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Chichen Itza How To Make The Most of Your Visit in 2024

Chichen Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, is a mesmerizing archaeological site located in the heart of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. This ancient Mayan city, boasting stunning pyramids and intricate stone carvings, attracts millions of visitors each year. However, simply visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site is not enough to truly appreciate its historical significance and beauty. To make the most out of your visit to Chichen Itza, it is essential to plan ahead and know what to expect. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips and insights on how to maximize your experience at Chichen Itza while immersing yourself in its rich cultural heritage. Is visiting Chichen Itza high on your travel ‘to-do’ wish list? You won’t be disappointed.

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The impressive Mayan city dates back to the pre-Colombian era.  Apart from having the most beautiful Mayan temple – El Castillo Pyramid, it is also the most visited site in the Yucatan Peninsula with over 1.4 million visitors yearly.

When is the busiest time to visit Chichen Itza?

The busiest time of the year to visit in between December and March.  On Sundays, Mexicans get free entry to Chichen Itza so these are very busy days to beware of as well.

If you are travelling with kids and want to visit Chichen Itza you will need to plan your visit accordingly depending on where you are staying and whether you want an organised tour or do it yourself.

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If you mention Mayan Ruins Mexico to anyone the first that comes to mind is always Chichen Itza.

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We had just visited three other Mayan sites in the region in this itinerary – Palenque, Izamal and  Uxmal and were excited to be seeing Chichen Itza at last.  Tulum Mayan Ruins should be on your bucket list as well, they are in a unique location by the sea, which turned out to be most beneficial for trade for the Mayans.

Click here to pre-purchase your tickets for Chichen Itza and skip the line.


Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

Chichen Itza Mexico Map

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
Chichen Itza  Map

Our Chichen Itza Tips For Enjoying a Day Out at Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico:

  1.  Drink plenty of water
  2.  Wear sunscreen and a hat
  3.  Arrive early around 8 am
  4.  Hire a local guide they are the knowledgeable ones for all the Chichen Itza Facts you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions About Chichen Itza

How Old is Chichen Itza?

The famous Mexico Ruins are over 1500 years old.

How long does it take to travel to Chichen Itza?

Depending on where you are staying i.e. Merida, Tulum or Cancun it can take between 2 – 3 hours travelling time.

How long will it take to see Chichen Itza?

During the day a visit will take around 2 hours.  If you want to see the Light Show in the evening you will need to plan your visit during the afternoon and stay on for the evening show.

What we learned from our Guide about Chichen Itza History:

We recommend using the services of the registered guides when visiting important sites.  The information you receive is priceless.  The only time we did not use a guide was for the Mayan site at Tulum and we now wish we had.

Once you have passed through the entrance gate take some time to look at the trees around you before you become in awe of El Castillo or the Temple of Kukulkan as it is also known.

There before you, you will see a skinny-trunked tree with a green-coloured leaf.  This is a rubber tree and it is important to the Mayans as the white sticky resin was used to make the balls they used for their Ball Game.  The bark is removed from the tree, the white sticky stuff inside the bark is then boiled and when cooled, it is shaped by hands into a ball shape and then polished.

In the Museum of Anthropology in Merida, you can find one of the original balls on view.  The balls averaged about 2 lbs in weight but some could weigh heavier coming in at up to 4 lbs.

There are also grapefruit trees and the colourful bougainvillaea trees as well as the ‘chewing gum tree’.  This is the tree that is also known as “Chicle” and it is painted white around the trunk.  This is one of the strongest trees around and the wood cannot be attacked by termites or insects as it is bitter in taste.  The tree was very important to the Mayans – this was the tree that they used for beams to lift the stones in the construction of their buildings.

The meaning of ‘Chichen Itza’ – Chi translates to mouth, chen is waterway and Itza is the name of the dynasty and can also mean knowledge, putting it all together “Mouth of the Well of the Itza”.

Chichen Itza was abandoned around 1200 CE either due to either an increase in population which the land could not provide enough food to feed the people or it was due to civil war.  The Mayans travelled to the highlands in Central America and settled there.

Francisco de Montejo, a Spanish Conquistador arrived in the Yucatan in 1531 and claimed Chichen Itza as the capital.   A Mayan revolt saw the Spanish leave only to return later as the Mayan civilisation went into decline, Chichen Itza then became a cattle ranch in the hands of the Spaniards.  During this time anyone could visit the ‘holy site’ and take what they needed, and they did.

During 1923 and 1937 the Carnegie Institute of Washington D.C. carried out the restorations of the ‘holy city’.  The Institute restored the Temple of the Warriors and the Caracol (Observatory) whilst the Mexican Government undertook the restoration of El Castillo and the Chichen Itza Ball Court.

El Castillo or the Temple of Kukulcan

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
El Castillo – the most beautiful temple in the Yucatan

El Castillo – the iconic temple of Chichen Itza.  It is magnificent up close as it is in photographs.  It is jaw-dropping. The most incredible pyramid we have seen of the Mayans.

