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Top Things To Do In Toulouse in 4 Hours

Are you planning a visit to Toulouse?

We only had 4 hours so we hope you enjoy our top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours.

Toulouse is one destination that you have to give some quality time to visit.  Toulouse is the capital of the region Haute Garonne in South West France.

Since our visit to Toulouse, we have been doing quite a bit of research about what to see and do there and what we missed out on. Our guide will assist you in planning either your day trip to Toulouse or how to spend a night or two. We include hotel and restaurant recommendations as well as tours and tips. We spent quite a few weeks in the region and got chatting to many of the locals who helped us out with this guide.

(Editor updated 2021)

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Where is Toulouse France?

Toulouse is located in the Midi-Pyrenees a beautiful region of France. Every time we visit France and travel through a new region we fall in love with the countryside and the small villages along the way.  We fell in love with Toulouse instantly.

The River Garonne flows through the middle of Toulouse and gives the area quite a peaceful feeling. Being besides water always gives us a relaxation vacation feel.  The Canal du Midi also runs through Toulouse.

Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France behind Paris, Marseille and Lyon.

Toulouse is located an hour from the Mediterranean and an hour from the Atlantic Ocean.

From Paris to Toulouse takes 4 hours 45 minutes by car.

Interesting facts about Toulouse

  • Toulouse is called the Pink City, because of the pink stone that has been used in the construction of its buildings.
  • Toulouse is over 2,000 years old
  • The University is one of the oldest in Europe
  • In 1271 it was declared a Royal City

Toulouse France Map

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 Hours
Toulouse France Map

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours

What is Toulouse Famous For?

Toulouse is famous for being the headquarters of Airbus which located in the heart of Toulouse and CNES‘s Toulouse Space Centre (CST), which is the largest space centre in Europe.

Is Toulouse Safe To Travel To?

Toulouse is a safe city to visit.  As a traveller, you should always be aware of new surroundings and take care of your belongings when you are walking around the streets, especially at night.

Things to do in Toulouse in 4 Hours

Wondering which places to go in Toulouse?

Highlight #1 Toulouse’s Most Famous Square – Place du Capitol

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours
Toulouse – Place du Capitol

The Capitole de Toulouse is Toulouse’s tourist attraction that is located in the heart of the city where political celebrations and celebrations take place.  It is located over 5 acres on the original boundary of the Roman part of the city (heading South towards Place du Salin) and the medieval part of the city (heading North towards Saint Sernin Basilica). The facade of the building dates back to 1750 and some parts of the interior dates back as far as the early 16th century. All visitors head here first when they arrive in Toulouse.

The Theatre du Capitole is located on the right-wing of the building.

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours
The Great Staircase

The Great Stairway leads to the Great Hall of the Salle des Illustres.  It was originally constructed during the last quarter of the 18th century and replaced in 1912.  Paintings by the local Toulouse artist Jean-Paul Laurens and his sons Pierre and Paul-Albert adorn the walls leading up to the Great Hall.

Toulouse - Summer by Henri-Marten
Summer by Henri-Marten

Salle (room) Henri-Martin contains 10 paintings by Henri-Martin (1860-1945) some of them depicting the 4 seasons.

Highlight #2 Basilica Saint Sernin Toulouse

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours
Inside the Basilica Saint Sernin

The Basilica was constructed during the 11th century in honour of Saturnin, the first Bishop and Martyr of Toulouse who lived during the 3rd century.  It holds the honour of being the biggest Romanesque Church in the world that is still standing.  It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Highlight #3 Place Wilson Toulouse

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours
Carousel at Place Wilson

Place Wilson was named after the US President Thomas Wilson and lies at the end of Jean Jaures which links the Canal du Midi with the centre of the city of Toulouse.  To the delight of children it contains the colourful Carousel that was located to its present position in 2007 from Place Saint-Georges.  The squeals of delight when children arrive at the Place puts a smile on every adult’s face. Who doesn’t love a merry go round?

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours
Goudouli Monument Place Wilson Toulouse

Place Wilson is a beautiful park to sit down and relax from sightseeing or enjoy a coffee or a meal at one of the local cafes that surround it.  The smoothing sounds of the fountain of the Goudouli Monument who was a famous Toulouse poet from the 17th century can send you off in a slumber.

Highlight #4 Couvent des Jacobins Toulouse

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours
Couvent des Jacobins Toulouse

The convent was built during the years 1230 to 1350 by Dominique, the founder of the Order of the Preachers.

