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Dubrovnik Tips From An Insider

Are you heading to Dubrovnik? Such a unique destination and one that you will fall in love with. Dubrovnik tips, especially from a local or two, is priceless.  Dubrovnik holds a special place in our hearts, and it will hold a special place in your heart if you haven’t already visited.   We met two very special people, Bozidar Jukic and Ana Bitanga from...

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik Croatia

Luxury Hotel Review: Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

Are you looking for a luxury resort in Dubrovnik for your next holiday? Let us share with you our luxury hotel review of the Sun Gardens in Dubrovnik. Sun Gardens Resort – Welcome To The Pearl of the Adriatic – this is what you first read on the Sun Gardens website and this is exactly what you experience when you first arrive!  The quote from Irish...

Dubrovnik Walking Tour

What We Learnt on A Walking Tour of Dubrovnik

What better way to learn about Dubrovnik Croatia than with a complimentary guided tour by Sandra Milovcevic, the Public Relations Department Co-ordinator, from the Dubrovnik Tourist Board. We caught up with Sandra one afternoon at 4 pm when the crowds were dissipating at Pile Gate at Dubrovnik Old Town. We share with you a similar Dubrovnik Old Town Walking Tour so...

One Day in Dubrovnik

One Day in Dubrovnik – top things to see and do

Heading to Dubrovnik? Short of time to visit this incredible city? If one day in Dubrovnik is all that you may have time for you need to make the most of your time. Whether you are arriving in Dubrovnik by a Croatian cruise or combining holidays to Croatia with another destination, most of your time will be taken up inside the Dubrovnik Old Town and the Walls of...