Sidecar Tours Hoi An Monkey Mountain with Victoria Hoi An Resort Vietnam

Have you enjoyed sidecar tours anywhere in your travels?

We had never thought that we would be in Hoi An Vietnam enjoying vintage sidecar tours to Monkey Mountain with Victoria Hoi An Resort.  The thought had not crossed our mind, ever.  Throughout Vietnam, there are nearly as many motorbikes as there are numbers of people.  We had spent the last 6 weeks dodging motorbikes on roads and even pavements.  When did pavements become roads for motorcycles?

We even shied away from tours in Hanoi that included traversing the city via motorbike, feeling that we were not confident enough to even try a short journey.  So what were we thinking of when we said yes to a Sidecar tour to Monkey Mountain in Hoi An Vietnam. We were sponsored by Victoria Hoi An Resort for this adventure, as always our opinions are our own.

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We were staying at the EMM Hotel in Hoi An which is part of the Vietnamese TMG Group, Asia’s leading customer-centric travel group providing all-inclusive travel services.

Their sister hotel is the Victoria Hotel Resort & Spa Hoi An located on their own private beach about 5.5 km from Hoi An’s Old Town.  If you are staying at the EMM Hotel you can take their free shuttle to the Victoria Hotel Resort & Spa for a day trip.  After the hectic pace and busyness of Hoi An’s Old Town, it was a welcome relief to relax on the private beach and enjoy the luxury facilities the hotel has to offer. You do not have to be staying at the Victoria Hoi An Resort to enjoy the tours they have on offer.  Motorbike tours in Vietnam are very popular and one of the popular routes is from Hanoi to Hoi An.  If a Vietnam motorbike tour is not for you we can highly recommend the next best thing a Sidecar Tour with Victoria Hoi An Resort.

So we said yes to the motorcycle sidecar adventure! The tour depended on the weather conditions so for the next few days prior we were watching the weather patterns closely. The day dawned clear and at 9.00 am we presented ourselves at the Victoria Hoi An Resort for an adventure of a lifetime. BTW one of us does not like riding on motorcycles (you can probably guess which one of the team member that is!) Our two Ural motorcycles with sidecars were lined up ready and waiting!

Our sidecar tour commences

Off we go on our adventure to Monkey Mountain

Our Victoria Sidecar Specifications

  • Ex Russian Ural motorcycles that belonged to the Military
  • Built-in the 1960s
  • 650cc engines
  • Transverse engine and drive-shaft driven

Want to come along on our adventure with us? Our YouTube Video highlights our adventure:


YouTube SideCar Tours Hoi An to Monkey Mountain Vietnam

Let Our Sidecar Tours Adventure to Monkey Mountain Begin

Sidecar tours beach road Hoi An

Off we head down the beach road from Hoi An to Danang

Off we flew on our sightseeing sidecar tour! It was exhilarating travelling up the beach road from the Victoria Hoi An Resort past Marble Mountain and into Danang. Our two sidecar drivers were careful and responsible and had our safety at the top of their minds throughout the day. Zipping along the beachside road our bikes with sidecars were getting plenty of attention.

#1 Stop – Fishing Village on Danang Beach

Evening fish catch being sorted

The evening catch being sorted prior to going to market

Our first stop was just outside Danang on the beach where the local fishermen and fisherwomen were sorting their catch from the night before.  The fish is sold to the local markets in and around Hoi An and Danang. Whilst we were there we witnessed two fishermen hauling in their net with very little fish caught compared to what we had seen a few minutes before from the evening catch.  Fishing is the #2 industry for the economy here in Danang, tourism being #1.


#2 Linh Ung Pagoda Complex

Lady Buddha at the Linh Ung Pagoda Complex

The Lady Buddha who protects the fishing fleet

Our second stop was at the Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula.   Locals say: “Linh Ung Pagoda – the most peaceful place with a stunning view”. The Complex was a short distance from the fishing village that we had just visited.

