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Kilkea Castle

If only the walls could talk, Kilkea Castle, one Ireland’s longest continually inhabited medieval castles in County Kildare, could tell tales of witchcraft, a monkey saving a baby from a fire as well as the ghost of the Wizard Earl who is reputed to return on the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year on his horse with silver hoofs.  Now, no one knows which is the 7th year!  Who is up for staying the night of the 7th day, of the 7th month for the next 7 years to witness it? We may pass on it! But, if he was to return he would be amazed at the change.

The 12th Century Irish castle does not look like it was when he was mixing his potions.  The new owner American Jay Cashman, has undertaken a major 5-year renovation of the Castle costing a cool $35 million.

We met with enchanting Siofra who guided us through the Castle, explaining the history and showing us the available accommodation. Siofra is very knowledgeable on the Castle and the surrounding area, you can tell that castles and their history are her passion. She has one of the best jobs, working for one of the best castle hotels in Ireland.

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Kilkea Castle

The History of Kilkea Castle – one of the top Castle Hotels in Ireland

There are over 30,000 Irish castles and castle ruins throughout Ireland.  During our 3-week road trip, we visited Barberstown Castle, Bunratty Castle, Blarney Castle, Kilkenny Castle and Dublin Castle and we have to say that all are different, full of intrigue and history and all fascinating to visit.  Ireland had no royal family but instead, the castles were built by the powerful and rich Clan Chieftains and interestingly the Anglo-Norman settlers who had their minds set on conquering Ireland.

Kilkea Castle

Main Entrance

Kilkea Castle was built in 1180, by Hugh de Lacy, the Earl of Ulster and who was also the Chief Governor of Ireland, for Sir Walter de Riddlesford. The Noble Earl Strongbow who owned the land gave it to Riddlesford.  The original structures would have been a stone keep and gatehouse.  On Riddlesford’s death in 1244 his two daughters Emelina and Ela were left the Castle.  Emelina married and had a daughter also named Emelina who married Maurice Fitzgerald, the 3rd Baron of Offaly.  The Castle stayed in the Fitzgerald Family for the next 700 years, some of them are buried in the small graveyard at the rear of the castle.

Now, the last 700 years haven’t gone too smoothly for the Fitzgeralds.  Thomas Fitzgerald who was born in England in 1513 was the 10th Earl of Kildare. He was more commonly known as Silken Thomas as he always dressed in fancy clothes made from silk. In June 1534 a rumour was passed that Thomas’s Father Gerald the 9th Earl of Kildare, who had been called to London to answer the charges of disloyalty to Henry VIII, had been beheaded.  Silken Thomas got together a band of his most loyal followers to uprise against the British.  Silken marched to Dublin Castle where the Archbishop of Dublin was holding a meeting, the Archbishop got word and escaped by boat. The Fitzgerald’s were hated by the English as they had power in Ireland and the Archbishop had it in for the Fitzgeralds. Silken’s men caught up with him and brought him to Clontarf Castle in Dublin.  In the meantime, Silken had received word that his Father had not been beheaded and issued an order ‘do not kill’.  The message did not get through in time and the Archbishop was killed by one of his men.

On the 3rd January 1537, Silken and 5 of his uncles were beheaded at Tyburn.

Silken’s half-brother Gerald at the age of 12 was sent to the continent to be educated and fell under the influence of the renaissance period.  He studied medicine, astrology and metallurgy and discovered alchemy.  Upon the death of Henry VIII, land was returned to the Fitzgeralds so Gerald returned from the continent and took up residence in Kilkea Castle.

Kilkea Castle

Haunted Tower

Gerald spent the next few years practising his newfound arts and dabbled in the Occult as well.  He married his wife Mabel Browne, daughter of Sir Anthony Browne, Master of the Horse in the Court of Edward VI.  The local villagers had started to become suspicious of the Wizard Earl with his mad ideas and witchcraft tendencies, even his wife started to pester him about his work with the ‘dark arts’. He set up 3 tests for Mabel, to see if her resolve was strong enough to resist fear.

The first test – The Earl raised the level of the River Greese to flood the banqueting hall of the Castle where his wife was seated, the water level reached to the height of her chin – she showed no fear.

The 2nd test – The Earl bought one of his wife’s friends back to life when they were in the dining room of the castle, he approached and shook her hand and disappeared into a wall – she showed no fear.

The 3rd and last test – The Earl told his wife to close her eyes, he disappeared and turned up as a bird on her shoulder.  A large cat seeing the bird jumped up and attacked, Mabel screamed, showing fear and the Earl was never to be seen again.

7th day, of the 7th month and of the 7th year – the Earl returns to find the love of his life.

A full history of the Castle written by Lord Walter Fitzgerald can be read at this link from the Kildare Archaeology Society.

Kilkea Castle

Monkey carved into the Haunted part of the Castle

Kilkea Castle is full of legends and none more so than the Monkey legend and why it is the logo for the castle.  The Fitzgerald Family had a ‘cheeky’ monkey who used to escape from them and hide in the trees around the grounds, to prevent this happening the Fitzgeralds had to resort to tying him up in chains.

