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Where you should stay in Cuba

Are you wondering where the best areas to stay in Cuba are? We have put together a where you should stay in Cuba guide for your next Cuba vacation.

(Editor Update 2021)

Our Cuba accommodation guide will assist you in understanding:

  • the types of accommodation available throughout Cuba
  • the best part of Cuba to stay
  • cool places to stay in Cuba
  • the pros and cons of Cuba accommodation.

There is a mix of accommodation available in Cuba:

  • Cuba Resorts
  • Cuba all-inclusive resorts
  • Cuba Hotels
  • Airbnb
  • Casa Particulares (accommodation in local homes).

It depends on your budget, the type of traveller you are, how long you have available and where you want to travel to.

We spent a month travelling the length of Cuba enjoying local hospitality and all the things to see and do in this unique Caribbean country.  Our recommended places to visit in Cuba:

Where and how you stay will either make or break your trip whether it’s 1 week or 4 weeks in Cuba.

Where is Cuba

Cuba is located in the Caribbean Sea just south of Florida and east of Mexico. Flying time from Cancun to Havana is 1 hour.

Cuba Map

Visa for Travel to Cuba

If you are travelling from the USA you will need a Pink Tourist Card. Details here.

If you are travelling from outside the USA you will need a Green Tourist Card. Details here.

Flights to Cuba

Find the cheapest flights with Skyscanner  our go-to when researching and booking flights throughout the world.

Airports in Cuba

For your trips to Cuba, Cuba has 10 international airports to choose from:

  • Havana (HAV)
  • Holguin (HOG)
  • Cayo Coco (CCC)
  • Camaguey (CMW)
  • Santiago de Cuba (SCU)
  • Varadero (VRA)
  • Santa Clara (SMU)
  • Cayo Largo (CYO)
  • Cienfuegos (CFG)
  • Manzanillo de Cuba (MZO)

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases (if applicable).

As the WiFi is poor we would recommend taking a guide book with you.  A guide book will assist when wifi is patchy or non-existent. Here are some recommendations:

We spent months reading other travel blogs, chatting with other travellers who had just returned, and researching sites such as Tripadvisor and Airbnb.

There are many types of accommodation available:

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Airbnb vs Casa Particulars

Both  Airbnb and Casa Particulars are local Cuban homestays, the difference is in the booking procedures.


The pros for booking through Airbnb are:

  • with over 10,000 properties there is so much choice all listed on one site
  • you can read other travellers reviews
  • the site shows the local area where the property is located
  • you pay for your accommodation upfront

The cons are:

  • there is an extra charge of approximately 3% which Airbnb puts onto the price to cover their costs

The pros for booking a Casa Particular direct:

  • it can be cheaper than Airbnb

The cons for booking a Casa Particular direct:

  • if you are sending an email inquiry there could be delays in receiving answers due to the limitations of Wi-Fi in Cuba
  • if there is only a telephone number for the Casa Particular there could be a language issue and/or a time frame issue
  • we found that the properties that we were recommended were already fully booked
  • you had to confirm your booking with the owners a few days in advance by telephone, there have been instances when owners not receiving an advance reconfirmation gave the rooms away on the day to the first travellers

After using Airbnb and booking directly our preference would always be to use Airbnb in Cuba unless we had a personal recommendation.


Our accommodation requirements:

  • centrally located accommodation in a Casa Particular or Airbnb property
  • for 2 out of 4 weeks accommodation in a triple room (there were 3 of us) with a private bathroom
  • the other 2 weeks a double room with a private bathroom

What You Can Expect To Pay

For Casa Particulars on average, the rooms were between CUC25 and CUC35 (CUC1 = USD$1) – they could sleep either 2 or 3 persons.  This will depend on location, country areas tended to be a little cheaper than city areas.  Breakfasts range between CUC3 in the country areas and CUC5+ in the city, this depends on the Casa Particular owner.

For Airbnb there is a bigger range of price differences depending on the type of accommodation and location, some establishments charged a cleaning fee and Airbnb place a service fee.  We paid between AUD$35 (USD$27) and AUD$45 (USD$34) per night.

If you click on the Airbnb links it will show you the current prices in your chosen currency.

