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"Age is no barrier when it comes to travel"

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About Us

Hi, we’re Jane and Duncan!

Baby Boomers from Australia wishing to inspire fellow travellers.

Our lives have been thrown into turmoil by COVID 19. Our families have been separated and travel has been put on hold for an indefinite period.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones during this period.  We hope that you understand that we will still be creating content for our website.  We believe that we should still write for our readers and that we are here to inspire you and assist you in planning for future adventures.  We are still travel planning and researching for those destinations on our travel bucket list.  When we are free and able to travel again we are not sure what travelling will look like.  Will travel ever return to the 'norm' that we were used to? What will air travel be like? What about travel insurance? We plan to keep you up to date about the future of travel.

In the meantime, stay safe, our thoughts are with you all and we thank you for supporting us during this time.

We hope you enjoy the new design of our website.  We have made it easier for you to search for travel inspirations for your bucket list.

Try our new map out - click on the country that you are interested in travelling to for our latest articles and guides. Our new search buttons make it easier for you to search for articles, guides and our travel tips and tricks.

If you have any questions please reach out to us. Please share our articles with your family and friends as well.

We travel to the beat of two mantras..

“Age is no barrier when it comes to travel” and “Chase time not money”.

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