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Free Walking Tour Santiago Chile – What To Expect [updated 2024]

Welcome to the vibrant city of Santiago, Chile! Nestled in the heart of the country, this cosmopolitan capital is a fascinating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. And what better way to explore its hidden gems than through a free walking tour? Join us as we embark on an immersive journey through Santiago’s bustling streets, uncovering its rich heritage, stunning architecture, and local secrets along the way. Whether you’re a curious traveller or a seasoned adventurer, get ready to discover the true essence of Santiago with expert guides leading the way. So lace up your walking shoes and let’s begin this unforgettable exploration of Free Walking Tour Santiago Chile!

Santiago in Chile was our first experience of a Free Walking Tour.  Since that first tour, we have been hooked!  If there is a Free Walking Tour in a city, it is usually the first thing we do. We learn so much and we enjoy the snippets of information that the guides share with you. We get a personal viewpoint on the city from a local’s point of view. Who loves locals tips on where to eat and what to do in the city that is off the beaten path?

Have you taken a Free Walking Tour?

Want to view the city first from the iconic Sky Costanera?

Witness unforgettable, panoramic views over Santiago from the observation deck of the iconic Sky Costanera, Latin America’s tallest building. Let your jaw hit the floor as you are elevated 62 floors to fantastic 360-degree views over the Andes mountains. Book here.

Our Free Walking Tour Santiago Review

Our first walking tour ever was in South America and it was conducted by Johnny, a Scotsman, passionate about Santiago his adopted hometown. It was one of the best things to do in Santiago Chile.

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Map of Santiago Chile

Free Walking Tour Santiago
Map of Santiago City

Where is Santiago Chile

Santiago is the Capital of Chile and lies in a valley in the centre of the country between the Andes Mountains and the coast.

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Plaza de Armas Santiago

Plaza de Armas is considered the centre of Santiago and all distances to and from Chile are measured from this plaza.  It is here you will find the sculpture in honour of Chile’s Mapuche People. The Mapuche People are from south-central Chile and are the largest ethnic group in Chile. They make up 9% of Chile’s population.

Free Walking Tour Santiago Chile
Palacio la Moneda

Palacio la Moneda Santiago

Palacio la Moneda is the seat of the President of Chile.  The building began construction in 1784 and was officially opened in 1805.  During the period 1814 – 1929 the building was used for the production of Chile’s coin currency.

You can enjoy the changing of the guard at 10 am on weekdays and 11 am on weekends.  The changing of the guard takes place every 2 days; in odd months on odd days and in even months on even days.

Free Walking Tour Santiago Chile
Chile’s Flag

Chile’s Flag 

Chile’s Flag is located on the grounds of the Palacio and is the size of a football oval.

Free Walking Tour Santiago Chile
Our four-legged guide

Even street dogs enjoy the free walking tour, this friendly dog follows the group to ensure everyone gets to the next location and sometimes takes the lead.  He is rewarded with a drink from one of the local vendors.  He joins in every day.

Free Walking Tour Santiago
Santa Lucia Hill

Santa Lucia Hill Santiago

The castle originally was used as a lookout for the planning of the city of Santiago.

Free Walking Tour Santiago Chile
Santiago’s famous wall mural

“Mural – The City of Santiago to Gabriella Mistral”

This is a mural tribute to Santiago’s Nobel Prize winner Gabriella Mistral who took out this literature award in 1945.  It is the work of the painter Fernando Doza.

Note our four-legged friend, waiting patiently for us to take photos before we move to the coffee shop where he can rest in the shade.

All free walking tours usually have a break halfway through.

Free Walking Tour Santiago Chile
Bellavista neighbourhood

On the way to the Bellavista Neighbourhood, we came across this unique building!  This whole street was dedicated to local 2nd hand booksellers.

Free Walking Tour Santiago Chile
Bellavista Cafes

Across the Mapuche River, you will find the bohemian Bellavista Neighbourhood – full of cafes, restaurants, bars and street theatre. For a list of the top 10 restaurants and bars click here.

Free Walking Tour Santiago
Street theatre

The Santiago Walking Tour Full Itinerary: (this may change)

Plaza d Armas- Cathedral, Municipalidad, Correos Post Office
Museo de Arte Pre Colombino (Pre-Columbian Art Museum)
Antiguo Congresso – Old Congress Building
Corte Suprema – Supreme Court
Palacio La Moneda – Government House
Bolsa de Comercio – Santiago Stock Exchange
Teatro Municipal – Opera House
Cerro Santa Lucia – Santa Lucia Hill
Barrio Lastarria – Lastarria Neighbourhood
Museo de Bellas Artes – Museum of Fine Arts
Parque Forestal – Forestal Park
Plaza Italia – Italy Square
Barrio Bellavista – Bellavista Santiago Chile Neighbourhood
Casa de Pablo Neruda – Neruda Museum
Cerro San Cristobal – San Cristobal Hill

General Information on the Free Walking Tour in Santiago

Website: www.freetoursantiago.cl
Tel 9-2368789
[email protected]
How much to tip?

As they do not charge for this tour they rely on tips and the amount recommended is between 5000-10000 pesos.


4 hours

Other Things To Do in Santiago Chile

We are very happy using Get Your Guide in activities in cities that we visit.  We love their ‘best price guarantee’ which means if we find the same activity by the same local tour operator in the same currency for less they will refund the difference.  Currently, they offer over 35,000 activities in over 7,600 locations.

There is so much to do in Santiago City here are some Santiago tours  for you:

Vina Del Mar and Valparaiso Tour

Concha y Toro Wine Experience

Maipo Canyon Volcano and Hot Spring Tour

Tour Isla Negra, San Alfonso and Pomaire

Where To Stay in Santiago Chile

Best Hotels in Santiago 


Essential Visitor Information for Santiago Chile

Getting To Santiago – Aeropuerto Santiago de chile

Santiago’s airport is 17 km from downtown. Airport code for Santiago Chile SCL.


You can pre-book your airport transfer here.

Getting Around Santiago

Book your bus tickets around Chile and the rest of South America here.

You can tour Santiago with their Hop On Hop Off Bus. Purchase your tickets in advance here.


Cheap Flight Deals to Santiago Chile

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Visa requirements for Chile

Do you need a visa?


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In conclusion, the Free Walking Tour Santiago Chile offers an immersive and enriching experience for visitors to the vibrant city. By exploring its rich history, diverse neighbourhoods, and cultural landmarks on foot, tourists can truly connect with the heart and soul of Santiago. The knowledgeable local guides provide fascinating insights and anecdotes that bring the city’s story to life. Additionally, the free nature of these tours makes them accessible to all travellers, regardless of their budget. Whether it’s discovering hidden gems or marvelling at iconic attractions like Plaza de Armas or Cerro Santa Lucia, a free walking tour in Santiago is a must-do activity for anyone seeking an authentic and memorable travel experience in Chile’s capital city.

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