Cold towel and drinks on arrival at the Pagoda complex

Welcome cold towels and cold drinks on arrival at the Linh Ung Pagoda Complex

On arrival, our drivers offered us cold drinks and cold towels. It can be quite hot and sweaty under our helmets so the towels were a welcome relief. We felt very pampered.

The Lady Buddha (aka Goddess of Mercy) is the highest Lady Buddha statue in Vietnam standing at 67m high. She stands at the entrance to the Linh Ung Pagoda which completed construction in 2010. The Lady Buddha is a protector of the fisherman in the region and is also the protector for women.

Selfie time at the Linh Ung Pagoda Complex

Grab that shot!

During our visit, we wandered through courtyards of bonsai trees as well as 18 Arhats statues that protect the main shrine. The views are stunning from just in front of the Lady Buddha.

Monkeys eyeing off humans

Closely watching the humans to see what goodies they might have

Pro-Tip: There are a lot of monkeys who are very clever around the complex. We highly recommend making sure that if you do approach them to keep your hats, sunglasses and any food or drink hidden from their sight and prying hands.  Believe us, they are quick, very quick. They may look cute but they are devious.

Entrance: Free

Remember: Take your shoes off when visiting the Pagoda and dress respectively.

#3 The Heritage Banyan Tree

Heading towards the 800 year old Banyan Tree

Winding our way down the mountain towards the 800-year-old Banyan Tree

Off we flew to our next stop around 20 minutes to the famous Banyan Tree of Son Tra Peninsula. The views are spectacular – where the mountain meets the sea! Lush green forests of the Nature Reserve line each side of the road.

The 800 year old Banyan Tree

800-year-old Banyan Tree on Son Tra Peninsula

The Banyan Tree is over 800 years old and stands 22m high with a main trunk of 10m.  There are 26 secondary roots and root heights are up to 25m.  In June 2014 it became part of Vietnam’s Heritage Tree programs.  Unfortunately, there are people who believe it is fun to carve their initials into the trunk. The area was once used as a base during 2 resistance wars against foreign invaders.

#4 Monkey Mountain

Heading up towards the peak of Monkey Mountain

Heading up towards the 693m high peak of Monkey Mountain

Leaving the Banyan Tree behind we followed the roadway we had just taken and headed further up towards the top of Monkey Mountain (Son Tra Mountain). The road is steep, narrow and winding most of the way up.  We were pleased we were in the sidecar and not riding pillion on the back of a motorcycle.

Monkeys (stone statues) Monkey Mountain

The only monkeys we saw at the peak of Monkey Mountain

From the top, you can see for miles over Danang City on one side and mountains covered by clouds and mist on the other heading down into the South China Sea.

Statue of Confucious at the top of Monkey Mountain

Deep in thought!

There is even a statue of Confucious staring intently at a chessboard.

#5 Gourmet Picnic Lunch with Wine

Gourmet Picnic Lunch at Monkey Mountain

Gourmet Lunch with Red Wine at the top of Monkey Mountain

Our drivers pulled up at a spot a short distance from the summit of Monkey Mountain where we had just visited.  We did not expect a gourmet smorgasbord with wine and beer included in our sidecar tours adventure created by Victoria Hoi An’s resident French Chef. Our drivers suddenly became our own personal Chefs! Out came the table cloth, chairs, beer, red wine, chicken, quiche, baguettes, salads and cheeses, all with the best view in town! They must have known we were Australians, as we were presented with a very cheeky well known Red Wine to enjoy with our picnic. What a picnic!

Lunch with a view

Our gourmet picnic lunch came with stunning views

Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end. It was time to pack up and head back home down Monkey Mountain with more stunning views over Danang City down to Hoi An.

Heading back to Danang

Travelling through Danang and getting some attention from the locals

Our Verdict

End of our sidecartours

Certainly an adventure we would repeat – so much fun

A definite yes for anyone at any age to do.  The sidecar tours around Monkey Mountain and Danang were so much fun and we would definitely do it again when we return to Hoi An or anywhere else in the world. There is nothing better than enjoying an open-air experience of Hoi An town and the local area while being chauffeured around in a vintage sidecar.

