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The Best 2021 Walking Holiday Guide UK

An overview of the best walking holidays the UK has to offer – the location, the accommodation, and the walking routes available. Included in our article are the essentials you need for a walking holiday, and how to be prepared.

With Summer on its way and restrictions easing in the UK, many people will be looking forward to packing their suitcases, jumping in the car, and venturing off to somewhere with scenic surroundings and plenty of walking routes.

Every year, 68% of adults choose to go on a UK walking holiday in the Summer, rather than hopping on a plane abroad, and we can see why!

The UK has some of the best walking routes and holiday destinations on offer, and Inntravel has a collection of them waiting for rambling enthusiasts to take advantage of.

With this in mind, Inntravel has put together this 2021 walking holiday guide, with the aim of inspiring the UK population to lace up their walking boots and grab a walking stick.

From the Seascapes of North Norfolk to the Landscapes of the Peak District, this walking holiday guide has it all, as well as the essentials you will need to pack before you set off on your adventure.

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Seascapes of North Norfolk

Seascapes of NorfolkThis walking holiday is a self-guided, hotel-to-hotel walking holiday, with panoramic scenery of the coastline, sandy beaches of plenty, and pristine nature reserves.

This holiday will take you on a wildlife adventure, with the walking routes brimming with various animals, particularly birds such as bitterns, marsh harriers, wildfowl, and waders. So, if you are an avid bird watcher, remember to pack your notebook and binoculars.

The Seascapes of North Norfolk is also a great place to visit if you’re a fan of History. During your walking holiday here, you will run into beautiful medieval churches, royal estates and small harbours that contributed to England’s past trading efforts.

As well as history at every corner, you will also find quaint villages, peaceful woodland, and protected nature reserves. And you can be sure that you will not miss out on any of it, as all walking routes in Norfolk are well signposted, so you can set off on your adventure without the fear of getting lost!

The accommodation on this UK walking holiday is inviting, characterful and comforting. You will stay in a mixture of guesthouses, inn, and hotels, and you will be sure to get a friendly greeting upon arrival.

The Tweed and the Scottish Borders

The Tweed & Scottish BordersThis UK walking holiday is a hotel-to-hotel walking holiday, and it allows ramblers to explore the most tranquil regions, jam-packed with historical ruins and stunning villages.

The waters of the Tweed flow through the Scottish borders, travelling through the valleys and rolling hills. These same valleys and hills were once home to war-torn battlegrounds, which is hard to believe when you see how picturesque the scenery is now. This makes The Tweed and the Scottish Borders another great place to visit if you are interested in England and Scotland’s history.

This walking holiday follows routes that ensure you will get the most of the Tweed. The paths will be long and winding, and you will follow the natural course of the Tweed as it flows downstream through the restful countryside.

Each town you will pass through on this holiday offers accommodation that are full of warm hospitality, so you will be sure to experience a joyful stay at The Tweed and the Scottish Borders holiday.

The Northumberland Coast and Its Castles

Northumberland Coast and its castlesThis Inntravel holiday will show you the best of Northumberland, which was once the powerhouse of England, with saints, kings and Vikings playing central roles in shaping the future of the country. For History buffs, this would be a great place to visit to delve into history and explore the unspoiled historical ruins.

This charming UK walking holiday will start in Warkworth, a beautiful ancient village located on the Northumberland coastal path. From here, you will venture to Alnwick and the beachfront of Beadnell. On this walking holiday, you will have the opportunity to explore the stunning surrounding, spotting various wildlife along the way.

Each accommodation on this UK walking holiday offers a warm welcome to every guest, making sure your trip to the Northumberland coast is a delightful one. 

Trails of the Riverbank

Trails of the River Bank - ThamesThis UK walking holiday aims to show off the prestigious city of Oxford, following the Thames path through peaceful water and stunning small villages. The walking holiday ends in the famous foodie town of Marlow.

The walking holiday starts in the centre of Oxford, where you will be able to explore the colleges and grand historic buildings placed there. Following this, you will visit ancient Abingdon, another vibrant town with a tranquil riverbank.

If you are interested in literary history, this walking holiday might be the one for you. Stopping off at the twin villages Streatley and Goring, you can visit the landscapes which inspired The Wind in the Willows. The accommodation throughout is of very high standard too, from a boutique bolthole in Oxford to the delightful Hotel du Vin in upmarket Henley-on-Thames.

