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Vietnam Airports Travel Guide

Vietnam Airports Travel Guide What is the best airport to fly into in Vietnam? This is a question we get asked quite often.  The answer depends on where you are visiting and what you intend to do when visiting Vietnam. If you are considering just visiting Northern Vietnam we would recommend flying into and out of Hanoi. If you are considering visiting Central Vietnam...

How To Get From Hue To Hoi An in Vietnam

Our guide on how to get from Hue to Hoi An in Vietnam in comfort, safely and with a knowledgeable Vietnamese local guide. We had the opportunity of visiting  Lap An Lagoon fishing village, Hai Van Pass, Marble Mountain and the Cham Museum in Danang and along the way. We had planned to spend over 3 weeks in and around Hoi An as it has so much to see and do it...

Yellow Bus Tours Porto

Yellow Bus Tours Porto

Travelling Porto With Yellow Bus Tours   After travelling on Yellow Bus Madeira we were delighted to be able to travel on Yellow Bus Tours Porto Portugal.  The Yellow Buses are a great way to get to understand the layout of a city and to determine what places you want to see as well as learning interesting facts along the way. It is also great fun looking down...

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