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How To Enjoy The Best 4 Days Hanoi Itinerary

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and a blend of the old and new. You will never find a combination of culture and modernity as fantastic as in Hanoi. It has over a thousand years of history and stands close to the Red River. This city has beauty everywhere, including the noisy streets, serene parks, and magnificent lakes.

You should include Hanoi in your Southeast Asia itinerary, especially if you plan to wander this side of the globe for 1 month or longer; in this case, this 1-month itinerary should help if you plan on including Thailand, too, in addition to Vietnam.

Hanoi street life
Hanoi street life

Hanoi has many exciting things, like old buildings, busy markets, and tasty food. On the same day, you can explore quiet places like the Temple of Literature and busy places like the Old Quarter.

This 4-day Hanoi itinerary aims to show you the best of this beautiful city while taking you through its heart. It skips crowded spots like Halong Bay and Sapa to get a more authentic feel for Hanoi.

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Day 1 of 4-days in Hanoi itinerary: Dive into History


Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Hanoi
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Hanoi

Start your 4-day itinerary in Hanoi with a visit to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. This is an essential site where you can pay respects to Vietnam’s revered revolutionary leader. This solemn monument tells a necessary story about the country’s fight for freedom.

Take a short walk from here and have a closer look at the National Palace and, next to it, the One Pillar Pagoda, one of the most important icons of Hanoi, that symbolizes the lotus flower with its Buddhist meanings.


Temple of Literature
Temple of Literature

Next, head to the Temple of Literature, founded in 1070. It is Vietnam’s first university and a prime example of traditional Vietnamese architecture dedicated to Confucius. Wander through its five courtyards and soak up the volumes of knowledge at different spots around the courtyards. Expect to see the Stelae of Doctors on your way, honouring its medical school graduates.

Stopping for lunch at one of the Vietnamese restaurants around can give you a completely different experience with Vietnamese food. You can also try the super delicious Bún chả, pork noodle soup while soaking in the city’s local life.

Try visiting the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in the afternoon for more insight into Vietnam’s diversified cultures. This museum has a large exhibition of the 54 major ethnic groups in the country. You can get an in-depth view of the ethnic groups through artefacts, traditional houses, and regular cultural performances.


Hoen Kiem Lake at Sunset
Hoan Kiem Lake at Sunset

Finish your day with a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake, which is especially enchanting at sunset.

The serene waters, the Turtle Tower, and the red-painted Huc Bridge leading to Ngoc Son Temple offer a perfect backdrop for reflective moments or capturing stunning photographs.

Day 2 of 4-day Hanoi itinerary: Cultural Immersion

Quan Thanh Temple
Quan Thanh Temple


A morning walk through the Old Quarter is a great way to learn about Hanoi’s culture. This maze of 36 streets contains different sounds, sights, and smells. Each street is named after a traditional good that was sold there.

It’s a great spot to watch the city go by while feasting on some Pho or Egg Coffee, a traditional Vietnamese street food.

If you would like to learn more about each city, compare its rich fabric with the cultures of other Southeast Asian cities. A 7 day Phuket itinerary can give you new ideas for future trips in Southeast Asia and help you learn more about the different cultures in the area.


The Hanoi Opera House is the highlight of the day. As the Palais Garnier inspires it in Paris, it is an outstanding monument of the French colonial heritage, which keeps testimony of it. Watch a live show here to make the most of Vietnam’s vibrant arts and culture.

After lunch, you can explore the Museum of Hanoi or take a traditional Vietnamese cooking class to learn more about the region’s culinary arts.


Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre
Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

As dusk falls, prepare for a singular experience at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, where traditional tales are presented using water puppetry.

The busy streets of Hanoi and its rich cultural history make for a fantastic trip. They show off the city’s spirit and beauty, which will last forever. To get the most out of your trip, you should consider the weather and events in the area, especially if you are travelling in June.

Day 3 of 4-day Hanoi itinerary: Art and Lifestyle

Tran Quoc Pagoda
Tran Quoc Pagoda


On day 3, we focus on Hanoi’s art scene and the serenity of city life. At the National Museum of Fine Arts, take a journey through the timeline of Vietnamese art, from ancient sculptures to modern paintings. It’s a mark of the country’s dynamic artistic progress and durability.

