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Kilkea Castle

Kilkea Castle Hotel & Golf Resort Review Updated 2023

If only the walls could talk, Kilkea Castle, one Ireland’s longest continually inhabited medieval castles in County Kildare, could tell tales of witchcraft, a monkey saving a baby from a fire as well as the ghost of the Wizard Earl who is reputed to return on the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year on his horse with silver hoofs.  Now, no one knows which...

Valencia Free Walking Tour

Review Valencia Free Walking Tour Updated 2023

What is the first thing you do after checking into your hotel in a new city? Do you source local free walking tours or do you head out into the streets with or without a map in hand? This is our review of the Valencia Free Walking Tour that we enjoyed so much. This tour is now called the Valencia Essentials Free Walking Tour. One of our passions, when we arrive at a...

Self drive Ireland itinerary

Review King Sitric Restaurant & Accommodation Howth

A mere 30 minutes by the Dart train from Dublin to Howth is the #1 King Sitric Fish Restaurant and 4-star accommodation in Howth Ireland.  A member of  Blue Book Ireland (luxury accommodation)  for the last 28 years King Sitric is ideally located as an alternative to staying in Dublin, where accommodation can be expensive. Visiting Howth is one of the top things to...