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Walking Tour of Hoi An Ancient Town Vietnam 2023

Are you looking for things to do in Hoi An? How about a walking tour of Hoi An to learn more about this interesting colourful and vibrant city? Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the prettiest Vietnamese towns that we visited during our 3 months of Vietnam travel. If you are planning a visit you will need to allow at least 3 – 5 nights to make the most of this...

Buenos Aires Free Walking Tour

Free Walking Tour Buenos Aires

Are you planning to take a Free Walking Tour in Buenos Aires? How do you choose the right one for you, what will you get to see and do? Is it worth my time? They are all great questions. We read the reviews of the companies and research what you can see and do in those couples of hours.  We have undertaken many free walking tours over the years and have thoroughly...