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Panorama Restaurant Dubrovnik

There is only one way to get to the Panorama Restaurant in Dubrovnik and that is by the Dubrovnik Cable Car.  Well, actually there are two other ways – by car or a strenuous walk up, but we preferred the scenic route which takes only a few minutes and we believe that you would too!

The Cable Car to the top of Mount Srd in Dubrovnik is just one of the many things that you can do in Dubrovnik.

Cable Car Panorama Restaurant Dubrovnik

Cable Car for the Panorama Restaurant

We met the charismatic Sasha Sobot, Marketing Manager of the Nautika Group of Restaurants in Dubrovnik at the base station of the Cable Car near Ploce Gate on a busy afternoon in September.  After a week of wet weather, it seemed that the whole world was out enjoying the first day of full sunshine.  After a short wait, we were up, up and away!

Cable Car to Panorama Restaurant

Up up and away on the cable car to the Panorama Restaurant

The sun glistened on the terracotta roofs of the Old Town as we rose higher and higher and the walls surrounding the Old City could be seen in their entirety. We reflected on the fact that we were in Dubrovnik for 3 weeks and therefore we were excited by this opportunity to see the Old City from this aspect.  We had spoken to a number of travelers who were visiting the Old City as part of a cruise shore excursion and they were able to see Dubrovnik in a day!

Panorama Restaurant is situated on top of the 415 meters high Mount Srdji.  As well as a Cafe and a Gift Shop there is a Croatian War of Independence Museum that is located in the Napoleonic Fort.

Sasha had made the reservation a few days earlier for 3.30pm and we settled down with a chilled glass of Croatian sparkling wine, but it was hard to draw our gaze away from the stunning view below us.

We were honored to have one of the front tables!

Panorama Restaurant Dubrovnik

Front Table – reserve in advance


To Travel Too Tip – Reservations Required Panorama Restaurant Front Tables

Reserve your front table at least 4-5 days in advance and late afternoon is the most popular – the sunsets from here are breathtaking!

Whilst we were deciding on our choices we chatted to Sasha about the Nautika Group of Restaurants.  The Group has 3 restaurants in Dubrovnik, the Panorama, and two others – the Dubravka 1836 casual dining restaurant that is open from 7 am to midnight and Nautika fine dining open from 6 pm onwards.  Both restaurants are located just outside Pile Gate near the entrance to the Old City.  A couple of nights previously we had dined at Dubravka 1836 with friends and thoroughly enjoyed the food and the ambiance.

The Panorama Restaurant employs local chefs and prides themselves on recipes that have been passed down from their Grandmothers.  Local seasonal produce is sourced from the surrounding countryside and fish are from the local fishermen who go out for 3 days at a time returning around midnight with their catch.

Panorama Restaurant

Lamb Shanks

It was time to make our decision from a very exciting and varied menu.  Sasha’s favorite was the Lamb Shanks with potato mousse in wine sauce and Duncan decided to order it as well.

Panorama Restaurant

Seabass Fillet

After hearing about the local fish I went for the Seabass fillet with spinach, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and olives.

As both dishes arrived, Sasha bid us farewell and allowed us to enjoy our meals with a chilled glass of Croatian White Wine.

We both enjoyed the incredible flavors of both dishes and congratulated ourselves on our choices.

We tend to not go for desserts but after hearing Sasha wax lyrical about the Group’s Pastry Chef whose creations for all 3 restaurants are highly regarded we just had to give them a try.

Panorama Restaurant



Panorama Restaurant

Lost for words with this dessert.


Sadly all good things must come to an end and one last ride on the cable car and then a night relaxing back at our hotel

Our Verdict:

The amazing view is to die for coupled with the simple and casual dining experience of the best local cuisine makes a memorable meal and one that we can highly recommend.

We thank Sasha and the Nautika Group for hosting us and we will definitely return.  As always, our opinions are our own.


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