Trapped in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

The View from our room at Hotel Aura Del Mar showing Playa La Madera

To be honest, we had never heard of Zihuatanejo in Mexico until we applied for a two-week Housesitting assignment there, we never expected to remain for five weeks. So why were we trapped there? First, some information on one of our favourite places in Mexico.  We love Mexico so much that we even wrote an e-book: Mexico A Travel Guide.

Trapped in Zihuatanejo

Where is Zihuatanejo Mexico

“Zihua” as it is locally known, is located on the Pacific Coast in the State of Guerrero 150 miles north-west of Acapulco.  A typical Mexican sleepy fishing village located in a well-protected bay, Zihua offers the traveller a peaceful location to holiday in compared to the busy, high rise tourist development of Ixtapa a few kilometres away.

Zihuatanejo Map

Zihuatanejo Mexico Map

Trapped in Zihuatanejo

Location of Zihuatanejo

Map of Zihuatanejo

Trapped in Zihuatanejo

We flew into Zihuatanejo Airport from Mexico City via Interjet and was impressed with the views from the plane of the long ocean beaches and the green tropical landscapes.  Zihuatanejo Airport is located a few kilometres out of town.  It has a quirky baggage retrieval system.  As you enter the terminal, there is a small area on your left that is roped off, bags are unloaded into this area, then the pushing and grabbing starts, chaos everywhere, people tripping over one another to try and reach for their bag underneath the ropes, whilst airline staff try to deliver the right bag to the right person. Luckily there is a checkpoint where your bags and receipts are checked before you exit the terminal.

Trapped in Zihuatanejo

We were won over immediately as we wandered into town the first night for dinner. “El Centro” with its many restaurants and gift shops along the stone paved streets and the waterfront walkway known as Paseo del Pescador (The Fisherman’s Path).


Catch from the evening's fishing in Zihuatanejo

The small port is used for the local fishermen and ferry boats that take you across the bay to Playa Las Gatas (Cat Beach) for MXP40 each way. During the morning just past the basketball courts, you will see the local fishermen selling their catch from the evening’s fishing.

 Fishermans Walk in Zihuatanejo

Mermaid sunning herself along Fisherman’s Path

Follow the walkway from the main beach in town across the bridge and head towards Playa Madera (wood beach) where you can dine on fresh seafood from the restaurants there. We love Mexican Food, don’t you?


 Valeria I on Playa La Madera in Zihuatanejo

Our favourite restaurant Valeria I on Playa La Madera

One of our favourite meals, fresh red schnapper, guacamole and Sol Beer on the beach at Zihuatanejo

One of our favourite meals, fresh red schnapper, guacamole and Sol Beer


Our favourite restaurant was Valeria I.  The restaurants here are open from breakfast through to lunch and dinner and close around 7 pm at night.

Playa La Ropa in Zihuatanejo

Playa La Ropa

2km from the main town is Playa La Ropa (clothes beach), a popular beach lined with hotels and restaurants, where you can sail, parasail and jet ski.

Pizza from Pizza Locas, best pizza in town dining on our hotel balcony in Zihuatanejo

Pizza from Pizza Locas, best pizza in town dining on our hotel balcony

We enjoyed pizza from Pizza Locas on our balcony at the Hotel Aura del Mar.


Our room at Hotel Aura Del Mar in Zihuatanejo

Our room at Hotel Aura Del Mar

We can highly recommend staying at the Hotel Aura del Mar which overlooks Playa La Madera. Originally we had planned to spend only two weeks there but we extended another week. This is why we were trapped!  If we had not left after the 3rd week we would never have left at all.

The staff are very welcoming and accommodating and any request we made during our stay was carried out quickly and efficiently.  The hotel prides itself on its hospitality and service.


Daily Floral Designs from the Staff at Hotel Aura del Mar in Zihuatanejo

Daily Floral Designs from the Staff at Hotel Aura del Mar

The rooms are large, with very comfortable beds that are lovingly made up with floral arrangements each morning.  Our room had a spa on the balcony overlooking the bay.


Our favourite coffee place in Zihuatanejo

Wonder through the town area and along the Municipal Beachfront to enjoy the many restaurants on offer. Tripadvisor Zihuatanejo rated El Cafecito as the best coffee in Zihuatanejo.  We just had to find out for ourselves.  We so totally agree with all the travellers who had rated El Cafecito the best.

 Municipal Beach in Zihuatanejo

Wandering along the Municipal Beach

Zihuatanejo Hotels

The top Zihuatanejo Resorts and their traveller ratings:


Hotel Aura del Mar (rated 9.2 ): Eva Samno de Lopez Mateos s/n Playa Madera Zihuatanejo

Trapped in Zihuatanejo




Villa Del Sol Resort (rated 9.2): Playa La Ropa S/N, Playa La Ropa, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo


Trapped in Zihuatanejo





Villa del Pescador (rated 9.2): De la Noria 7, Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo,

Trapped in Zihuatanejo





La Casa Que Canta (rated 9.9): Camino Escénico a Playa La Ropa, Colonia Playa La Ropa, Playa La Ropa, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Trapped in Zihuatanejo




Club Intrawest (rated 9.1): Carretera Escénica La Ropa, Zona Hotelera, Playa La Ropa, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Trapped in Zihuatanejo





Airbnb Zihuatanejo

Airbnb in Zihuatanejo has a range of accommodation to suit all budgets and types. If you have not booked an Airbnb property before we have a special $$$ discount voucher for you.

Trapped in Zihuatanejo





Where to eat in Zihuatanejo

Tripadvisor Zihuatanejo has a list of the top restaurants in Zihuatanejo with the latest reviews from travellers and locals.  To find out where the best places to eat are click our link below:


Trapped in Zihuatanejo




Things to do in Zihuatanejo

We are very happy using Get Your Guide in activities in cities that we visit.  We love their ‘best price guarantee’ which means if we find the same activity by the same local tour operator in the same currency for less they will refund the difference.  Currently, they offer over 35,000 activities in over 7,600 locations.





So why were we trapped?

We thoroughly enjoyed everything about Zihuatanejo and we just did not want to leave.  Our minds were trapped, what happens if we stay and what happens if we go?  In the end we had to go as we had house sitting commitments elsewhere, but if we didn’t could it have been our retirement home? We will never know!


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Trapped in Zihuatanejo


Shawshank Redemption Zihuatanejo

Zihuatanejo was made famous in the movie Shawshank Redemption.  The movie starred Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. Tim Robbins who played the part of Andy, whilst being held in the Shawshank Prison, dreamt of living his life in Zihuatanejo.

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trapped in Zihuatanejo

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