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House Sitting

House Sitting Tips & Tricks

We would like to share our tips and tricks from the many House Sitting assignments we have done within Australia and internationally.  This is not a definitive list and it will be updated regularly, so check back from time to time.

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Tips for Home Owners:

  • Choose your House Sitting sites that match your requirements e.g. local or international House Sitting
  • Read through current House Sitters profile, check that they have police record checks available for viewing and references that you can check
  • When posting your House Sitting assignment give as much information as you can for the House Sitter and include photos of the pets/animals to be cared for and your property
  • Be specific when possible of the dates that you require the Housesitter
  • Be clear with their duties for the care of your pets/animals/house/gardens/swimming pool etc
  • If it is long term assignment and you require utilities etc to be paid, ensure this information is included in your brief
  • Include full location details of the property and if House Sitters have no car provide details on how to travel to local supermarkets etc
  • There may be many applicants applying for the assignment, advise that you are in the evaluation process and will reply back in due course.  If house sitters are unsuccessful please let them know as soon as possible as they may be in the process of applying for other assignments.
  • When you have your shortlist arrange Skype or telephone calls for the initial chat
  • Once a House Sitter has been confirmed, arrange to have an agreement drawn up so that both parties understand their responsibilities. If you would like a copy of our Mutual Agreement please ask us for the agreement. (Provigil)
  • Keep in contact with the House Sitter of any changes in pet care, living or maintenance arrangements or change of dates
  • Ensure that you have full contact details of the House Sitter and their travel plans


Tips for House Sitters:

  • Find House Sitting assignments in your locality to gain initial experience and to gain references
  • Choose your House Sitting sites that match your requirements e.g. local or international House Sitting
  • Ensure that you have police checks
  • Ensure that when you apply for a House Sitting assignment that you have experience in caring for that type of pet, able to handle swimming pool or garden maintenance as required
  • Research thoroughly the location of the House Sitting assignments, the costs for you to travel there, any visa restrictions, how far the home is from local shopping centres, the availability of local transport and costs
  • If there are utilities to be paid for be clear with the owners the exact costs that you will be up for
  • If you rely on fast WiFi whilst at the house sit ask the owner for their package details, speed etc of the WiFi
  • Create a mutual House Sitting agreement that is mutually accepted by both parties.
  • Keep in contact with the homeowner regularly with your travel plans prior to the House sitting dates.
  • During, the House Sitting assignment keep the owner updated on a regular basis
  • If there are any issues, your first point of contact should be with the owner if they are unavailable try to rectify to your best ability according to your agreement
  • Be available at the end of the House Sitting assignment for a handover

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