Next, head to the Hanoi Social Club, a local and travellers’ hot spot known for its delicious organic food and live music in a cosy, bohemian atmosphere. It conveys precisely Hanoi’s contemporary artistic characteristics.


Check out our YouTube video here:

Hanoi Train Street

After lunch, experience the thrill of Train Street, where local life buzzes inches away from passing trains. This narrow residential street has become famous for the close-up views of daily trains, offering a unique photographic opportunity.

The streets of Hanoi showcase how unique Vietnam is, and spending some time watching people pass by is an exciting thing to do as well!

Tran Quoc Temple
Tran Quoc Temple


West Lake, Hanoi’s biggest lake, is a great place to relax for the rest of the day. There are temples, gardens, and cafes all around the lake. Locals and tourists love going there to escape the noise and chaos of the city.

Day 4 of 4-day Hanoi itinerary: Relax and De-stress


Spend your last day having breakfast in the Old Quarter while you relax and enjoy the crisp morning air. There are various food stands in the busy streets of the Old Quarter where you can try natural local treats. Do not miss the chance to try Bánh Mì, a Vietnamese sandwich filled with textures and flavours.

Take a trip to the Lotus Water Puppet Theatre for an insightful water puppet performance that is conveniently set up and allows you to glimpse the local art scene.


In the afternoon, go to the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site that tells of Hanoi’s thousand-year history. Its constructions and artefacts show stages of Vietnam’s military and cultural heritage.


St Josephs Cathedral
St Josephs Cathedral

Before you leave, be sure to see St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi. The building is beautiful and perfect for a wander. It’s right in the middle of the city, and because numerous places are nearby, it’s ideal for the last meal of your four-day Hanoi itinerary.

Where to Stay in Hanoi – 4-day Hanoi itinerary

Hanoi provides comfort, convenience, and a touch of local charm. It has a vast selection of beautiful hotels and stays.

Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa—This beautiful hotel is located in the Old Quarter. It has nice rooms, a gym, and a bar on the roof with a city view.

The Oriental Jade Hotel—This hotel is just a few steps away from Hoan Kiem Lake. It has elegant decor, a nice pool, and excellent service.

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How to get to Hanoi?

Noi Bai International Airport is the main airport in Vietnam, where most people fly to Hanoi. Many airlines fly to Noi Bai from Singapore, Hong Kong, and other close travel hubs.

A private driver who knows the area well will make your time in Hanoi more fun. Private cars are a hit with tourists since they’re handy for exploring Hanoi.

Many people also rent bikes, take taxis, or walk around.

The airport is roughly 30 km from the city’s heart. To reach there, you can take a bus or a taxi, which costs approximately $2 for the bus ride and $13 for a taxi. You can organise a private transfer too!

Are you travelling overland? Buses journeying from countries like Laos, Cambodia, and China offer an exciting and scenic trip straight to Hanoi. Taking domestic buses, trains, or motorbikes lets you see more of Vietnam’s different areas on your way to the city’s lively heart.

Taking the train? The Reunification Express train goes from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. As you travel, it offers fantastic views of Vietnam’s beaches, mountains, and farmland. If you choose a sleeper train, you can relax more on the trip and feel better when you get to Hanoi.

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Valuable Tips for 4-Day Hanoi Itinerary


  • Getting around Hanoi is an adventure. Don’t be afraid to use apps to help you navigate the maze-like streets. Take public transportation to get to know the city.
  • Knowing how people do things in the area can significantly help you. Whether it’s just saying “Xin chào” (hello) or knowing how to eat right, learning Vietnamese manners and habits will help you get along better with Vietnamese people.
  • Hanoi has many events and holidays. Planning your trip around these events and seeing how people enjoy them can help you learn more about the culture.

With its timeless charm, Hanoi invites tourists to learn about its past, enjoy its delicious food, and enjoy the lively streets. Not only does it capture the heart, but it also feeds the soul, and its many wonders promise an unforgettable trip.


I hope you have enjoyed our guest article on visiting Hanoi in 4 days. Our guest author is Lavina a South Asian journalist and the founder of ContinentHop.com which strives to inspire professionals to invest in immersive travel. In addition to being a content creator, she is also an international speaker and loves sunny locations around the world!

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4 day Hanoi itinerary


4 day Hanoi itinerary







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