There are many hotels in Havana to choose from to suit all budgets.  We would recommend choosing your location carefully.We also recommend reading travellers reviews from TripAdvisor prior to booking.

Read the latest Tripadvisor reviews here



10 Best Cuba Beaches

If you are considering a beach holiday in Cuba you may want to read what travellers have stated as their 10 best favourite beaches in Cuba.

Where To Stay in Cuba

Where to stay in Havana Cuba – our Havana Accommodation Guide

One of the cool places to stay in Havana Cuba was:

Casa Particular  Anita y Leslie – Airbnb Havana

Havana Cuba
Double Bedroom Anita y Leslie
Havana Cuba
Lounge Room at Anita y Leslie

Address:  Calle Calzada #751 Apto.4 e/Paseo y 2, Vedado, La Habana, Cuba

Book Casa Anita y Leslie here


Accommodation: Double room with a bathroom outside the bedroom door. Breakfast is an extra cost (as in all Casa Particulars).

Location:  Vedado is a great place to stay in Havana.  It is more tranquil and more local.  If you love walking, you can walk from Vedado to the Malecon and head towards Hotel Nacional and then onto Old Havana. The accommodation is well placed for transport, banks, restaurants and Wi-Fi hot spots.

Why we loved Anita y Leslie’s accommodation:  Anita and Leslie are mother and daughter and are incredibly warm and friendly.  They have a beautiful apartment which is stylishly decorated.  The bedroom is decorated beautifully with a TV and refrigerator. They are supportive of all who travel to Cuba, offering services such as money exchange, transfers to and from the airport and the booking of bus tickets for the Viazul Bus which travels the length and breadth of Cuba.  We highly recommend booking with Anita and Leslie, but a word of warning, they are so popular you do need to book well in advance of your travels. Anita and Leslie were our first host experiences in Cuba and they set a very high standard.

The recommendation came from John and Susan Pazera of travel blog Latitude Adjustment Blog.

Enjoy a Local Airbnb Havana Experience

Support the local community and book a local popular Havana tour experience. One of the fun things to do in Havana is to tour the city in a convertible car.

Review from a recent traveller: “This is the BEST tour in Havana! David and Dayan are amazing tour guides with a wealth of information in their pockets. We never would have learned all about nature, government, local people’s daily lives without taking this tour. The best part is that we were photographed along the way in a beautiful, convertible car. Loved it, would do it again if given the chance. Thanks so much!”

Book your local experience here

Where to stay in Cienfuegos Cuba

Airbnb Cienfuegos Casa Particular Villa La Mar

Cienfuegos Cuba
View from the rear balcony of Villa La Mar
Cienfuegos Cuba
View out to the ocean

Address: Sra Mayda Calle 37 #204 A e/2 y 4

The first accommodation that we were recommended by John and Susan Pazera from Latitude Adjustment Blog had been booked out – Vista Al Mar. The owners kindly offered to refer us to alternative accommodation close to where they were.

AccommodationA triple room with an ensuite bathroom.  The outside balcony is situated right on the water with stunning views across to the mountains.  Breakfast (an extra cost) is served on the balcony each morning.

LocationA 20-minute walk from the centre of Cienfuegos. There are plenty of taxis and tuk-tuks, even a horse-drawn carriage available for transport to the centre.

Why we loved Villa La MarThe location on the waterfront really makes this location.  The breakfast of fruit, fruit smoothies and eggs with good strong Cuban coffee sets you up for the day.  The owners’ mentioned to bring earplugs as there is a bar a few doors away, but during the time we were there, we found that the music stopped between 10.00 – 11.00 pm.

Book your Casa here Enjoy a local walking tour of Cienfuegos here

Traveller review: “If you are planning to visit Cienfuegos you need to go on this city tour! Cienfuegos is an amazing place itself, however without a proper guide you might miss a lot of important details about it’s history and current live. We are very grateful we got to know Cienfuegos from perspective of people living there. We were told many stories about past and now, we got to see the most important places and beatiful buildings. Strongly recommend to everyone!”

