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Things to do in West Cork

Things To Do in West Cork Ireland In 2023

As I sit here and write about things to do in West Cork my mind goes back to that day when 8 of us headed out from the INEC in Killarney with Irish guide extraordinaire Jessie McDonald to visit West Cork on our TBEX Pre-Bex Tour (Travel Blogging Exchange). These are some of the hidden gems that you can do when you visit West Cork in Ireland – off-the-beaten...

Killarney Brewing Company

A Night Out At Killarney Brewing Company Ireland

“The Legend is in the Brew” – here is the story of the Killarney Brewing Company and our story as part of our TBEX Ireland 2017 (Travel Blog Exchange) visit. (Editor Update 2021) TBEX’s enjoying themselves at Killarney Brewing Company The welcome was a traditional Irish hospitality welcome, a lot of ‘craic’ as we entered, we were in for a good night.  We were in the...