Sydney Nowra Road Trip Day 4 Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley day trip
What you should be able to see at Mount Cambewarra

A visit to historical Kangaroo Valley was on our bucket list for this trip.

Travelling from Nowra Hill  we travelled  up the steep Mount Cambewarra.    The road winds  upwards through the heavy misted forest to reach the lookout where we could not see 2 metres in front of us.    We will go back one day when it is fine. There is also a tea house that was closed when we arrived.

Kangaroo Valley

The Tea Rooms at The Lookout on Mount Cambewarra

Some history on Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley is known as ‘Australia’s most beautiful valley’.  First sighted in 1812 by George Evans, a surveyor explorer, he claimed ‘no painter could beautify’. Settlement occurred 5 years later in 1817 when the area began to be cleared and settled following the arrival of Charles Throsby and Captain Richard Brooks.

 Kangaroo Valley Day 4

Historic Kangaroo Valley


Hampden Bridge located just outside the village is Australia’s last surviving wooden suspension bridge with its special Gothic Victorian sandstone towers that creates the affect of entering a medieval castle.

 Kangaroo Valley Day 4

Hampden Bridge Kangaroo Valley

If you are thinking of visiting you will need to book accommodation in advance.  It is a very popular weekend destination for people from Canberra and Sydney.  Click here for information on accommodation.

 Trip Statistics:

Nowra to Mount Cambewarra – 12km

Mount Cambewarra to Kangaroo Valley – 10km

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