Where to stay in Trinidad Cuba

Airbnb Trinidad

Casa Particular Hostel Noel y Nury

Trinidad Cuba
View from rooftop
Trinidad Cuba
Rooftop chill area

Address: Frank Pais Street #209 between Antonio Guiteras & Lino Perez Streets, Trinidad

AccommodationA triple room with an ensuite bathroom.  Our room consisted of two single beds and a bunk bed suitable for a family of 4. There is a rooftop terrace with a great view over Trinidad where we would spend each afternoon relaxing after a day of sightseeing. Breakfast was held on the rooftop terrace.  (breakfast is at an extra cost).

LocationThe hostel is well located in Trinidad.  You could walk from the Bus Station (around a 15-minute walk) and 2 blocks from the main park and 10 minutes from Plaza Mayor.  Wi-Fi is available at the Main Square as well as on the steps of Casa Musical near Plaza Mayor.

Why we loved Hostel Noel y Nury

The location was perfect for visiting Trinidad.  Jesus, the Manager, was so helpful at all times and well versed in local knowledge.  The rooftop terrace was perfect for chilling.

Our thanks to fellow travel blogger – “How Not To Travel Like a Bitch” for recommending Hostel Noel y Nury in Trinidad.

Book your casa accommodation here

Airbnb Trinidad Local Experience

Enjoy a local history tour of Trinidad with a local

Traveller review: “It was a very good experience! He gave me many insights into the history and architecture of Trinidad with many interesting details that you probably won’t find in a guide book. It can definitely recommend it.”

Where to stay in Santa Clara Cuba

Airbnb Santa Clara Cuba

Casa Particular Hostal Acertijo

Santa Clara Cuba
Triple bedroom with ensuite
Santa Clara Cuba
Front balcony

AddressCespedes #20 entree Maceo y Parque, Santa Clara

AccommodationA triple room with an ensuite bathroom on the 2nd floor.  There is a small balcony overlooking the street which was perfect for relaxing.

LocationThe accommodation was located 100m from the central park in Santa Clara.  There were restaurants located around and just off the park.  The park was a Wi-Fi zone.

Why we did not love Hostal AcertijoAlthough the accommodation ticked all of our boxes i.e. centrally located, clean, good size room etc the location next to a rooftop farmyard of chicken, doves, turkeys and roosters that started crowing at 2 am in the morning was not conducive to a good nights sleep.  A Pet Shop was located on ground level next door.  The owner would arrive at the Pet Shop around 6 am and the puppies would start howling and barking, this was just after you managed to get an hour’s sleep.

Book your Casa here

Airbnb Local Experience Santa Clara

Enjoy a local experience - Che Guevara Tour Experience

Read the latest traveller review here: “He showed us the important places of the cuban revolution and Che in Santa Clara. We really enjoyed the places and he has really good knowledge to tell and show us about small details of the items, statues and places that we visited. If we had visited the places alone we wouldn’t have any knowledge of this things at all. I did some reserch before choosing this activity and I can say I’m very glad that we did this with Emilio. Highly recommended.

Where to stay in Camaguey Cuba

Airbnb Camaguey Cuba

Casa Particular Deisy y Reinaldo

Camaguey Cuba


Our recommendation for accommodation in Camaguey came from fellow bloggers Goats on The Road for Miriam House.  On our arrival, Miriam came out to greet us and explained that our accommodation was not available due to the previous guest contracting dengue and he could not be moved.  Her sister had a property that would be suitable for us closer to town.  Miriam then drove us to her sister’s property. We were grateful to Miriam for organizing this for us.

Original Accommodation: Miriam House

Airbnb Link

Address: Joaquin De Aguero 525 entre 25 de Julio y Perucho Figueredo, Camaguey

Telephone: +53 5270 3252

Book here for your Casa accommodation

New Accommodation: Deisy y Reinaldo


Address: Calle San Ramon #354 e/linea y San Jose Centro Historico Camaguey

Telephone: +53 32 283 077

Book here for your Casa accommodation

AccommodationA double room with ensuite bathroom.

Location: A great location just a few blocks from Centro Historico.

Why we loved Casa Deisy y Reinaldo: 

Deisy and her husband Reinaldo were so welcoming.  The accommodation at the top of the house was very clean, large and a good size bathroom with TV.  They could not do enough for us.

