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Best Places to Visit in Patagonia [updated 2024]

Patagonia, the vast and mesmerizing region shared by Argentina and Chile, is a dream destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. With its dramatic landscapes of towering mountains, crystal-clear lakes, sprawling glaciers, and untamed wilderness, Patagonia offers an unparalleled experience in South America.

Whether you are an avid hiker looking to conquer challenging trails or simply yearning to immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of nature, this article will guide you through some of the best places to visit in Patagonia. From the iconic peaks of Torres del Paine National Park to the remote beauty of Tierra del Fuego, get ready to embark on a journey that will leave you awe-inspired at every turn.

It is not a challenging region from a traveller’s point of view, but you do need to allow time to travel the distance. The best way to travel? By bus, it is convenient and comfortable and takes the hassle out of travelling by rental car through the different regions of Argentina and Chile.

Our journey took us from the bottom of the world Ushuaia in Argentina to Santiago in Chile, an adventure of 23 nights/24 days.  Did we rush it? No!  Could we have added more to it, yes of course? If you have the time plan to do it in at least 6 weeks. Travelling in Patagonia should not be rushed.

3 Glacier Tour
3 Glacier Tour

A land of stunning landscapes, lakes, fjords, glaciers, the Andes Mountains and more. Its beauty astounds all that travels through the region.

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We highly recommend that you take our travel insurance when you travel. The best time to take out travel insurance is when you book flights and hotels and pay for deposits on cruises and tours.


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Our Itinerary:

Where to stay in Patagonia and what type of accommodation did we use? All our accommodation was booked in a double room with an ensuite bathroom.

How did we travel around Patagonia?  All our travel was by bus.

These are the towns in Patagonia that we visited:

Ushuaia Argentina – 3 nights 

(Unfortunately, our accommodation in Ushuaia has closed down due to Covid)

Punta Arenas Chile  – 2 nights

Ushuaia to Punta Arenas Journey time 11 – 12 hours by bus with a short ferry crossing over the Magellan Straits. A border crossing is involved.

Accommodation: Hostal Torres del Paine

Puerto Natales Chile  – 3 Nights

Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales by bus. Journey time 3 hours by bus.

Accommodation: Nikos II Adventure

El Calafate Argentina – 4 nights

Puerto Natales to El Calafate by bus. Journey time  6 hours by bus. A border crossing is involved.

Accommodation Las Cabinitas

El Chalten Argentina – 3 nights

El Calafate to El Chalten by bus. Journey time 3 hours by bus.

Accommodation Hosteria Los Nires

Los Antiguos Santa Cruz Argentina – 1 night

El Chalten to Los Antiguos by bus. Journey time 7 hours by bus.

Accommodation: Lau Fer Apartments

Bariloche Argentina – 5 nights 

Los Antiguos to Bariloche by bus. Journey time 12 hours by bus.

Accommodation: Bekhana Hostel

Osorno Chile 2 nights

Bariloche to Osorno by bus. Journey time 3 hours by bus. A border crossing is involved.

Accommodation Hostel Chaman 

Santiago Chile  3 nights

Osorno to Santiago by bus. Journey time 11.30 minutes.

Travel Place Andino

Location of Patagonia

Patagonia is located in South America in the southern region.  Both Argentina and Chile govern the region although Chile owns around 10% and Argentina 90%.

The Pacific Ocean lies on the West side of the landmass and the Atlantic lies to the East. To the South lies the Drake Passage, the Beagle Channel and the Straits of Magellan.

Come and travel with us as we show you some exciting Patagonia destinations.

Argentina –  Ushuaia

Ushuaia Sign
The Ushuaia Sign


Check out our Ushuaia City Vibe Video

Youtube video on a walk through Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the southernmost city of Argentina Patagonia and the southernmost city in the world.  We arrived in Ushuaia from Antarctica tackling the ‘drake shake’ – the notorious Drake Passage after being at sea for 2 weeks from Montevideo in Uruguay. Ushuaia is the capital of Tierra del Fuego. Ushuaia is a busy port town and relies heavily on tourism.

Ushuaia is nestled in between the snowcapped Patagonia mountains of Tierra del Fuego.

