Sydney Nowra Road Trip Day 2 Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay
The boat ramp at Callala Beach, Jervis Bay

We spent a few hours sailing around Jervis Bay.  My brother-in-law has a boat and we launched it at Callala Bay which sits at the north end of Jervis Bay.  Jervis Bay is well known for its stunning beaches, safe bay swimming and schools of dolphins which we were on the look out for but unfortunately it was not our lucky this day.

Jervis Bay

Launching the boat  at Callala Bay


Jervis Bay Rich in History

Rich in Aboriginal heritage where the local Aborigines still maintain  strong connections with the land, this area has many ocean and bay beaches, lagoons, secret coves and hidden creeks.

We are not particularly good sailors if there is a bit of a swell.  After what seemed like hours of being soaked and pummelled by the ever increasing size of the waves a quick ‘can we go home now’ saw us turning back to the beach and to dry land.


Jervis Bay surrounds

Kangaroos at sunset

My sister and her husband are based just outside Nowra on a 5 acre property, our evening walk took us through neighbour’s paddocks where we were lucky enough to see many kangaroos out for their evening graze. This is about as close as we could get to them before they bounded off to join the rest of the 50 strong herd.

Kangaroos, as we know are unique to Australia, but unfortunately they are not looked on too favourably for those living on the land.  They ruin fences, compete with livestock for grazing land, food and water.

Jervis Bay surrounds

Local friendly cows


Trip Statistics:

Nowra Hill to Callala Bay – 22.2km



  • Julia and Andrew Buckle says:

    fantastic, great you guys travelled to the beautiful #south coast and blogged so well, photos are wonderful. Really shows off our gorgeous area, thank you

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