Do You Prefer Short or Long Term Traveling

Traveling Long Term

Do You Prefer Short or Long Term Traveling

Long term traveling – you can only dream about it? Do you remember when you finally finished school and set off to travel the world? That wild Contiki Tour – 10 countries in 10 days, when you still cannot remember the last 5 countries because of the parties the night before? What about your Lonely Planet Guide “Europe on 5 pounds a Day” disintegrating at your touch because it was read so much as you travelled from city to city? “Those were the days,” you murmur.

Or maybe you did not have these opportunities. You left school and went straight into University, Technical College or the workforce with a plan that once you had finished your studies or saved up enough money you would start traveling the world.

Now that you have finished work and just about to retire or have actually retired what is holding you back from long term traveling for six months or more? Is it money? Is it family? Is it leaving your pets behind? Is it the fear of enjoying yourself so much that you will want to do it again year after year?

Or do you prefer shorter trips?

If we said to you that we left Australia on the 9th March, 2015 and arrived back home in Sydney on the 4th January, 2016 and we spent only AUD 92 per day for the both of us would that help take away some of the fear of not having enough money to travel? If they can do it, why can’t we, we hear you say? That figure, by the way, is the same figure that the Australian Government pays out currently for a couple’s pension.

Start of our long term traveling

On the road again – check in at Qantas for our next long term travel adventures
















We lived and travelled throughout Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama over the 10 month period. We had many house sitting assignments that took us to locations where we lived like a local for several weeks at a time. We slowed down traveling, which reduced our transport costs, and lived in low cost countries for a longer period reducing our overall travel costs and had some amazing adventures.

Can you imagine waking up on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua with the largest freshwater lake in the world glistening in front of you, two volcanoes looming either side of you and you crossed the road in front of your house to buy your fruit, vegetables and eggs from the local shop. How about your daily loaf – wandering through the streets of the most beautiful colonial town in Mexico – San Miguel de Allende – to the local artisan bakery who made the best bread we had ever tasted! When we were on our house sitting assignments our daily average spend was around AUD15 per day.

traveling to Ometepe Island

Sunset at Volcano Concepcion


What about family, or grandchildren, we would miss them terribly going away for that length of time? We have family too but we video Skype on a regular basis, sometimes chatting to members of the family more than when we would if we were at home. Facebook is perfect for all to keep in touch with one another, share photos, thoughts and messages.

Look at arranging House Sitters to care for your pets and your home whilst you are away, they can also take care of home maintenance, gardening and swimming pool upkeep. Insurance companies are never happy if a house has been left unoccupied for a certain period of time.

Now the scariest thing of all – what happens if you had so much fun that you wanted to go back and do it all again next year!

Jenny from Australia shares with us her “what is holding you back moment”

“We had already sold our house and were living in rental accommodation in the north west. Several months before we finished work, we started to sort our belongings, and began selling and donating most of our belongings. This was one of the “What’s holding you back” times. Initially it was really difficult letting go off stuff, but after a while it became much easier and was quite liberating. Then came the doubts, what if we hate it and slink home after 6 months away, will we regret it. Too late, it was done.”

We know where she is coming from. We downsized from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment. Then stored our ‘stuff’ in a garage whilst we were on our 12 month trip. It was overwhelming when we returned to sort through it all. We have downsized to 9 plastic containers full of photo albums, tax details and a few other personal belongings. The photo albums take up 5 of those containers and we are working on digitizing these.

Suzanne from NSW shares with us her “what is holding you back moment” from long term traveling.

“Teenagers about sums it up for us”.

In our experience, teenagers grow up quickly into young adults, leaving the nest.

This is where you can ‘chase time not money’ and give back to yourself.

Now, what is holding you back from traveling long term?




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