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12 Best Things To Do in Queenstown New Zealand

Best Things to Do in Queenstown is a guest article written for us by Kiwi Delilah Hart from Our Travel Mix. Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand is a breath-taking destination to visit. New Zealand is scenic at the best of times but Queenstown is spectacular. Known as the Land of the Long White Cloud New Zealand should be high on everyone’s bucket list...

A Unique Retreat in a Tiny House

Are you looking for something unique and different to stay in for your next getaway that is not a traditional hotel or an apartment? Is a complete breakaway from the hustle and bustle of city life and a retreat back to nature high on your wish list? If you live in Victoria or NSW in Australia or are planning to visit in the near future a remote getaway in a tiny...

What To Do in Mudgee NSW

Are you planning a staycation in the country? Mudgee is the perfect getaway whether you are planning 1 night or even more. Mudgee Australia is in the state of New South Wales and is just a 4-hour drive away from Sydney.  A perfect location for your staycation or if you are an overseas visitor a great way to experience the Australian countryside and one of the best...

Top Places to travel too

Travel Bloggers Top Travel Places in the World To Visit

When you start researching your best places in the world to visit, where do you start?  Are you looking for the most beautiful places in the world to visit? Or are you looking for fun places to go or the best vacation spots in the country, city or on an island? We reached out to 50 international Travel Bloggers to ask for their recommendations on where the best...

Best Happy Hour Bars in The World

One of our favourite things to do when we arrive in a new city or town is to find where the Best Happy Hour Bars are. We want to find where the locals ‘hang out’. We want to try unique and different cocktails and the local beer. We asked fellow travel bloggers to share with us their favourite Happy Hours Bars in the World. We have such an exciting array...

Brit's Guide to Australia

Baby Boomer Travels – A Brit’s Guide to Australia

When choosing a travel destination, it’s all too easy to stick to the same old well-trodden paths. Sure, Spain’s Mediterranean beaches are a wonder in their own right, as are America’s Californian coastlines. Next time you’re thinking about where to visit, though, why not consider a trip to Australia? Australia travel is on the rise, it is...

5 Reasons to Visit Manly on a Sunday

  There are more than 5 reasons to visit Manly Australia on a Sunday Thinking of visiting Manly? Manly, on a Sunday or any day of the year, is one of Sydney’s top destinations. You probably have heard of Manly Beach? But there is more to Manly than just its beaches. Beaches close to Manly such as Freshwater and Shelly offer so much as well for the tourist...

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