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Valencia Free Walking Tour

Review Valencia Free Walking Tour Updated 2023

What is the first thing you do after checking into your hotel in a new city? Do you source local free walking tours or do you head out into the streets with or without a map in hand? This is our review of the Valencia Free Walking Tour that we enjoyed so much. This tour is now called the Valencia Essentials Free Walking Tour. One of our passions, when we arrive at a...

10 Day Southern Spain Road Trip – Ultimate Itinerary 2023 Updated

Are you planning a 10 day southern Spain road trip? But, where do you start? Are you a little nervous, new roads to master, tolls to be paid, where to park and where to go? It is natural to feel a little nervous, driving in Spain can be a bit crazy. A road trip gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want, and visit places and have experiences...