Map of Ushuaia

Map of Ushuaia
Ushuaia Map

Top Things to Do in Ushuaia

Hike to Laguna Esmeralda – top sight in Patagonia

Laguna Esmeralda
Hike to Laguna Esmeralda


Check out our Photo Journal of our Hike to Laguna Esmeralda

Hike to Laguna Esmeralda - photo journal

A 2-hour hike in each direction from Ushuaia.  A shuttle bus can be organised, or you can organise a taxi. The shuttle bus is the cheaper option at ARS600 – USD10.00 per person.

The starting point is 20 minutes northeast of Ushuaia.

Distance: 9.7km

Maximum elevation gain: 158m

Intermediate trek – can be challenging after rain. We would recommend boots or sturdy shoes as the trail can be muddy and the peat bog is hard to traverse after rain. You may be able to see a lot of beaver activity, although on the day we did not see them but we did see a fox run closely past us.

As you arrive at the Lake the Ojos del Albino glacier is in full view and it is stunning.  It can be windy and cold on the hike. We completed it in November and it was freezing.

Private Tour to Laguna Esmeralda


Enjoy the Street Art of Ushuaia

Street art of Ushuaia
Wander the streets and admire the street art of Ushuaia


Visit the Naval Museum

Naval Museum of Ushuaia
Naval Museum

Address: Conscripto Bernardi 120, 9410, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Originally the Museum was the Recidivist Prison which closed down in 1947 and in 1997 was declared as a Historical Monument.

More things to do in Ushuaia


Hotels In Ushuaia Argentina

Ushuaia has a range of accommodations from apartments, bed and breakfasts to hotels to suit all traveller’s budgets.


For more accommodation in Ushuaia:


Where to Eat in Ushuaia

Bar Ideal Ushuaia
Bar Ideal

We ate at Bar Ideal, apparently one of the oldest bars/restaurants in Ushuaia.  Quite a lot of the reviews were negative but on our lunchtime visit the service was good, the beer cold and food ok.

For a list of the top restaurants in Ushuaia with reviews click here

Chile – Punta Arenas

Transport to Punta Arenas

2nd stop on our travel in Patagonia

Bus Sur transport from Ushuaia to Puntas Arenas
Bus-Sur from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas

We travelled with Bus-Sur from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas. Bus travel is comfortable in Patagonia. Our recommendation is to book in advance, particularly in the summer months as it is the busy tourist season.

The journey takes between 10 – 12 hours depending on the time spent at the border crossing.  There is a small ferry crossing across the Magellan Strait.

Book your tickets here

Check out our Punta Arenas Youtube Video here

Youtube Punta Arenas video

What To Do in Punta Arenas

Cementerio Municipal

Municipal Cemetery of Punta Arenas
Visit the impressive Cementerio Municipal

Our first impression when we visited was how like the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires it was.  The impressive mausoleums of the wealthy families in Punta Arenas certainly impress those who visit.

There are three entrances: the main entrance is on Bulnes Avenue, and two other entrances are in Francisco Bilbao and Angamos streets spread over 4 hectares. CNN has stated it is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.

Address: Avenida Bulnes 29 between the streets of Francisco Bilbao and Angamos Punta Arenas

Mirador Cerro De La Cruz

Mirador Cerro De La Cruz
Mirador Cerro De La Cruz


There are a number of steps to climb to arrive at Cerro de La Cruz but it is worth it for the view, even on an overcast day.

Plaza Munoz Gamero (aka Plaza de Armas)


Statue of Magellan in Punta Arenas Plaza Munoz Gamero
Statue of Ferdinand the Portuguese Explorer

The main square in Punta Arenas is lined with beautiful cypress and birch trees.  There is a statue of the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan which the Straits of Magellan were named after. The park is popular with the locals for exercise classes, artisan markets and colonial houses such as Palacio Sara Braun, who was the wife of a wealthy sheep farmer.

Palacio Sara Braun
Palacio Sara Braun


More Things To Do in Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas Airport

Punta Arenas Airport ( Presidente Carlos Ibanez del Campo International Airport) is located lies 20 km north of the town of Punta Arenas Airport.

