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Hotel Gran Bilbao Spain

Hotel Gran Bilbao Spain Review Updated 2023

Planning a visit to Bilbao in Spain? When visiting Bilbao in Spain whether for a weekend or a week, you will need a hotel that is well-located, good value and very comfortable. When doing our research we came across the Hotel Gran Bilbao and it ticked all the boxes for the type of hotel we were after in Bilbao. The Hotel Gran Bilbao had been awarded the “Family...

Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico 2023

Have you heard of Tlaquepaque? If you have time and you are in the area or close by in Guadalajara we recommend that you pay a visit. Tlaquepaque, pronounced ‘lake-paki’ is in the Mexican state of Jalisco just outside Guadalajara.  Its actual name is San Pedro Tlaquepaque. It is famous for its local colourful pottery and cobble-stoned streets. We were heading to...

5 Things to do in Morelia, Mexico in 2023

Are you planning to visit Morelia? Great choice of a destination in Mexico that is easily reached from Mexico City. Morelia is off the regular tourist track of Mexico which gives it a charm like no other.  When you next visit Mexico if you can include Morelia on your visit we can highly recommend it. We were knocked over by the quality of the food and the...