Iguazu Falls Aventura Nautica Boat Ride

Iguazu Falls
The Power of The Gargantuan del Diablo

The Iguazu Falls Aventura Nautica (Nautical Adventure) speed boat ride starts and finishes at the bottom of the Lower Circuit trail.  To get to the start of the ride you will walk over 150 metres of steep stairs heading down towards the river. If you like the adrenaline rush and being soaked at the same time this is the ride for you.

Argentina Puerto Iguazu Falls Park Visit Day 1 Devils Throat

Life jackets on and we are ready for the thrilling 12 minute ride

It was a busy morning at the Falls and there were quite a lot of people queuing for the 12-minute speed boat ride under the Devil’s Throat Falls.

Iguazu Falls To Travel Too Tip – plastic zip lock bags for your belongings

We were given life jackets and also a dry bag to put your belongings in.  Duncan had a plastic zip lock bag for our camera which enabled him to take a few photos when he was not being bumped side to side from the ride.

Argentina Puerto Iguazu Falls Park Visit Day 1 Devils Throat

Heading into the mist of the Falls

As Jane does not enjoy roller coaster rides, she plucked up enough courage to attempt this boat ride which only lasts 12 minutes.  She did not see a thing throughout the whole ride, her eyes were shut tightly and 12 minutes seemed like 112 minutes to her.

Argentina Puerto Iguazu Falls Park Visit Day 1 Devils Throat

Under the falls

Duncan enjoyed being bounced around from side to side, screaming and laughing with the others on the boat and all getting thoroughly soaked. Some photos were able to taken in between the boats erratic movements.

Argentina Puerto Iguazu Falls Park Visit Day 1 Devils Throat

Hanging on for dear life

Argentina Puerto Iguazu Falls Park Visit Day 1 Devils Throat

Soaking wet after the ride

We were very soaked getting off the boat and as we headed back up the steep stairs of the Lower Circuit Trail we realised that all our Argentinean pesos were still in a pocket of Duncan’s trousers.

We headed towards the Sheraton Hotel in search of a Bar for a beer to recover from the ride.  Our clothes were drying nicely except for the pesos.  The Sheraton has a balcony bar that looks over the Park and the Falls and we settled ourselves down, laid the pesos out on the table to dry, and enjoyed a couple of ice cold beers and peanuts.

Argentina Puerto Iguazu Falls Park Visit Day 1

Drying our pesos to pay for the beer

Information about the Iguazu Falls Aventura Nautica Boat Ride:

Departures from 9.20am until 5pm, tickets must be purchased at the Visitors Centre at the entrance to the park or from several tourist agencies in town.

Duration: 12 minutes

Not suitable for:

  • children under 12 years of age
  • pregnant women
  • people with osteoporosis, neck, back conditions or surgery
  • any person with any physical, cognitive and/or sensorial disability unable to react in a nautical emergency in rapids


Cost: ARS$180


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