Sidecar riding could be our next hobby, but one stipulation it has to be a classic sidecar motorcycle. Would you enjoy sidecar tours too?

Other Sidecar Tours Offered by Victoria Hoi An Resort

  1. A 60-minute Sidecar trip to the countryside past rice fields, fish and shrimp farms, buffalo and a visit to the Tra Que  vegetable village
  2. A Sidecar tour to the villages of Hoi An. Two options available both 2 hours in length. The first option visiting the Thanh Ha Pottery and the second option visiting the Cam Thanh Coconut Village and skilled woodworkers and shipbuilders at the Kim Bong Carpentry Village
  3. A Full Day Sidecar Tour to Laguna.  A total distance of 170 km through the countryside and Hai Van Pass. After visiting the pass the journey continues to Lang Co Beach and then the final 20 km distance to Laguna where lunch is at the Laguna Resort’s restaurant.
  4. A half-day Sidecar tour to Ba Na Hill which was established in 1919 as a colonial French Hill Station. A stop at Marble Mountain is included.
  5.  A full day sidecar tour to Hai Van Pass and on to Lang Co Beach as well as a visit to Marble Mountain. Lunch is included at a local restaurant.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    I have never done a sidecar tour before, but it looks like so much fun. I don’t really like to drive, but I like the idea of whizzing through the streets of the city as a passenger and getting to see a lot of the sights. Thanks for sharing this, I really want to give it a try now! Good to know about those little devious monkeys too. I might fall into their trap by forgetting about my belongings when thinking about how cute they are!

  • Dada says:

    The sidecar tours in Hoi An really looks like a cool way to discover places on this part of Vietnam! That is how everybody should be traveling! Cruising around in a sidecar visiting one interesting site after another! I definitely wants to try and also the ricefield tour sounds interesting!
    Thank you for the tip!

  • ann says:

    Vietnam is a really nice country, been there multiple times and Hoi An is one of my favorite cites. Unfortunately I haven’t tried the sidecar tours but it sure looks like a memorable experience! Even though I’m terrified of the traffic in Vietnam I will keep this in mind for my upcoming adventures!

  • Paul Healy says:

    I’d love to do this, looks like a great fun thing to do. Not sure how I’d feel hanging off the side of a motorbike in Vietnam’s traffic, but I’m sure it would be worth it. That gourmet picnic looked delicious, up there with some of the restaurant food in Vietnam!

  • Fae Celine says:

    I’ve never tried sidecar tour before. A sidecar tour in Hoi An sounds like a unique way to see and explore Hoi An. I’ve never been to hoi an before but its definitely on my list. Thanks for sharing this

  • E. J Requina says:

    That sidecar looks absolutely sleek! Although if want to be the one on the sidecar and not the one driving lol.

    I loved that there were a lot of stop overs and the place just looks very scenic. But im curious how was navigating the sidecar with the infamous traffic in Vietnam?

    • Hi Erik
      Thanks for your comments. It was fun with the sidecar with the traffic – it felt as if we were the kings of the motorbike brigade on that ride
      Cheers Jane and Duncan

  • Oh my! I can’t believe it was built in the 1960s. It looks like SUCH a fun way to get around. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a sidecar setup. I like that they have tours of different lengths, too.

    • Hi Jennifer
      The 1960s bikes were amazing – they made them tough and strong in those days! Hope you get a chance to experience them one day.
      Cheers Jane and Duncan

  • Wait what????? Side car tours? I didn’t even know that exists. Now, I’m hooked and I really wanna experience this.
    Good to know that the Victoria Hotel has a private beach and even if you’re a guest of EMM Hotel, you could use it.
    The banyan tree is impressive and the views from atop the Monkey Mountain is excellent. Its awesome that your hotel managed to arrange an impromptu lunch with wine here atop the mountain! Excellent customer service!

  • Aareeba says:

    Omg these side cars are super cool. It’s really nice that the hotel offers these to their guests.What a cool way to explore the place and not worry about getting tired.

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