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You Must Visit The Sormland Region of Sweden

Why You Should Visit Sweden’s Sormland Region

We set ourselves a travel challenge whilst visiting Sweden’s Sormland region. Could it be more beautiful or outstanding than Sweden’s Roslagen region where we spent a night and two days the week before? Could it also be a region that would win the hearts of  the “Young At Heart” traveller? (Editor Update 2020) This post may contain affiliate...

Visit Stockholm

Why Baby Boomers Should Visit Stockholm

Why Baby Boomers should visit Stockholm? Have you ever wondered what it is like to visit Stockholm? After our visit, we were asked so many questions from our community.  When was the best time to travel? Is it all Abba (yes, we even got that one). How did you cope with the many hours of daylight? Was it expensive? Is it safe to travel around? Stockholm Sweden is not...

Stockholm’s Archipelago & Military History, Sweden

A private island, a tour of the Stockholm’s Archipelago, a visit to Sweden’s military fortifications and to a quaint Swedish town and of course not to mention excellent cuisine was how we were going to spend the next 2 days. Who would not be excited to be a part of a group visiting Stockholm’s Archipelago and to learn about the Military History of...

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