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Things To Do in Hurghada as a Solo Traveller in 2024

Hurghada is an incredible location to visit in Egypt especially if you’re looking for some relaxation, water activities and plenty of exploration.

If you’re a solo traveller then Hurghada is an Egyptian destination that you should have close to the top of your list. Even though Egypt is often highlighted that it may be unsafe for solo travellers, that is far from the truth when it comes to visiting Hurghada.

As it is quite a tourist hotspot, you will find a lot of other travellers flock to Hurghada every year to enjoy a relaxing break away before heading back to the 9-5 life.

Even though it is quite a touristy destination, this is what makes it really ideal for solo travellers especially if you’re still quite new to travelling alone.

Hurghada Coast
Hurghada Coast

In this guide, you will find tips and advice on things to do in Hurghada as a solo traveller and where to stay for solo travellers.

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Things to do in Hurghada as a Solo Traveller

Is Hurghada Safe for Solo Travellers?

Despite Egypt having a reputation for being unsafe for solo travellers, that is not strictly true at all, especially when it comes to visiting Hurghada.

Just like any destination you’re visiting, there are some precautions you need to take and safety advice that you need to consider. The crime rate in Hurghada is very low so you shouldn’t experience many problems but it is always good to be cautious.

Generally speaking, Hurghada is safe for travellers but you need to keep in mind general travel safety advice. You can find some different safety advice tips below to make your trip to Hurghada as a solo traveller even smoother.

Hurghada Marina at dusk
Hurghada Marina at dusk

1. Watch out for pickpockets
No matter where you’re travelling, even if it is around your home country, you always need to keep an eye out for pickpockets. Unfortunately, with the world we live in, there are pickpockets everywhere so you don’t want to give them the opportunity to steal from you.

There are some ways that you can prevent pickpockets such as wearing a money belt under your clothing to hide your cash and valuables. Using a moneybelt makes it much harder for people to get to your items so you’re less likely to be pickpocketed. You can also consider investing in some pickpocket proof clothing that have secret pockets for this very reason.

Whenever you’re travelling, whether it is within Hurghada or elsewhere in the world, keep an eye on your valuables and who is around you at all times.

2. Keep your drink safe
Unfortunately, drink spiking is still a very common thing whilst you’re travelling and this is especially true for solo female travellers.
Whilst drink spiking in Hurghada is quite rare, you never know who might be around you. Whether you’re male or female, keep an eye on your drinks at all times and never leave it unattended.

If you’re going to the bathroom then it is best to finish your drink and then order a new one when you come back. There are also different drink spiking checkers that you can order from Amazon to test or protect your drink too.

3. Alcohol is stronger
You will find that the alcohol is a bit stronger across Egypt so you may need to reassess your alcohol limits. If you’re planning to drink alcohol and enjoy some of the bars around Hurghada then prepare yourself that it may be stronger than what you’re used to.

Some people have found that even just having 1 drink in Egypt that they’ve had hangover symptoms the following day so always keep this in mind when drinking alcohol.

Remember that drinking in public in Egypt is illegal so if you’re wanting to enjoy a drink, it needs to be at your hotel or a bar.

Wandering Hurghada
Wandering Hurghada

4. Avoid walking around late at night
Even though walking around Hurghada at night is quite safe, it is always worth taking precautions especially if you’re a female solo traveller.

You will feel quite safe and at ease walking around Hurghada whether it is night or day but as a solo traveller, we recommend protecting yourself as much as possible and avoid any situations that may make you vulnerable.

There are some hostels around Hurghada so if you’re choosing to stay in a hostel, it may be worth making some friends and if you want to go out during the evening then you can go together.

You shouldn’t have any trouble wandering Hurghada when it’s dark as it is such a touristy spot but if you’re an anxious traveller then you may feel more comfortable being around other travellers late at night.

5. Watch out for tourist scams
Similar to a lot of destinations, Hurghada can have some trouble with tourist scams. You may find that there are locals within the street trying to get you to purchase items by placing things like bracelets on your wrist and demanding payment.

It is quite rare that this happens but it is worth keeping an eye out for these type of scams. If this happens to you then give back the item and walk away without engaging.

Another tourist scam that can happen is trying to overcharge you for items, tours and excursions. Make sure that you know the exchange rate before visiting Hurghada so that you know exactly what you’re paying and don’t be afraid to haggle for a reasonable price.

Hurghada's markets
Hurghada’s markets

This can happen as well when local market vendors will try to convince you that certain items are designer when they are in fact a copy. Be aware of this and if you’re thinking of purchasing an item like this then ensure that you check to see whether it is actually real or a fake.