At a family gathering, a fire broke out, the baby John the 1st Earl of Kildare was asleep in his room, the monkey was also tied up in there.  The family were frantic as they could not reach John, suddenly the monkey appeared with John and was saved.  The Earl in appreciation adopted the monkey logo for the family’s crest.

In the haunted section of the castle where the chimney is located, if you look to the right you will see a carving of the monkey.  There has been no fire since in the Castle.

Evil Eye Stone

Kilkea Castle

The Evil Eye

Once again in the haunted section of the Castle as you enter from the Golf Club look up towards the arch and you will see the Evil Eye Stone.  The grotesque image is to warn off evil spirits and dates back to either the 13th or 14th century. Many of the Irish medieval castles had the evil eye stone incorporated into their structures e.g. Malahide Castle.

Kilkea Castle’s Cemetery and Church Ruins

Under a tree at the back of the Castle, you can find the Fitzgerald’s family pet cemetery.

Two finely cut stones one with Jessie 1893 (a rare breed of terrier – Dandi Dinot)and the other stone with Shaun 1891 – 1902, Murtach 1902 – 1913 and Teige 1913.  Teige did not have an end date so it is believed that he outlived Lord Walter Fitzgerald.

Kilkea Castle

Ruins of the Medieval Church

Kilkea Castle


The Fitzgerald Family Plot is located within the ruins of the medieval church.

Our Experience at Kilkea Castle

Our arrival at the Gates of Kilkea Castle made us stop, grab our phone and video the driveway that leads up to what one can only say is ‘one of the most impressive castle parks in Ireland’. Check out our video.

Kilkea Castle

We checked into the Golf Club with Soifra who led us down to one of the Lodges.

Kilkea Castle

Lounge area at the Lodge Accommodation

Kilkea Castle

Kitchen at the Lodge Accommodation

Kilkea Castle

One of the 3 bedrooms

Opening the door we were astounded at the size, a large lounge area with expansive windows overlooking the grounds, a fully equipped kitchen and washing machine and 3 bedrooms to choose from.  The Lodges are perfect for families or groups of friends, your every need catered for.

Kilkea Castle

Spicy Vegan Thai Red Curry

Kilkea Castle

Blade of Irish Beef

Kilkea Castle

Rich Chocolate Brownie

That evening we dined at Hermione’s Restaurant and enjoyed a Spicy Vegan Thai Red Curry (Jane) and a 24 Hour Braised Feather Blade of Irish Beef (Duncan).  Duncan also enjoyed the rich chocolate brownie.

Kilkea Castle

Full Irish Breakfast

Kilkea Castle

Eggs Benedict

Breakfast was also in Hermione’s Restaurant where we ordered the Full Irish Breakfast and Eggs Benedict.


To Travel Too Tip

You can hire the whole Castle out for only Euros 6,000 per night! Now that is what we call an experience.

Carriage Rooms

KIlkea Castle

Carriage Rooms

There are downstairs and upstairs carriage rooms available.  Those on the ground floor have their own individual doorways leading out into the courtyard and can also be interconnecting for families. The Carriage Rooms are decorated more like hotel suites, with modern furnishings and colours, ensuite bathrooms, fluffy white towels and crisp white linen, Wifi and TVs.

Castle Rooms

Kilkea Castle

Examples of the Castle Rooms

Kilkea Castle

Example of the Castle Rooms

Kilkea Castle

Example of the Castle Rooms

Kilkea Castle

Example of the Castle Rooms

The Castle has 11 bedrooms – 10 bedrooms and the Fitzgerald Suite which is also the Bridal Suite. There is lift access to all floors.  The Fitzgerald Suite has 360-degree views, free-standing bath and is located at the top of the Castle in the Round Tower.

All the bedrooms have a story and have been named after a historical figure and all are individually decorated and have amazing views over the grounds, the Rose Garden or the River Greese. A full Irish breakfast is included and is served in the Great Banquet Hall that overlooks the Rose Garden.

The rooms are:

Silken Thomas Room

Countess of Kildare

Earl of Kildare

Ernest Shackleton’s Room – he was an Irish Explorer from Kilkea. His bedroom is decorated in rich regal colours.

Lady Elizabeth Gray Room – she was married to one of the Fitzgeralds.  The room looks out over the 18 hole golf course.

Fitzgerald Suite – The Bridal Suite and is located right at the top of the Castle.

Wizard Earl Room – one of the smallest bedrooms

Sir Thomas de Rokeby

Lady Emelina

Sir Walter de Riddlesford

Duke of Leinster


There are 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedrooms lodges available that overlook Kilkea’s Castle impressive 180-acre estate. The lodges include:

  • Full kitchen facilities
  • Flatscreen TV’s with built-in radio and alarm
  • Direct-dial telephone
  • All bedrooms are ensuite
  • Hairdryer
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Complimentary designated car parking
  • Select Lodges offer Washing / Dryer facilities.

