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How To Spend A Day in Pompeii in 2023

Are you planning a visit to the city of Pompeii in Italy? Pompeii is such an important historical site in Italy it is worth planning to spend a day visiting the Pompeii ruins and learning about its history. You can easily spend a day in Pompeii from Naples, travelling there by train with locals and other travellers alike. The journey takes around 41 minutes and...

A Day in San Gimignano, Italy in 2023

Are you planning a day trip to San Gimignano in Italy? You have chosen a great location in Italy to either spend a day there or try and stay for a night or two.  You will be captivated just as much as we were. It is only a small town so in reality, it won’t take you that long to explore. The centre of San Gimignano, the stunning historical centre, is only small...