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Places to visit in Myanmar

Our Top 5 Places To Visit in Myanmar You Can’t Miss In 2023

Have you plans to visit Myanmar? What are your top 5 destinations that spring to mind when you are planning to visit Myanmar? Bagan, Mandalay, Yangon? Myanmar was in the top 5 of our Asian bucket list travels and when we got the opportunity to travel there we jumped at the chance.  For a whole month, we travelled around the country by bus, train and riverboat. There...

Temples of Bagan Myanmar

We love visiting ancient temples. Some of our favourites have been Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Chichen Itza in Mexico. Read on to find out about our day visiting the temples of Bagan by horse and cart. It was 9 am and we were touring the Temples of Bagan Myanmar by horse and cart.  The temperature was already close to the expected 32 degrees Celsius. November time in...