Where to Stay in Punta Arenas Chile

For simple budget-priced accommodation, the Hostal Torres Del Paine is well located to see all that Punta Arenas has to offer.  Breakfast is included. Good Wi-Fi.

Address: Chiloe 1510, Punta Arenas, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena, Chile

Punta Arenas Hotels

For more hotels in Punta Arenas:



Where To Eat in Punta Arenas

Our favourite restaurant was the El Mercadito Seafood Restaurant in the market. For a cheap eat you can’t beat eating at one of the restaurants here.

Cafe Almacen Punta Arenas
Cafe Tapiz Almacen

Cafe Tapiz Almacen

Address: Julio A.Roca 912, Punta Arenas,

Opening hours: 9 am to 9 pm every day except Sunday. Excellent food and service in a cosy atmosphere.

Chile – Puerto Natales

Transport to Puerto Natales

3rd Stop on Travel in Patagonia

An easy journey with Bus Sur from Punta Arenas for the 3.15-hour travel to Puerto Natales. For the latest bus times and prices click here.

You can view our video of Puerto Natales here:

Youtube visit Puerto Natales in Chile

Map of Puerto Natales


Things to do in Puerto Natales

One of the top things to do in Puerto Natales is a day tour of Torres del Paine.  Our accommodation at Hostal Nicos II is also a travel agent and they organised the tour for us.

The bus tour includes visits to:

  • National Monument – Milodon Cave
  • Lake Sarmiento
  • Lake Nordenskjold
  • Lake Pehoe
  • Salto Grande Waterfall
  • Grey Lake

There is a fee to pay to enter the National Park – pricing currently is CLP25,000 (USD35.00) – the entrance fee must be paid in CASH.

Along the way, we encountered guanacos, foxes and an armadillo at Lake Pehoe.

The Milodon Cave was declared a National Monument in 1993 and it is located 24 km north of Puerto Natales.  For more information on the history of the cave click here.

There is an entrance fee to pay CLP8200 (USD12.00)

Some of the travellers on the bus stayed on board and did not visit but we would recommend that you should, it is worth it.

Salto Grande Torres del Paine National Park
Salto Grande part of the day tour to Torres del Paine

After Nordenskjold Lake the bus travels to Salto Grande Waterfall on the Paine River. Salto Grande means ‘large waterfall’ and it is the largest in the Torres del Paine National Park. The bus drops you at the car park and you walk the path towards the falls.  What you first notice is the power of the waterfall.  The day was very blustery and at times it was hard to stand firm against the battering winds. We would recommend wrapping up warm and ensuring you have hats and gloves and good walking shoes.  We visited in the month of November.

View of Lake Pehoe
View of the beautiful Lake Pehoe

One of the prettiest lakes in the Torres del Paine National Park is Lake Pehoe.  The lunch stop is at the campsite at Lake Pehoe with beautiful views over the lake.   Beware, don’t step on the armadillos that love to visit you whilst having your lunch which you can buy from the small shop.

On the return to Puerto Natales, you visit Grey Lake where you can walk along the shoreline.

Book Your Full Day Torres Del Paine Tour from Puerto Natales here

More Things to Do in Puerto Natales

Street art in Puerto Natales
Street art in Puerto Natales

View the street art in the town of Puerto Natales.  One of the most colourful towns with the best of the best street art.

Waterfront at Puerto Natales
Wander the foreshores of Puerto Natales

Wander along the waterfront with stunning views over the mountains in the distance.

If you are looking for a longer trek from Puerto Natales you should consider the scenic 4 night/5 day Torres Del Paine W Trek.

For longer tours and treks from Puerto Natales:


Where to stay in Puerto Natales

Hostal Nicos II Puerto Natales
Hostal Nicos II Puerto Natales

Our accommodation was at the very comfortable Hostal Nicos II. The hostal is centrally located, easy to walk to restaurants and bars in the town and the waterfront.  The hostel is popular with travellers doing many of the hikes around the area, so there is a lot of banter and tips for what to see and do. Breakfast is included as well as a transfer from the bus station. As the Hostal is also a travel agency they can assist in bookings around the area.

