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Shamanism on Lake Atitlan

Shamanism on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Shamanism is a way of life amongst the villages on Lake Atitlan Guatemala.  During our boat ride around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, we stopped at the village of Santiago Atitlan. A picturesque village settled in an inlet with amazing views of San Pedro Volcano across the Lake. When we docked we were treated to an amazing array of handicrafts produced by the Tz’utujil...

Five Things to Do in Granada, Nicaragua

Parks, churches, great food, quaint colonial streets and a blue volcanic lake are some of the five things to do in Granada Nicaragua.  Of course, there is much more to see and do in this city, but these five activities will certainly whet your appetite. We have also included the top five hotels to stay in Granada Nicaragua, the top 5 restaurants and the top 8 tours...

Magical Hike To The Tepozteco Pyramid

Magical Hike To The Tepozteco Pyramid Our guide on all things Tepozteco including directions to the start of the Tepozteco hike, what to wear, what to expect and the cost of entering the site. It’s a long magical hike to the Tepozteco Pyramid, one of the many Aztec Pyramids in Mexico. Tepozteco is situated on top of the mountain overlooking the mystical town of...

24 hours in Queretaro , Mexico

The State of Queretaro is one of the smallest states in Mexico.  The capital Santiago de querétaro méxico is such a beautiful city.  There are over 1400 monuments in Queretaro most of them date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, 20 of those are designated religious monuments. It is a world heritage city and Mexico states it to be a “colonial treasure”...

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