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GPSMyCity App Giveaway for 2024 – Be Quick 10 Available

GPSMyCity App Giveaway for 2024

Our exciting New Year Giveaway – 10 Premium Memberships to use with the GPSmyCity app on up to two devices, without paying, for a whole calendar year.

As full-time travellers, travel apps are a must for us. They make our lives a lot easier when on the road from travel budget apps, and trip planning apps to banking apps but one of our favourites is the GPSMyCity App.

Over the past several years we have partnered with GPSMyCity who take our articles and turn them into GPS-enabled walking tours. We have over 70 articles available to be downloaded through GPSMyCity covering Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and more.


Australia – Best Things To Do in Broome

Belgium – How to spend a weekend in Bruges

Vietnam – A weekend in Hanoi

Chile – Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar


Have you ever read an article on a city destination or of a walking tour and would love to be able to replicate and walk the same route, visiting the same places but wondered how best you could do it? Paper maps can be cumbersome and Wifi can also be up and down this is where GPSMyCity comes into play.

With our article downloaded, you can wander at your own pace and in today’s COVID19 situation, you can take your health and safety into your own hands and more importantly, you can self-distance.

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Our GPSMyCity Travel Articles App Giveaway

Each year we work with GPSMyCity and offer our readers a giveaway.

From Monday, January 15th  you can access our free giveaway where GPSmyCity will offer you a one-year premium membership of GPSmyCity allowing FREE access to all the guides and articles therein present.

  1.  You have to quote our claim code which is 24990115
  2. To claim this one-year premium membership, you will have to download the GPSmyCity app here at http://www.gpsmycity.com.  Then proceed to the Account screen to register the GPSmyCity user account, and then go to the More screen and Feedback to send them an email which will include the claim code from the app.
After GPSmyCity receives your email, they will enable premium membership on your user’s account for their enjoyment.
Be quick there are only 10 available.

What is GPSMyCity?

Can you imagine having this app on your phone that gives you access to travel articles for over 1,500 cities worldwide? You are now your tour guide, setting your own pace, stopping where you want to and for longer periods. You won’t even have to rely on local WiFi as you have downloaded the article before you head off to explore.

Each city walk gives you a detailed route on an offline map. You can find hidden gems only locals know about, you can visit local markets, wander back streets and uncover local attractions, places of culture and more. You can enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine in bars and cafes that are off the beaten tourist paths. There are over 6,500 walks available worldwide.

Highlights of the App: 

* Self-guided walking tours guide you to discover destinations on your own.

* Thousands of travel articles make planning a trip easy.

* Detailed offline city maps.

* Ability to create your walking tour to visit the attractions that interest you.

* All walking tours come with detailed walking tour maps.

* Create a self-guided walk to visit the attractions featured in the travel article.

* The “FindMe” feature displays your exact location plus the Auto Tracking feature displays your movement on the map, so you always know if you are moving in the right direction.

* Get the Route function to dynamically create a walking route from your current location to a selected attraction.

What is the cost of the App?

The App is free to download.  You can then download each article that you want and have access to it when you do not have a WiFi connection for a small fee of $1.99 which includes GPS tracking.

GPSMyCity is the perfect app for your next travel adventure.  We hope you enjoy our GPSMyCity Travel Articles App Giveaway.
GPSMyCity App Giveaway

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