Address: Bernardo Philippi 528, Puerto Natales, Natales, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena

Hostal Nicos II



Where to Eat in Puerto Natales

During our stay in Puerto Natales, we ate at the very popular (bookings recommended) Mesita Grande Pizza Restaurant as well as Wild Restaurant and Bar. The Wild Restaurant and Bar has accommodation available as well.

Mesita Grande Restaurant Puerto Natales
Best pizza in town at Mesita Grande

You can read the reviews and view the latest traveller photos for Mesita Grande here.

Wild Bar & Restaurant Puerto Natales
Eat, stay and drink at the Wild Bar & restaurant

You can read the reviews and view the latest travellers photos for Wild Restaurant and Bar here.

Argentina – El Calafate

Transport to El Calafate

4th Stop on Travel in Patagonia

The journey from Puerto Natales to El Calafate is with Bus Sur taking around 5 hours.

For the latest ticket prices and bus schedules click here.

You can view our video of El Calafate here:

Youtube video El Calafate, 3 glaciers tour and Perito Moreno

Map of El Calafate


Things to do in El Calafate

Two of the popular tours are the 3 Glaciers Tour by boat and a day tour to Perito Moreno.

We booked through local tour operator Mundo Austral Tours which you will find in the main street of El Calafate at Av. Libertador 1080 1ºP El Calafate.

3 Glaciers Tour: top Patagonia attractions

3 Glacier Tour
3 Glacier Tour

After being collected from your accommodation you drive on Route 11 to Los Glaciers National Park to Puerto Punta Bandera where you will embark on a catamaran. Sailing the cold waters of Lake Argentino you head towards Upsala Glacier across the Boca del Diablo, the narrowest part of the lake. From there you sail up the Upsala and Spegazzini Channels where you can see the glaciers of Upsala and Spegazzini.

The Upsala Glacier is the largest in South America measuring 37 miles long and 230 feet high. It is 3 times as large as the Perito Moreno Glacier. The Upsala Glacier has retreated 50 sq km in less than 30 years.

We have to keep our distance as the glacier tends to collapse once or twice a month.The Spegazzini Glacier is the highest at 400 feet above sea level.

On cloudy days the blue colour of the glacier is stronger than it is on a sunny day.

Duration: 5 hours

Travel Photography tip when photographing icebergs:

The Captain informed us to force the flash when taking photos in front of icebergs as it is like taking photos with the sun in front.

Tour to Perito Moreno Glacier – boat tour and balcony walk

Perito Moreno
View of Perito Moreno – one of the famous Glaciers in Patagonia

You are collected from your accommodation for the 80 km road trip from El Calafate, to Los Glaciares National Park and the Perito Moreno glacier.

Perito Moreno is located in the heart of the Andean Patagonian forest, surrounded by ancient lenga, ñires and sour cherry trees, it is home to grey and red foxes, eagles and condors.

The 1-hour cruise takes you as close to the Perito Moreno glacier as possible.  You may be lucky to view parts of the glacier collapsing from the cruise ship or when you walk the 4 km of balconies after the cruise.

Love trekking on ice? You can enjoy the Perito Moreno Glacier Big Ice Trek too!

More Things to Do in El Calafate

If you want to ensure you have a booking before you visit El Calafate you can use the services of our partner Get Your Guide.  Their range of tours can be found below:


Where to stay in El Calafate

Los Cabanitas A Frame Accommodation
Los Cabanitas Accommodation in El Calafate

The A-framed colourful accommodation of Los Cabinatas was very comfortable.  A good breakfast was included, fast wi-fi and there was a lovely garden to relax in after a day of sightseeing.  The owners were lovely and had lots of tips for us on where to eat and what to do.

Address: Valentín Feilberg 218, El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina


Las Cabanitas El Calafe


More Places to Stay in El Calafate



Where to Eat in El Calafate

La Zorra Restaurant
La Zorra Restaurant in El Calafate

One of our firm favourites was La Zorra Taproom for local craft beers and great food.

For the latest traveller reviews and photos click here

Address: Av. del Libertador 832, Z9405 Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Other restaurants we found that were very popular with travellers:

Wana Co Restaurant El Calafate
Wana Co Restaurant

Argentina – El Chalten

Transport to El Chalten

5th Stop on Travel in Patagonia

We travelled by bus from El Calafate to El Chalten – the 3-hour journey is comfortable and cost-effective. Check prices and times here.