The Hardy Way

The Hardy WayThis UK walking holiday aims to champion Britain’s first literature-themed long-distance path, The Hardy Way. This path takes you through idyllic landscapes, which are renowned for their natural beauty.

Thomas Hardy once described Cranborne Chase in Dorset as the epitome of rural England. Which makes sense, with rounded green hills, ancient woodland and villages of thatched cottages, this part of Dorset represents the best of Britain’s countryside.

The Inns which you will stay at on this walk are charming and welcoming, and many of the people who have embarked on this holiday previously say it is the highlight of their holiday.

Landscapes of Peak District

Landscapes of the Peak DistrictThis Inntravel holiday is a self-guided walking holiday, where you will stay in three traditional market towns. You will make yourself through the landscapes of the High Peak, from the ordered parkland and manicured gardens of Chatsworth House to the straggling rock escarpment that line heather-clad moors of Britain’s first national park.

After visiting Bakewell and Chatsworth, the Inntravel route follows the River Derwent towards the moors and a series of striking and dramatic gritstone ‘edges. Returning to the river and the charming market town of Hathersage, you then head off to your destination in Castleton, taking n stunning views from the hills as you make your way to the geological gems of Mam to and the Blue John Mines.

So, if you are a history buff or a rambling enthusiast, the three Inntravel walking holidays above would be the perfect UK getaway for you. For more information about these walking holidays or for to view more UK walking holidays, please visit the Inntravel website.

UK Walking Holiday Essentials

Travel EssentialsYour essential walking holiday day pack should include everything you need in a normal and emergency circumstance, from the time you leave your accommodation in the morning to the time you reach your destination. If you are travelling in a group or a pair, some items can be shared out, rather than each person duplicating the item. This will probably make the trip lighter for all participants, and you could even split the items according to the physical ability of each person. 

Essential items for your2021 Walking Holiday in the UK:


One of the most essentials you could take with you is Water. Water is essential for those carrying out any kind of physical activity, especially a long walk. It is recommended that you take at least 2 litres of water with you for each adult on the walk, and it is important that you drink regular, small amounts as you walk, rather than large amounts of water quickly. Doing this can cause fluids to move more quickly through your system, meaning you might need to stop frequently to go to the toilet.


Food is energy, and when you are on a long walk, you need small but frequent bites of energy to keep you going. So, alongside your main meals, such as your breakfast, lunch, and dinner (depending on how long your walking route is) be mindful to pack small snacks too, such as trail mix or fruit, just in case your energy levels drop.

 Good Footwear

Quality footwear that is suited specifically for the individual wearing them is a must. On a walking holiday, your feet are your transport, and they could develop blisters and ankle pain if they are not wearing the right shoes. We recommend talking to an outdoor footwear specialist for advice and investing in the right footwear that will keep you safe and comfortable.

Sun protection   

An often overlooked essential, sun protection is important daily, but especially on a walking holiday when you will be exposed to UVA and UBA rays. This item can be shared amongst the group, if the bottle is big enough for all people on the walking route. As well as this, it is a good idea to take after-sun with you, in case someone gets sunburn.

Hiking poles

Whether you are an experienced hiker or not, hiking poles can make hiking more comfortable, and they can reduce knee and ankle strain, as well as preventing falls.

First Aid

A first aid box is a great item to be shared out amongst the group, but it’s important to make sure that each member of the group knows which first aid item they have so they can get to them quickly in an emergency. 

A Mobile phone

This is an obvious one, but many people leave their phone at home so they can fully take in the walk. However, it is important to keep your phone with you and turned on in case of an emergency. Most phones also have a torch feature, which is handy if you ever get caught in the dark. Phones are also good to carry with you as they can act as a map, so you do not need to carry a crinkled piece of paper with you.

 Spare clothing & Rain Gear

UK weather is very unpredictable, so even if the weather forecast predicts sunshine all day, you should make sure you have waterproofs with you just in case.

So, if you are thinking of booking a UK walking holiday with Inntravel, work through this list and make sure you have all the essentials!


A walking holiday in the UK was something that we were planning for 2020 before COVID hit.  This article is sponsored by Inntravel and we hope that we can join them when we can travel again from Australia.  Which walking tour would we choose? That’s a hard choice, they all interest us.  Have you taken a walking holiday?

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Best Walking Holiday Guide

UK Walking Holiday Guide


UK Walking Holiday Guide


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