Le Petit Jardin, Cuenca,Ecuador

Le Petit Jardin Restaurant in Cuenca, Ecuador opened in April 2015. The word from our Hostel that we were staying in, La Cigale was not to miss their  Sunday lunch time menu.


Kitchen at Le Petit Jardin

Chef Giovanni Cambisaca had trained in French Cuisine whilst living in America and was keen to bring his passion and skills back to his home country. His weekly menu at Le Petit Jardin changes depending on what produce he can find at his local market in Cuenca – La Ferla Libre.

Chef Giovanni has built his restaurant in a country side setting in the mountainside 20 minutes from  Cuenca’s Centro Historico.

Entree - papas at Le Petit Jardin


Entree - Prawns at Le Petit Jardin

Vegetarian Main - French Quiche at Le Petit Jardin

Main Meal Beef at Le Petit Jardin


Dessert - Apple Tart

Creme Broulee at Le Petit Jardin

How to contact Le Petit Jardin

Website: www.lepetitjardinecuador.com

Reservations: 07 4189466, 0968191518, 0968116598

Facebook: Le Petit Jardin

Address:  Dir. San Miguel de Putushi (Sayausi), Cuenca

To Travel Too Tip: The location is a little hard to find and many taxi drivers may have difficulty locating it.  When making a reservation enquire whether they have a regular taxi driver that they can recommend.



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