Airbnb Local Experience Camaguey

Unveil the secrets of Camaguey cuisine with a local

Where to stay in Bayamo Cuba

Airbnb Bayamo

Casa Particular Casa Bretones

Bayamo Cuba

Address: C Planta Baja Bayamo

Telephone+ 53 53 38 3441

Book your Casa here


AccommodationA double room with an ensuite bathroom.  Included in the room were a refrigerator and TV.  There is an outside courtyard to the rear of the property that is great for relaxing in.

LocationA few blocks away from the main square and restaurants.  Wi-Fi is available in the main square.

Why we loved Casa Bretones:  Amarillis was a very good host.  Our bus had broken down on the way from Camaguey, we managed to call her to let her know that we would arrive around 9 pm.  On arrival, we were exhausted and hungry and she called a local restaurant for us to see if they were still open.  During our stay, Amarillis was very helpful and friendly.

Airbnb Local Experience Bayamo

Enjoy farming life with a local in Bayamo

Where to stay in Santiago de Cuba

Airbnb Santiago de Cuba

Casa Particular Casa Marta Sierra

Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba
Outdoor terrace

AddressSan Francisco 436 entree Calvario y Carniceria

Telephone+53 552046 or +53 52400762

Book your casa accommodation here


AccommodationThe largest Airbnb property we stayed in.  Located on the roof top of a colonial style villa with its own outdoor terrace, sitting room with TV and refrigerator, ensuite bathroom and double bedroom.

LocationLocation was perfect, two blocks away from the main pedestrian street that runs through Santiago de Cuba.  Wi-Fi is available in various locations within a 10-20 minute walk.

Why we loved Casa Marta SierraMarta and her daughter Heidy are delightful, welcoming, informative and ended up like part of the family.  They offer a wonderful Cuban home experience.  They have extensive historical knowledge and are proud to show you their home city. We learned so much from both of them.

Airbnb Local Experience Santiago de Cuba

Discover Santiago de Cuba in a classic car

Where to stay in Vinales

Airbnb Vinales

Casa Particular Villa Juana y Nela #5

Vinales Cuba
Front of our Accommodation in Vinales
Vinales Cuba
Our breakfast spread

AddressCalle Rafael Trejo No 5 Vinales, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Telephone: +53 48 69 65 07

Book your casa accommodation here

AccommodationA double room with ensuite at the rear of the property where it was very quiet. Breakfast (extra cost) consisted of fruit smoothies, pancakes, fruit, cake, cheese, and meat – so much so that we could not eat it all, and coffee.

LocationVinales is always very busy and the closest you are to the main square the noisier it can be.  The location is a few minutes behind the main street of Vinales.

Why we loved Villa Juana y Nela #5:  We had a real Cuban homestay experience, the whole family assists and we were welcomed into their family and home.  They assisted us in booking the local horse riding tour through the tobacco fields.  We enjoyed a typical Cuban meal on the last night of our stay which the family prepared for us.

Airbnb Local Experience Vinales

Enjoy a cowboys and cigar tour in Vinales - book here

Very Important Tips from To Travel Too:

Because of the restrictions of Wi-Fi, we would highly recommend that you take an actual travel guide of Cuba and download an app that will give you off-line maps.

Places to Stay in Cuba – Hotels

If you would like to stay in hotels instead you can check availability here and at the same time find out what there is to see and do in Cuba. Allow some time to really enjoy Havana, it is such a vibrant city.

Read more of our articles on Cuba that includes information on what to see and do in Havana and Vinales, currency, ATMs, WiFi and tips.

One Week Cuba Itinerary

Cuba Weather

The best time to visit Cuba is between December and May. The hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June to November.

What To Do in Cuba

We have chosen for you our top things to do in Cuba from the places that we visited.


Enjoy a 2-hour classic car ride seeing the sites of Havana with a cocktail.


A private kayak adventure across the bay in Cienfuegos

Santiago de Cuba

A historical tour of Santiago de Cuba learning about Castro and the Revolution.


A day of horse riding in the valleys around Vinales with lunch included on a day trip from Havana.

Travel Insurance

We recommend taking out travel insurance as soon as you book your flights and pay deposits on any cruises, tours or hotels.


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