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Tour Around Barbados with Glory Tours

Tour Around Barbados with Glory Tours

Are you planning a vacation to Barbados? Are you wondering what there is to do after spending a few days at one of Barbados’s popular beaches? Why not take a tour around the island? One of the top excursions in Barbados today is a tour around Barbados with Glory Tours. We reached out to Sarah Taylor, the owner of Glory Tours, who comes from one of the oldest...

What to do in Barbados

Banks Beer Barbados Tour

Are you heading to Barbados for your next vacation? How exciting, you won’t be disappointed.  Are you a beer lover, if so, we have a great tour for you to enjoy. On one of the rainiest days in our 3-month stay in Barbados, we headed off to enjoy a Banks Beer Barbados Tour.  What better way to spend a rainy day than learning all about the brewing techniques of...

Food Tour of Barbados

Review Lickrish Walking Food Tour Of Barbados Updated 2023

What do you get when you combine a walking tour, a food tour, and history highlights all in one in Bridgetown Barbados? The popular Lickrish Walking Food Tour of Barbados, but a word of warning, you will need to come feeling hungry, very hungry! Over the years we have enjoyed many food walking tours in Porto and in Dublin. Now, were you wondering what...

Mount Gay Rum Tour Barbados

Mount Gay Rum Tour Barbados

A story begins with a time and a place. This is an interesting story where the time and place begins on the Caribbean Island of Barbados back in 1703. A story about Barbados and its Black Gold Rum. Our story begins 314 years in Barbados today with an opportunity to join Mount Gay Rum’s -Rum & Pairing Tour, in the name of research of course. We just could...

Tapas Barbados

Review of The Best Meal on Barbados – Tapas Barbados

From the moment you arrive at the entrance of Tapas Barbados, you feel that special island relaxed vibe. Imagine dining on the oceanfront in one of the best restaurants in Hastings in Barbados. The Tapas Menu is to die for, you will be back time and time again, just like us. (Editor Update 2021) This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for...

Where you should stay in Cuba

Are you wondering where the best areas to stay in Cuba are? We have put together a where you should stay in Cuba guide for your next Cuba vacation. (Editor Update 2021) Our Cuba accommodation guide will assist you in understanding: the types of accommodation available throughout Cuba the best part of Cuba to stay cool places to stay in Cuba the pros and cons of Cuba...