Dining Options

Kilkea Castle

Private Dining Room

German Chef Ronnie Wolf has created an exciting menu for Kilkea Castle offering traditional Irish cuisine with a hint of international flavours using seasonal local produce.

The Castle offers:

Drawing Room – perfect for afternoon tea

Castle Bar with expansive views over the Garden. Siofra explained that at ‘summer time the red roses are eye-catching’.

Grand Banquet Hall

Jay’s Bistro – Golf Club

Jay’s Bistro is the informal dining option serving breakfast, snacks and mains, a  perfect venue for SundayBrunch.


Opening Times
Friday 17.00-23.00
Saturday 13.00-21.30
Sunday 12.00-21.00

Hermione’s Restaurant

For that celebratory dinner, Hermione’s Restaurant offers stunning views over the ground and Castle – a fine dining experience.

Opening Times
Monday – Friday 09.00-21.00
Saturday 08.00-21.00
Sunday 08.00-21.00

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Things to do at Kilkea Castle

Kilkea Castle Golf Club – For more information on Golf at Kilkea Castle click here



Kilkea Castle

There is an 18 hole golf course available

Kilkea Castle




Float Down the Lazy River

Things to do Outside Kilkea Castle

Irish National Stud

Burton House and Gardens

Mondello Park

The Curragh Racecourse

The Punchestown Racecourse

Castletown House and Gardens

Where is Kilkea Castle

Kilkea Castle

Location of Kilkea Castle in Kilkea

Kilkea Castle is:

  • 81km from Dublin
  • 56km from Kilkenny
  • 146km from Limerick
  • 97km from Waterford


Contact Details for Kilkea Castle Hotel

Address: Kilkea, Kilkea Demesne, Castledermot, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Telephone: +353 59 914 5555

Website: Kilkea Castle Hotel

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Kilkea Castle

Our Thanks

We would like to thank Deidre O’Brien from Podium Hotels for our complimentary dinner bed and breakfast experience at Kilkea Castle.  We would also like to thank Siofra Ryan-Smith and team for looking after us so well. We must make a special mention to the staff at Hermione’s Restaurant who made our dinner and breakfast memorable with their very welcoming Irish hospitality.

If you would like to stay overnight in a Castle we highly recommend Kilkea Castle for a true castle experience.

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  • Amy Chung says:

    Nope not me! I ain’t sticking around on the 7th day, of the 7th month of any year! I’d be too scared. LOL! The castle is in such good nick considering how old it is. Glad that its been so well looked after. Love all the tales associated with this castle. The Earl’s wife sure is one cool customer until that scary large cat! Very cool that you can hire the whole castle for the night. Would make for a great party that’s for sure.

  • Anita says:

    The Kilkea castle looks like from a fairy tale. I just imagined the winter landscape and a monsters and dragons flying above. That would fit! THe monkey logo looks so interesting, I have never seen one like that before. I wish to visit this place one day and maybe try to play golf.

  • I haven’t visited Ireland before and haven’t heard of this castle but I would sure love to visit someday. It seems like a spectacular historic monument that can easily be covered in a day trip from one of Ireland’s major cities and there are a lot of cool things to do around. Thank you for this lovely recommendation, I’ll definitely keep in mind when I visit Ireland.

    • Hi Daniel
      Thank you for your comments. We hope you can visit Kilkea one day and enjoy the delights of Ireland while you are there.
      Cheers Jane and Duncan

  • amar singh says:

    I must say I have been wanting to visit this part of the world for a long time and being so close in London always gets pushed back . Reading this post would surely want to go to the castle Kilkea Castle which you say is one of Ireland’s longest continually inhabited medieval castles and a great resort as well. The rooms look fabulous with different themes, must say I would go with the modern decor one personally. The gold added to it makes it even more better and a round would be perfect followed by the great food they serve. Thanks for sharing

  • Paula says:

    In our family we are big fans of castles and we always visit them while we travel in Europe. But we have never stayed a night in one. That would be one great experience! Kilkea Castle looks like a real deal, with such a history and everything. I guess we have to start planning a trip to Ireland!

  • blair villanueva says:

    How lucky you are to stay in a castle! OMG I would be so happy to feel like a princess overnight and explore the golf course. The foods and the rooms looks impressive no wonder you have a great time. No eerie moments?

  • cato says:

    I love castles and even more so when you can rent them out! That would make an amazing GOT -THEMED BDAY BASH! xD

    • HI Cato
      Thank you for your comments. What a great idea – just make sure it is on the 7th day on the 7th month in the 7th year and let us know what happens.
      Cheers Jane and Duncan

  • Castles are love and Kikea castle seems to be a very interesting one. The haunted parts of castle are something I would be very interested in. Plus the most awesome part is that you can rent the whole castle for 6,000 euros? Woah! That would be a very cool thing to do.

    • Hi Shreya
      Thanks for your comments. I can see a very large party coming up in the near future when you rent the whole castle out?
      Cheers Jane and Duncan

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