Places to Stay in Hurghada for Solo Travellers

As a solo traveller, you may want to stay in a hostel so that you can meet new people and they are also very affordable to stay in. There are only a few hostels within Hurghada so your choice is very limited.

Below you will find a recommendation for a hostel that is a very good option for solo travellers in Hurghada. Alternatively, if you’re looking to have a relaxing luxury breakaway and live your best solo travel life then there is a recommendation for an all-inclusive hotel too.

Marina Square Hostel

If you’re looking for a sociable experience whilst you’re in Hurghada then Marina Square Hostel is one of the best choices for you.

There are private rooms as well as dorms available for travellers so if you prefer a bit more privacy, you also have that option. The rooms are very affordable as well so even if you’re travelling on a budget, this is a great choice.

With communal rooms which are great for making friends, walking tours and airport shuttle services, you will find Marina Square Hostel is made for solo travellers.

Book here for Marina Square Hostel

Labranda Royal Makadi

This is one of the best hotels in Makadi Bay if you’re solo travelling but want to enjoy some luxury, relaxation and recharge.

Whilst this is not the cheapest option for solo travellers, you will find that everything you need is right there for you. With it’s own private beach, nightclub, spa facilities and spacious king-size rooms, you will be in heaven.

There are also regular activities and the hotel offers all-inclusive so you won’t need to worry about paying for anything other than any day tours that you would like to go on.

Book here for Labranda Royal Makadi

Click here for affordable accommodations for every budget in Hurghada

Things to do Alone in Hurghada

Now onto the good bit, the best things to do alone in Hurghada for solo travellers. Hurghada is a really diverse place to visit with plenty of activities and excursion options.

Even if you’re travelling on a budget, you will find that the activities around Hurghada are really affordable for solo travellers too. You can book a lot of them in advance using Viator or Get Your Guide and then you know you’re getting an accurate price and you won’t need to do any haggling either.

1. Diving
Scuba diving is one of the best things that you can do from Hurghada. Diving in the Red Sea is truly a bucket list experience and one that you need to tick off.

If you’ve never been diving before then there are plenty of tours from Hurghada where you can learn to dive and get your PADI certification.

However, if you already have your PADI diving certification then this opens up a lot of doors for you. One of the best parts about diving from Hurghada is that there are also shipwreck diving options available which is a really unique experience too.

No matter what your diving experience is, there are plenty of excursions available from Hurghada for you.

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2. Visit Paradise Island

Paradise Island
Paradise Island

Even as a solo traveller, one of the best things to do is take a day trip from Hurghada to Paradise Island. If you’re sitting on the fence as to whether you should visit Paradise Island then take this as your sign to go!

Most of the day tours to Paradise Island will include snorkelling and lunch as well so it is a really great day out. Also, for any other bloggers or Instagram addicts then this is the best place to get some incredible snaps for the gram.

Paradise Island is filled with different props for you to take photos of whilst you’re visiting. Even if Instagram is not your thing, it is still worth visiting to be on one of the most beautiful islands.

There is a restaurant on the island which serves incredible food and cocktails, plenty of parasols with beanbags to relax on and even a shisha corner. This is a really good fun day trip that you need to go on and if you meet other travellers at your accommodation, this is something that you can do together.

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3. Explore the Beaches

Golden Beach
Golden Beach

One of the best parts of visiting Hurghada is taking some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful Egyptian heat. Most of the year, you will get some incredible weather so there are lots of different best times to visit Hurghada.

If you enjoy hotter temperatures then the best thing to do is spend some time for yourself relaxing on one of the incredible beaches in Hurghada.

Some of the best beaches in Hurghada include Shellghada Beach, Old Vic Beach and Merritt Beach. Depending on where you choose to stay in Hurghada, you may also find that your hotel has a private beach too so it’s worth researching before you visit Hurghada!

4. Visit Hurghada Museum
This is one of the best things to do alone in Hurghada because it truly is a solo activity. Wander around the Hurghada Museum and learn more about the 2,000+ artefacts that teach you more about the history of Egypt and Hurghada itself.

If you’re visiting Egypt then a main highlight is to learn more about the incredible Egyptian history. Even though Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh are the main places to visit and learn more about Egyptian history, there are so many hidden gems like the Hurgahda Museum in other areas that a lot of tourists tend to miss.

To enter the museum, it will only cost you 200EGP which is approximately £3.40 / $4.30. This is also a really affordable thing to do within Hurghada and you can spend an hour or two marveling at Egyptian history.