The town of El Chalten
The town of El Chalten from the trek to Mt Fitzroy

You can view our video of El Chalten here:

Youtube Visit El Chalten

Map of El Chalten


Things to do in El Chalten

View of Mt Fitzroy
View of Mt Fitzroy

El Chalten is the ideal base for trekking to Mt Fitzroy Patagonia and visiting the Chorillo del Salto.  Both can be done on your own, there are no costs involved. Mt Fitzroy treks are either half-day, full-day or multi-day treks. The full-day and multi-day treks are for experienced hikers.

We visited Mt Fitzroy on a half-day trek – Laguna Torre – that included Lago Capri.  The trek was 11 km and a 6 – 7 hour round trip that takes you to the foot of Cerro Torre for great views of Mt Fitzroy.

Chorrillo del Salto
Visit Chorrillo del Salto

You can visit Chorillo del Salto on its own or as part of your day visit Mt Fitzroy. The waterfall has a drop of 20m.  You can also visit my car or bicycle, it is a round journey of 8 km from the town centre.

You can view our video of our trek to Mt Fitzroy here.

Youtube Mt Fitzroy

You can view our walk to Chorrillo del Salto (waterfall) here

Youtube Visit Chorrillo del Salto

More Things to Do in El Chalten



Where to stay in El Chalten

Hosteria Los Nires Bedroom
Hosteria Los Nires

We stayed in comfortable mid-range accommodation – Hosteria Los Nires that included a good buffet breakfast.  It was an easy walk into town and to the start of the trek to Mt Fitzroy and Chorrillo del Salto. The Hostel was located 300m from the bus terminal and 500m from the Fitzroy Viewpoint.

Address: Lago del Desierto 120 El Chalten

Hosteria Los Nires


More places to stay in El Chalten




Where to Eat in El Chalten

There are plenty of places to eat in El Chalten.  You can read the latest reviews and travellers’ photographs below of our favourites:

Le Nana Pasteria El Chalten
Le Nana Pasteleria El Chalten

Cerveceria Artesanal Micro-brewery (for the best craft beer in El Chalten)

La Vineria Smokehouse (our best meal and they have a great selection of wine) Check out their video La Vineria Smokehouse

Che Empanadas (for the best empanadas, perfect to take on the trek with you)

B & B Burger Joint (for burgers)

Patagonicus (for Pizza)

La Nana Pasteleria (for the best pastries, on the way to start the trek)

Argentina – Los Antiguos

Transport to Los Antiguos

6th Stop on Travel in Patagonia

The journey from El Chalten to Bariloche is around 19 hours for a distance of 918km.  We did not really want to be on a bus for 19 hours so we broke the journey in Los Antiguos, which was a 6-hour journey from El Chalten.

Los Antiguos lies in the northwest corner of the Argentinan province of Santa Cruz in a fertile valley.  It is a small city of around 1800 people.  It is located on the shores of Lake Buenos Aires which is Patagonia’s largest lake and the 2nd largest lake in South America after Lake Titicaca.

Book here for the latest schedules and ticket prices.

Map of Los Antiguos



Things to do in Los Antiguos

Visit the Mirador – check out our Youtube video:

Youtube Los Antiguos

More Things to Do in Los Antiguos

  1.  Visit Lake Buenos Aires.
  2.  If you are visiting in January the Cherry Festival is on. Los Antiguos is the National Capital of the Cherry.
  3.  Visit the Cave of Hands which are paintings of the people that inhabited the area over 10,000 years ago. In 1999 it was declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.


Where to stay in Los Antiguos

Our accommodation was at Lau-Fer Apartamentos, which was within walking distance from the local bus station. The accommodation was comfortable with good Wi-Fi and a lovely garden to relax in. We were well located in the town to wander around and head up to the Mirador.

Address: Calle Fitz Roy 360, Los Antiguos Z9041AJH Argentina

Los Antiguos Aaccommodation

More places to stay in Los Antiguos



Where to Eat in Los Antiguos

For the top 10 restaurants in Los Antiguos as reviewed by travellers with the latest photographs

click here.

