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Housesitting is the new buzz word in town. It saves us travel $$$. We are all about travelling longer term to low-cost countries where we can make our AUD go further. We are still a few years off retirement, but we are in the transitioning to retirement mode.

Currently, the Australian Pension is AUD33,716.80/USD24,870 per couple for a year.  Our goal in 2015 was to take that figure, which equates to AUD92.62/USD68.32 per day, and find places internationally where we can live less than we can in Australia.  As part of our travel strategy and travel budgeting, Housesitting plays a major role.

The Housesitting Platform we used in obtaining both of these Housesitting Assignments in Canoa, Ecuador and San Miguel de Allende in Mexico was;, the yearly registration fee for Housesitters was USD20 and it certainly paid off in both instances.

It’s really important for us to understand the Housesitting Costs Comparison Ecuador vs Mexico. This enables us to understand whether the perceived cost of living in the country are actually what we experienced.

Housesitting Costs Comparison Ecuador vs Mexico analysis:

COSTS OF HOUSESITTING IN CANOA, ECUADOR FOR 38 DAYS/37 NIGHTS  (costs based on total for two persons)

ItemCost in USD
Average cost per day total for two persons13.94
9 Hour Bus Ride from Quito, Ecuador to Canoa20.00
Fruit & vegetable shopping at green market48.00
Grocery shopping247.00
Drinks (Juices, beer at local hotels)32.00
6 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner out87.00
Transport by bus and tuk tuk to Bahia de Caraquez for shopping15.00
Total Cost for 38 days530.00


If we had paid for accommodation in Canoa e.g. at Hotel Bambu, double room, ocean facing balcony with bath, current rate is USD40 per night @ 37 nights = USD$1,480.00.

We saved a total of $1,480 over 37 nights/38 days.

COSTS OF HOUSESITTING IN SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, MEXICO  FOR  27 DAYS (costs based on total for two persons) using the exchange rate 1MXP= 0.061USD . We like to use Oanda Currency Convertor to help us plan and track our costs.

ItemCost in USD based on exchange rate 1MXP=0.061
Average cost per day based on total of two person10.59
Bus from Mexico City via Queretero to San Miguel de Allende51.00
Fruit and Vegetables from Green Market17.00
Taxi from Supermarket back to home6.00
Lunch - pastries from great Artisan Bakeries15.00
1 Dinner and 1 Lunch out34.00
Icecreams (could not resist)12.00
Total for 26 nights/27 days286.00

If we had paid for accommodation in San Miguel de Allende e.g. at Hotel Barranca 10, double room, with bath, current rate at time or post is USD32 per night @ 26 nights = $832.00.

We saved us a total of $832 over 26 nights/27 days.








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  • Johanna says:

    Wow, this is so interesting! As we begin to wonder where we’ll live when we ‘retire’ or ‘protire’ a lot of different ideas have come to mind, and the way you’re doing it sounds amazing. I love your breakdowns of costs, really helpful, and I’ll be following your adventures avidly from now on. Look forward to more – especially how you cope with being away for long periods from friends and family.

    • Hi Johanna
      Love to have you on board with us – did you sign up to receive our newsletters at and at the same time receive our free ebook on our RTW accommodation stays.
      Thankfully these days with Viber and Skype we stay in contact with family and friends regularly. We have one son in the South of France and the other in Sydney so keeping in contact is easy these days. If you have any questions about downsizing and travelling slowly or house sitting, feel free to reach out.
      Jane and Duncan

  • budget jan says:

    Housesitting is the way to go for sure. I envy you your lifestyle!

    • Hi Jan
      It is a fun way to see the world, enjoy life as a local, have amazing travel adventures and to live in places you would not consider travelling to if you are a tourist. If you would like to hear more about our adventures sign up for our newsletter at and we are giving away our free ebook on our RTW accommodation reviews.

  • If you can secure regular house sitting placements in countries with lower costs of living, it seems you would be able to manage on your Australian pensions, even including the cost of some air fares. If you are living outside of Australia, I imagine there would also be an additional cost for some type of medical insurance. Did you enjoy your house it? Did they involve also caring for pets?

    • Hi Suzanne
      We are loving our house sitting outside Australia. This year we have house sat in Ecuador, Mexico and have Nicaragua and Panama coming up in October/November and December. It is usually with pets and looking after the home. It certainly brings out travel costs down and it is fun living like a local instead of passing through as a tourist. House Sitting enables us to travel and live within the current Australian Pension (although we are still not eligible – age wise) but it gives us a budget to work too now and down the track.

  • This is an interesting slant on travelling and retirement. I like the idea of house-sitting! Great to meet you over on Jo’s Lifestyle Fifty FBook page today. Happy travels and happy house sitting.

  • Great info. I’m super impressed it was so inexpensive to live in San Miguel de Allende as I found it quite pricey compared to the state of Oaxaca when I was there last year. But you make a very persuasive case for house-sitting. I’ll be sure to check out

    • Hi Michelle
      House sitting really brings our costs down. We are heading off to Nicaragua next week for two house sitting assignments, we will do a comparison on the two countries. Watch this space.
      Jane and Duncan

  • Peggy says:

    Hi, I Love this idea and I’m currently doing a 20 week free personal money management course that focuses on giving people all kinds of information so they can make informed decisions regarding their economic security in retirement. Just this week that class was discussing living some of each year overseas in a less expensive country than New Zealand. However to maintain eligibility for government superannuation a person can only be away for 26 weeks out of every 52 weeks. Does Australia have an annual residency criteria to maintain eligibility?

    • Hi Peggy,
      Yes Australia has the same as well. Our plan is to live the winter in somewhere warm in a low cost country and then head back to Australia in the summer.
      Kind regards
      Jane and Duncan

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