Rooms Madison Zagreb Croatia Review

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Our review of Rooms Madison Zagreb in Croatia

Name: Rooms Madison Zagreb Croatia

Type: Hotel
Address: Savska 118, 10000 Zagreb Croatia
Contact Details:

Telephone: +385 1 6191 031
Email: not available

Date of Stay: 16th July – 18th July, 2013 2 nights

Booked through:

Why we went there?
We travelled to Zagreb, Croatia from Split to spend a few nights in the capital before we flew to Madrid in Spain. Many travelers recommended that we by-pass Zagreb but we enjoy travelling to capital cities; we feel that we experience the culture and the atmosphere of the country this way and Zagreb was no exception.

Why we chose it?
Rooms Madison Zagreb Croatia had good reviews in Trip Advisor and and the price through matched our budget. Rooms Madison Zagreb Croatia is located within easy reach to the City centre via the tram network. A double room with private ensuite was available that was within our budget and they offered free Wi-Fi.

What was it like?
Rooms Madison Zagreb Croatia is located on a main road and was a little off putting after the tranquility and oldy worldly of Split. We had a large bedroom at the top of the stairs with a private bathroom and TV. All areas of Rooms Madison were clean and well kept. The manager was very helpful and friendly. He made a good cup of coffee which he was very proud of. He was also very helpful in giving us local information on purchasing tram tickets, where to go and provided a map for us. The tram journey into the centre took about 15 minutes and the tram stop was located across the road.

What was around it?
Because it was very easy and affordable to visit the city centre of Zagreb we were not put off by the industrial location of the Rooms Madison Zagreb Croatia. The city centre housed the Dolac Market (which is a must for all to visit), supermarkets, banks, ATMs, plenty of restaurants and bars especially in Tkalciceva Street where everyone gathered in the bars in the evening. The atmosphere was electric.
Other sights of interest are the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary that has towers that you can see from most parts of the city, the Stone Gate which was the original entry into the city and the colourful St Marks Church.

Would we return?
Yes. We would return to Rooms Madison but maybe try another Hostel located in the old part of town.

Cost? HRK 35/AU$64 per night

How was the Wi-Fi?
The Wi-Fi worked in all areas.


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