Argentina – San Carlos de Bariloche 

The best of Patagonia, our definite favourite!

Transport to Bariloche

7th Stop on Travel in Patagonia

The journey from Los Antiguos to Bariloche takes 13 hours by bus. You can check the latest schedules and ticket prices here.


Bariloche is located in the province of Rio Negro in Argentina at the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Scenic Bariloche is located in the southern area of Nahuel Huapi Lake.

Bariloche is Argentina’s answer to the chocolate box towns of Switzerland. From the minute you arrive, you feel that you have been transported back to Switzerland with its alpine-like architecture and chocolate shops. It is popular with Europeans during the winter ski season between June and August.


Come with us for a morning walk around Bariloche and view the spectacular sunsets in our short video.

Youtube Bariloche

Top Things To Do in Bariloche

Nahuel Huapi Lake Cruise to Victoria Island and the Arrayanes Forest

One of the must-sees in Patagonia.

You can view our short video of the tour here:

Isla Victoria Bariloche Youtube Video

One of the top tours from Bariloche is via the Catamaran “Cau-Cau” across Nahuel Huapi Lake to the mythical Victoria Island and the Arrayanes Forest.

The boat tour starts from Puerto Panuelo on Llao Llao Peninsula. Sailing across Nahuel Huapi Lake you can see the snow-capped peaks of the mountain range in the distance as you pass by smaller islands along the way. The journey takes 30 minutes to complete the 11 km. You arrive at Puerto Anchorena.

Victoria Island is 3710 hectares of beautiful scenery, flora and fauna. A guide takes you around parts of the island that allows visitors, to explain its history and you are shown the giant sequoias, pine trees, cypress and eucalyptus. You may be lucky to see the pudu (the smallest deer in the world), red deer, boar and many species of birds.

Back onboard the catamaran, you sail to Puerto Quetrihue to visit the Arrayanes National Park. The park is famous for its myrtle forest, where some of the trees are up to 650 years old and grow to 15 m in height.

You can book your day tour by Catamaran to Victoria Island and the Arrayanes Forest here.

Grand Circuit Tour to Villa Traful and Villa La Angostura – a must-do in Patagonia

Villa Angostura
Villa la Angostura

A day tour taking in the sights of the Limay River and its amphitheatre, panoramic views of Nahuel Huapi National Park and visiting the colourful streets of Villa Traful and Villa La Angostura. This tour boasts stunning views along the way, a great day trip from Bariloche through Patagonia country.

You can view our Youtube Video of the highlights of the Grand Circuit Tour:

Youtube Grand Circuit Tour

You can book the Grand Circuit Tour here

More Things To Do in Bariloche


Where to stay in Bariloche

We stayed at the Hostel Berkana right on the lake in Bariloche. A moderate priced accommodation, with stunning views over the lake, a great spot for sundowners in the early evening and comfortable accommodation. A few minutes walk and you were in the centre of town. You can walk from the bus stop with ease.  The owners are very helpful and will assist in recommending where to go and what to see.

Address: 480 Juan Manuel de Rosas San Carlos de Bariloche


Berkhana Hostel

More places to stay in Bariloche



Where to Eat in Bariloche Patagonia

Rapanui Cafe
Rapanui Cafe for morning or afternoon tea or lunch

Our recommendation for lunch or morning and afternoon tea is Rapanui.

Rapanui Cakes
Rapanui for cakes

For the latest top ten restaurants, reviews and photos click here

Chile – Osorno

Transport to Osorno 

8th Stop on Travel in Patagonia

Osorno was just a quick overnight stop to break the journey between Bariloche Argentina and Santiago in Chile. The journey by bus from Bariloche to Osorno takes around 6 hours. We arrived late and left early.

For the latest bus times and prices click here

Map of Osorno

Where to stay in Osorno

Hostel Chaman is located close to the bus station and to a local supermarket.  It was the perfect stopover before heading to Santiago the next morning early.

Address:  Juan de Dios Angulo 556 Osorno

Hostel Chaman Orsono



Chile – Santiago

Transport to Santiago

9th and Last Stop on Travel in Patagonia

The last leg of our journey was from Osorno to Santiago by bus the journey taking 12.5 hours.

