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Vietnam Travel Itineraries with Victoria Voyages

Vietnam as a travel destination has it all.  Vietnam holidays can include visits to stunning beaches, scenic mountains, bustling cities, ancient towns, local innovative cuisine and experience a vibe that is different to other Asian countries. Cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are frenetic and vibrant.  You can trek mountains and terraced rice fields in Sapa and...

Things To Do in Sapa Vietnam

Sapa Vietnam! When someone mentions Sapa in Vietnam what first comes to mind are the beautiful images of rich green terraced rice fields. The second thing that comes to mind is the colourful ethnic minorities and their villages. What could be more beautiful than trekking through verdant terraced rice fields and visiting the local ethnic minorities whilst learning...

Review Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa in Vietnam

  Nestled high in the Hoang Lien Son mountains of North Western Vietnam is the hillside town of Sapa.  Sapa overlooks the Muong Hoa Valley with its terraced rice fields.  No doubt you have seen the images of Sapa and the rice terraces in every promotional photograph or video of Vietnam.  In this case, the lens does not lie! This area is one of outstanding beauty...

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