Travel Sickness Relief

Some of us do not travel well and need some relief, Travelcalm Ginger by Blackmores can help.


Pain Relief

For pain relief from headaches and aches and pain, a stock of Panadol or similar in your travel first aid kit is recommended.


Antihistamines (for insect bites)

For insect bites from bees, march flies, mosquito bites and others antihistamines Zyrtec assists.

Swimmers Ear Drops


Lubricant eye drops

Throat Gargle/Lozenges


First Aid

Hand Sanitiser 

A must everytime you travel.  It should be handy in your handbag or backpack.

Bite & Sting Relief



Blister Aids






Alcohol Wipes



Sterile Dressings

Sterile Saline


Water Purifcation Tablets


Baby Wipes/Wet Ones


Insect Repellent



Sunburn Relief

Lip Balm


Ear Plugs


General First Aid Kits (already prepared)

Baby First Aid Kits


Dog First Aid Kits


Car First Aid Kits


Hiking First Aid Kits

Back Packing First Aid Kits

Camping First Aid Kits


First Responder Kit

Sports First Aid Kits


Horse First Aid Kits


Boat First Aid Kits



Pet First Aid Kits



First Aid Manuals




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Best Travel First Aid Kit

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is highly recommended.  You just never know when you will need it. The recommended time to take insurance out is when you start paying for flights or deposits on tours, cruises or accommodation.  You will need to read the small print and do not hesitate to ring the company to clarify any points.

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