Which House Sitting Sites Were Successful For Us in 2014

House sitting was a new experience for us in 2014.


In 2012 we had downsized from a 7 bedroom 3 level house on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to a 2 bedroom rental apartment.  Then in February 2013 we downsized again to a garage which held our furniture and personal possessions for a year whilst we took off on our ‘Senior Gap Year’ RTW.  Having no home to come back too and knowing that we would be heading off again overseas for an indefinite period we looked closely at what was unknown to us – house sitting.  We had heard of House Swaps but you needed a house for that.

We started researching house sitting whilst spending our last month on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand in January 2014.

Signing up for two house sitting sites we put our profile together and regularly checked the sites for suitable assignments.



During that month we applied for 4 house sits.  Three of those from the Mindahome site were interested to meet with us on our return from our travels.  We had no references or current police checks but they were still keen to chat with us.  Back in Sydney it was an easy process to get our Police Checks and we arranged meetings with the three homeowners and were successful.

We started to document the assignments that we had applied for, which company we used and  the status  of each application.   We would like to share this information with you, hoping that it will assist you if you are keen to try house sitting as a way of travelling around the world, looking after pets and their owners home and living like a local at the same time reducing your travel costs.

House Sitting SitesConfirmed House Sitting AssignmentsNumber of House Sitting Assignments Applied ForNumber of House sitting assignments received no reply backHomeowners that contacted us directlyRejected
Trusted House Sitters6552
Aussie House Sittters6103141
Happy Housesitters11
Housesitters World11

Throughout the year we have added several other house sitting sites to our portfolio:

Australian Sites:




Global Sites:






House Sitting Academy:






  • Al says:

    Awesome tracking guys. Interesting how half you never hear back from, same with us…however, you land half the sits you apply for, that’s a great percentage!

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