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5. El Mina Mosque

El Mina Mosque
El Mina Mosque

To understand and get closer to Egyptian culture, take a visit to El Mina Mosque which is a very important building for locals within Hurghada.

This mosque is truly incredible and that is just the exterior, nevermind the interior. Before you visit the mosque, make sure that you check the times that it is open to the public and you’re not visiting during mass times.

When you’re visiting the mosque, ensure that you’re respectful at all times and dress appropriately. You will not be able to enter the mosque unless you are dressed appropriately.

Women need to cover their hair, shoulders and knees and no one is allowed to wear shoes within the mosque. If you do not have appropriate clothing then you will be able to borrow some from El Mina who have a supply of dresses that tourists can borrow.

This is an incredible experience and if you want to learn more about the details of the church then there are lots of different tours that take you to the mosque and also other areas within Hurghada.

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6. Desert Quad Biking Safari
Head into the desert of Hurghada for a very unique solo experience. You can join a small group tour where you can quad bike in the desert.

This is an epic adventure and you will be taken around the desert and get to meet the sand people too. You’ll get to learn more about the Bedouin village and their customs as well as share some Egyptian tea with them.

Camel riding
Camel riding

If you choose to do so, you will also have the opportunity to ride a camel in the desert. Not only will you get to experience incredible views of the desert when you’re on the quad bike safari but you will also get to learn about a new culture too.

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7. Wander down Hurghada Marina

Marina at Hurghada
Marina at Hurghada

The marina in Hurghada is absolutely stunning and something that you can’t miss when exploring Hurghada.

This is especially beautiful to see in the evening when the lights of Hurghada City reflect off the water and you can see some of the beautiful boats in the marina.

Wander down the marina and take in the views, you may even want to stop off somewhere for a drink and some food to soak in the views even further.

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8. Day tour to Cairo, Luxor or both
If it’s your first time visiting Hurghada then it is worth considering doing a day trip to Cairo or Luxor to visit some of the best sights in Egypt.

These tours aren’t the cheapest things to do in Hurghada for solo travellers but they are still very affordable considering everything that is included.

Depending on your budget, you may decide to opt to go to both Cairo and Luxor and have a full Egyptian experience seeing the pyramids and the Valley of Kings.

The perks of doing this from Hurghada is that Cairo and Luxor are very touristy and can attract a little bit of trouble. You will have the benefit of staying in a beautiful place like Hurghada but still get to see some of the main sights within Egypt on a guided tour.

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9. Snorkelling Trips

Snorkelling at Hurghada
Snorkelling at Hurghada

Lastly, before you leave Hurghada, you will want to go out on a snorkelling trip. Often if you’re planning to visit Paradise Island or Orange Bay then snorkelling is one of the activities included during this excursion.

Get to see some of the beautiful marine animals that inhabit the Red Sea such as turtles, rays, barracudas and so much more.

This is a really fun day out whether you’re going on a tour or decide to take some of your snorkelling equipment to the beach with you. However, as a solo traveller, it can be a bit difficult to ensure that your items are safe on the beach whilst you’re snorkelling so a day tour might be the best option for you.

No matter what you decide, snorkelling in the Red Sea is an epic adventure and you never know what fish you may see while you’re at it!

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Exploring Hurghada as a Solo Traveller

Even though most people seem to think that Egypt is not a good destination for solo travellers, it has a bit of an unfair reputation.

Hurghada is a very safe destination for solo travellers with a very low crime rate. There are also lots of different accommodation options for solo travellers too.

When you’re visiting Hurghada, if you only have a limited amount of time then you absolutely cannot miss visiting Paradise Island, quad biking in the desert and visiting El Mina mosque.

These are amazing experiences to enjoy and some of the best things to do alone in Hurghada that you can’t miss. Even if you choose to spend your time mostly relaxing in Hurghada, it is a beautiful Egyptian destination and a great place for solo travellers.

Bio: Amy & Liam are the two halves that make up Plain2Plane; a travel blog inspiring couples to escape the 9-5 routine and explore more on a budget. Travelling doesn’t need to be expensive and couples should be able to experience more from life with plenty of adventures, romance and with money left in their pocket.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on things to do in Hurghada as a solo traveller.

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General Travel Information for Visiting Hurghada

Hurghada Airport is 8 km away from the centre.

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Things to do in Hurghada as a solo traveller


Things to do in Hurghada as a solo traveller



Things to do in Hurghada as a solo traveller




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