For the latest prices and bus schedules click here.

This is our 2nd visit to Santiago, this time only a brief stop, before flying back home to Australia.

Map of Santiago Chile


Things to do in Santiago

Santiago Free Walking Tour

A great way to learn about the city from a local’s perspective.

A Day Trip to Valparaiso and Vina del Mar

You can do this tour by using the local bus services to Valparaiso and book a short tour to both cities at the bus station when you arrive in Valparaiso.

More Things to Do in Santiago


Where to stay in Santiago

We are fans of the suburb of Providencia when we visit Santiago.

Our first stay was at the Ventana Sur Hostel.  This hostel is so popular you will need to book in advance. If you can book the room by the swimming pool.  Ventana Sur was one of the best hostels we stayed in throughout our travels in Chile.

Address: Claudio Arrau 340 Providencia Santiago

Bookings for Ventana Sur Hostel

More places to stay in Santiago



Where to Eat in Santiago

For the top restaurants voted by travellers with the latest reviews and photos click here.

FAQs on Patagonia and Facts About Patagonia

Is Patagonia a country?

Patagonia is a region in Southern South America made up of the two countries of Chile and Argentina.

Is Patagonia expensive?

We were surprised that Patagonia travel was expensive, but at the time of our travel, our Australian dollar was weak against the Argentine Peso and the Chilean Peso.

If you pay your Chile accommodation in USD can you save money?

Yes, by paying in USD you can save paying the government tax.

Are we allowed to take food over the borders?

When you travel in Patagonia make sure you are aware of the border regulations.  No food is allowed to be taken across the borders.

What is the mountain range in Patagonia?

The Andes spans the length of Patagonia.

What are the top hikes in Patagonia?

When travelling in Patagonia you will be able to hike many of the trails depending on your ability.

Some of the major hikes are:

W Trek – 5 day Torres Del Paine trek

The Classic Full Circuit

The Huemel Circuit

For more information on the best hikes in the Patagonia region click here

Camping in Patagonia

For more information on campsites in Patagonia click here

Flights to Patagonia

Find the cheapest flights with Skyscanner who then directs you to the airline’s website with no extra fees to pay.

Airports in Patagonia – How to get to Patagonia

For the most comprehensive information on flights into Patagonia click here.

If you are flying internationally into Chile it will be Santiago, the capital, and if you are flying into Argentina it will be to the capital,  Buenos Aires.

Escorted Trips to Patagonia

If you prefer to travel on an organised tour, we would recommend travelling with Intrepid.  They have 5 tours available. For more information click here.

The 10 Best Patagonia Hotels

For the top ten hotels in Patagonia click here

Climate in Patagonia

The best time to visit Patagonia is in the summer months between November and March. It is also the peak travel season so you will need to book in advance.

What Animals in Patagonia will you be able to see?

Love nature? Patagonia is home to over 500 species.

Some of the animals that you will see when visiting Patagonia are:

  • Armadillo
  • Purdu
  • Big nosed skunk
  • South American Gray Fox
  • Patagonia Mara
  • Culpeo (fox)
  • Guanaco
  • Pumas

Birds of Patagonia:

  • Andean Condor
  • Southern Crested Caracara
  • Black Bowed Albatross

Whales & Penguins:

  • Humpback Whale
  • Southern Right Whale
  • Magellanic Penguin
  • King Penguin

What is the Definition of Patagonia

Wikipedia states that: “Patagonia (Spanish pronunciation: [pataˈɣonja]) refers to a geographical region that encompasses the southern end of South America, governed by Argentina and Chile. The region comprises the southern section of the Andes Mountains, lakes, fjords, and glaciers in the west and deserts, tablelands and steppes to the east.”



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In conclusion, Patagonia offers an abundance of breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife encounters, and thrilling outdoor adventures that make it a must-visit destination in 2023.

Whether you are drawn to the towering peaks of Torres del Paine National Park, the icy blue glaciers of Los Glaciares National Park, or the rugged beauty of Tierra del Fuego, there is no shortage of natural wonders to explore. With its pristine wilderness and remote locations, Patagonia provides a sense of tranquillity and escape from the bustling world. So pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable journey through one of the most captivating regions on Earth.


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