In 1789 the Revolution banned the Order of the Preachers and in 1810 Napolean requisitioned the Convent for his military purposes.  The army eventually left during 1861. From 1905 to 1974 restoration took place to return the building to its original state as much as possible.

It houses the relics of Saint Thomas Aquinas and is a place of pilgrimage.

Pro-Tip: 1st Sunday of every month there is free entry

Free entry daily to the Church and the Chapel of the Virgin

Euros 4 per person to visit the Cloister, Chapter House, St Antonin Chapel and Refectory.

For more information: www.jacobins.toulouse.fr

Highlight #5 Pont Neuf Toulouse

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours
Pont Neuf

Enjoy a sandwich and a coffee on one of the benches that line the Promenade de Tounis whilst viewing the Pont Neuf the oldest bridge still standing in Toulouse.  Pont Neuf spans the Garonne.  King Francis I financed the construction of the bridge in 1541 by placing a special tax on the local inhabitants of the region.

Highlight #6 Discover the Blue-Gold Of Toulouse

Toulouse Terre de Pastel
Boutique Terre de Pastel

Pastel leaves are the Blue Gold of Toulouse.  It is understood that Hippocrates used the leaves for healing purposes.  They are known to be rich in 3, 6 and 9 Omega.  During the Renaissance period, Pastel leaves were important for trade in the area as they contained a blue pigment which was used in the textile industry.  Pastel fields can now be found in the Midi-Pyrenees and the leaves are used for cosmetic purposes and the dye for the textile industry

Near Pont Neuf at 9 Place de Assezat is Boutique Terre de Pastel – a Boutique and Show Room which is highly recommended to visit for cosmetics and stunning blue scarves and shawls.  Terre de Pastel also have a Museum, a Restaurant and a Spa. If you want a memento of Toulouse and its region you cannot pass a gift from Terre de Pastel.  As perpetual travellers with only carry-on luggage it was hard for us not to part with any cash in this boutique.

Check their website out at: www.terredepastel.com

Things To Do in Toulouse (if you have longer than 4 hours)

Shopping in Toulouse is a favourite pastime.  Head to the Place du Capitol and the side streets for great shopping.

When visiting Toulouse we would also recommend wandering through the back streets to get that local feel.  Watch where the locals are eating, restaurants around the square cater for the tourist $ and can be quite expensive.

Toulouse Hotels

Adagio Access Toulouse Jolimont

We stayed at the Adagio as the hotel was in walking distance to the main Toulouse Train Station which had direct access by bus to the Airport.  The studio rooms contained a small kitchenette, a swimming pool and there was a Carrefour supermarket within a 5 minutes walk.

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours

Other Toulouse Hotel Options with high traveller ratings :

Crowne Plaza Hotel: 7 Place Du Capitole, Capitole, Toulouse, France

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours

Nemea Appart’Hotel Residence Concorde: 16 Boulevard Bonrepos, Toulouse City Centre, Toulouse, France

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours




Hotel de Brienne: 20 Bd Du Maréchal Leclerc, Compans, Toulouse,

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours

Residhome Toulouse Occitania: 93, Avenue De Lombez, Casselardit, Toulouse, France

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours

 Toulouse Airport Hotel Options

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours




For hotels within 2km of Toulouse Airport:

Best Restaurants in Toulouse

What food is Toulouse famous for?

Toulouse is famous for its slow-cooked dish – Cassoulet.  Cassoulet is made from Toulouse sausage of pork meat, duck and beans.

The top 5 restaurants in Toulouse according to Tripadvisor’s travellers reviews are:

Michel Sarrin: 21 Boulevard Armand Duportal Toulouse

ACR Experiences: 8 Rue Mage Toulouse

Le Saint Sauvage: 20 Rue des Salenques Toulouse

Au Pois Gourmand: 3 Rue Emile Heybrard Toulouse

Chez Fifi: 17 Rue Croix Baragnon Toulouse

Other restaurant options in Toulouse:

Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours

 Getting In Toulouse

Toulouse Airport is serviced by budget carriers as well as many international carriers.  Click here for more information.

During high season we recommend booking your car hire in advance.  Click here for the latest deals.

If you are thinking of travelling by train throughout France click here for more information on the Eurail pass that could save you $$$ by planning your travel in advance. As an example, the Paris to Toulouse train takes 6.5 hours and the Toulouse Nice train can take between 7 and 8 hours.



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Top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours


Further reading on Toulouse:

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Travel Insurance

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Have you been to Toulouse?  We would love to hear what you did and how long you spent in this picturesque city.

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