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Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

Have you heard of Tlaquepaque? If you have time and you are in the area or close by in Guadalajara we recommend that you pay a visit.

Tlaquepaque, pronounced ‘lake-paki’ is in the Mexican state of Jalisco just outside Guadalajara.  Its actual name is San Pedro Tlaquepaque. It is famous for its local colourful pottery and cobble stoned streets.

We were heading to Ajijic on Lake Chapala and needed a place to stay close by to Guadalajara Airport.  We had previously stayed in Guadalajara but wanted to experience a few nights in Tlaquepaque instead seeing it was only 6 km away.

It is often overlooked as a destination in its own right with travellers only spending a half-day in Tlaquepaque, but it has more to offer so spending at least a night is highly recommended.

(updated 2021)

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Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

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If you are short of time you can take a tour that visits both Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque for 6 hours. Click here for more information and bookings.

Where To Stay in Tlaquepaque Jalisco Mexico

Searching Hotels Combined we saw La Villa Del Ensueno and knew instantly this was the place to stay. Beautiful Mexican architecture with colonial-style bedrooms, swimming pool, bar and restaurant which also happened to be centrally located.

Address: Calle Florida 305 Prados del Nilo, San Pedro Tlaquepaque Jalisco Mexico

Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico



Things to do in Tlaquepaque

We arrived into Tlaquepaque on a Sunday night expecting the small town 6 km from Guadalajara to be closed.  After checking into our hotel – La Villa Del Ensueno – we made our way down the 4 blocks following the noise of laughter and music in the distance.  Although the streets were dark we felt safe and secure.  The closer we got the noisier it was!

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Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

Visit Jardin Hidalgo

The Jardin was packed with families. Smells of freshly cooked sausages, hot chips and of course tacos and spicy sauces wafted past us. Now, this is what you call a buzz!

Things to Do in Tlaquepaque Mexico


There was a long queue outside the church.  We wandered closer to find out why. Parishioners and nuns were cooking up a feast for the families.  It was family night and every family in Tlaquepaque were out having fun.  This is a typical Sunday night in Tlaquepaque.  Can you imagine what a Fiesta night would be like?

Tlaquepaque Mexico

Mayan Pole Swingers were performing in Plaza Square. Check out our Youtube video.

Street food stalls lined the Plaza and the smell of freshly cooked food, spices, fruit juices etc proved too much for us and we succumbed.

Street Food Tlaquepaque Mexico

One of the most popular stands was the hot food stand selling thick french fries with deep-fried pork skins.

Tlaquepaque Mexico

The dish is served up with a variety of sauces, chilli and tomato and topped with a slice of lime. Cost: Mexican Pesos 60 = USD3.05

Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

This vegetarian stand sold a dish that we could not find out the name of.  A plate of boiled potatoes, broccoli, white corn, white grated cheese topped with chilli sauce.

things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

There was so much food that I could not finish it. Cost: Mexican Pesos 40 = USD2.00. Mexican street food does not get any better than this.

Down pedestrian-only streets, we came across many restaurants, bars and boutiques.

Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

There was quite a queue to have a photo taken outside the Tlaquepaque restaurant –  Patio Restaurant drinking this large Mojito.

Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

The streets were decorated with overhanging ornaments.

Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

Statues depicting historical events were great photo opportunities for visitors.

Tlaquepaque sculptures
Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

All this Mexican street food and wandering around the streets worked up a thirst.  La Valentina Cantina has a rooftop bar that overlooks the church and the square.  A great place to sit down enjoy a beer or a mojito whilst enjoying the Sunday night atmosphere.

Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

Visit Calle Independencia

Things to do in Tlaquepaque Mexico

Calle Independencia in Tlaquepaque Centro is the place to visit during the night or day. Not only are there many restaurants and bars to choose from but you will need to look up towards the sky and enjoy the famous umbrellas overhead.

Shop for Tequila

Tequila made in Jalisco State of Mexico

Tequila is one of Mexico’s most famous exports and made from blue agave plants around Guadalajara.

Visit the two outlets of Nuestros Dulces to purchase local Tequila at:

  • Juarez 154-A
  • Independencia 131-B

Watch Mariachi at El Parían

Mariachi Bands

The Mexican folk music is known as ‘Mariachi’ and originated in the state of Jalisco is played each evening around the bars and restaurants around the  El Parian and its central bandstand.

Address: Calle Juarez 84

Visit Mercado de Artesanias

The Mercado de Artesanias in Independencia has a large display of local ceramics and definitely worth a visit. Check the prices before you purchase you may be able to buy the same ceramics in shops outside of the Mercado.

Tours to Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque

If you are visiting Guadalajara there is a half-day tour available that includes both Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque. Click here for more information and bookings


Where To Stay in Tlaquepaque Jalisco

We stayed at La Villa del Ensueno, a beautiful Mexican Colonial Hotel with a swimming pool, bar and restaurant and large comfortable bedrooms.  We can highly recommend this hotel for accommodation. La Villa del Ensueno is a short walk from the city centre.


For the latest deals and availability for more Tlaquepaque hotels:

Things to do in Tlaquepaque

Where to stay in  Guadalajara Mexico

We stayed in the 3-star Hotel San Francisco Plaza centrally located in Degollado 267 in Centro close to the Degollado Theatre. The rooms are large and comfortable and good value.


For the best hotels in Guadalajara, we use Hotels Combine who has access over 100 accommodation sites to bring you the best deals.

Things to do in Tlaquepaque

Where to Eat in Tlaquepaque

Zaguan Restaurante and Galeria at Calle Juarez 5 for excellent tacos and margaritas.

Casa Fuerte at Independencia 224 for Mexican, Latin and Vegetarian options. You must try their Chicken Mole dish.

Casa Luna at Independencia 211 Col. Centro for excellent service and Mexican cuisine.

Getting In

Tlaquepaque is 15 minutes (14 km) away from Guadalajara’s International Airport which is serviced by a range of international and domestic carriers.

There are plenty of taxis available at the airport for the 15-minute journey.

There is a local airport bus from Guadalajara Airport to Alamo Industrial and takes 30 minutes.

Mexico is served by excellent bus services.  For schedules and latest prices click here.

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