During the restoration of El Castillo, they found a dark tunnel in the staircase entrance on the north side. The tunnel revealed another pyramid inside with little space in between the two of them.  Archaeologists estimated that it would have taken 8 years to build the interior temple.  The Mayans were great mathematicians and with their advanced knowledge, they had to calculate the weight and strength to build another temple over the first.

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
Our guide showed us the photo of the Jaguar found inside El Castillo

Inside the temple chamber, they found a throne in the shape of a jaguar, red in colour, with 73 green jade stones simulating jaguar spots. The jade was found to be Chinese Jade which confirmed that sea trading between continents had taken place.  The jaguar is estimated to weigh around 300lbs and is still inside the chamber but the blue turquoise stone disk that was embedded in the jaguar’s back is now at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

There are 91 steps on each of the 4 sides of the pyramid – which total 364, the platform on the top adds one more step to the site = 365 – the same number of days in a year.

91 days also measure the time between each of the 2 equinoxes and the 2 solstices. The staircases rise up at 45 degrees.

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
Serpents Head El Castillo

If you visit the site on either of the Spring or Autumn Equinoxes at around 4 pm you will witness what looks like a serpent wriggling down the Northside of the staircase.

If you have arrived at the site without a guide and wonder why everyone is clapping around the base of the Temple – listen – you will hear the chirp of a Quetzalcoatl bird singing inside the chamber.  The sound resonates as it travels from the bottom through to the top of the chamber.

The Temple of the Warriors also known as the Temple of 1000 Columns

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
Entrance to The Temple of the Warriors with Chac Mool at the top

Positioned in front of the Temple of the Warriors is 64 square-shaped pillars, each one is beautifully carved showing Toltec warriors with their weapons of slingshots, blow darts and bow and arrows.  To the right of the Temple, you will find round-shaped columns each one estimated to weigh 150 lbs. Over the years they have managed to stay upright even with the 200km hurricane winds that the region experiences. They could have supported a roof.

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
The Square Column at the Entrance shows the carving of the warrior

The carving of the warrior at the base of the staircase shows:

  • the warrior’s profile
  • a feathered headdress
  • a nose piece
  • warriors were normally tattooed around the eyes
  • an ear decoration
  • a long-sleeved hood that covers his chest and body
  • sandals
  • there are still pigments of green and orange to be seen

At the top of the staircase is a Chac Mool. Wikipedia states that a Chac Mool is a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican sculpture depicting a reclining figure with its head facing 90 degrees from the front, supporting itself on its elbows and supporting a bowl or dish upon its stomach.

The Great Platform of Venus

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
Platform of Venus

The Great Platform of Venus is also known as the Tomb of the Chac Mool.  The platform is 25 square meters, with steps on all of its 4 sides which lead up to the top where there are plumed serpents which guard the structure. The sides of the Platform depict part eagle serpents, jaguars, and human forms.  The Mayans observed the planet Venus daily, it is the closest planet to earth.

El Caracol – The Observatory

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
The Observatory

Once again we learned how knowledgeable the Mayans were, they were also highly skilled astronomers.  “El Caracol” is a large square platform with a round building on top.  Inside the structure is a spiral stone staircase that looks similar to the shape of the snail – hence the Spanish word for snail is ‘caracol’. The round building has 3 openings at the top with the windows aligned to view the changing positions of Venus.  The Mayans used these different positions of Venus to plan for their battles, raids and for the sowing the fields.


Temple of the Jaguars

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
The Temple of the Jaguar

The Temple of the Jaguar lies to the East of the Ball Ground.  It was constructed in both the styles of the Maya and Toltecs.  The upper part of the temple overlooks the Ball Ground and was used by the Nobles to watch the Ball Game.

The Jaguar which means ‘he who kills with one blow’ is a sacred animal for the Mayans. They believed that ‘the jaguar was the bearer of the sun on its nightly journey through the underworld”.  The Mayans believed that the Jaguar was also a symbol of strength and ferocity.

The Great Ball Court

This is impressive, to say the least.  Can you imagine it to be the largest ball and best-preserved ball field in Mesoamerica? It has great acoustics – make a sound at one end and it can be heard at the other.

It is 175 meters in length, making it larger than that of a US football field.  The walls are slanted to keep the ball in play and stand 8 meters high.

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
Looking down the Ball Court towards the Temple of the Bearded Man

At the end of the playing field is the North Temple also known as the “Temple of the Bearded Man”. On the inner walls of the temple, there is a carving of a man and on his chin, it looks like facial hair, hence the name.

Things to do in Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
The Ball Hoop

Two teams played the ball game with 6 in each, the 7th player was the only one allowed to play near the hoop.  The players could not use their hands.  The objective was to be the first team to put the ball through the hoop.  The game would always finish when the score was 1-0.

We have to remember that the average height of the Mayan people were 4 1/2 feet and the height of the ball hoop is at 16 feet.  The ball was not allowed to touch the sides of the hoop as it was thrown through, it had to be a clean pass.  Images show that the Mayans were allowed to wear padding for their hips and knees.

There are carved panels on each side of the walls, showing the game in play, a severed head of the other team at the conclusion of the game, as well as snakes coming out of the player’s mouths.

Where is Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is located:

  • 153km from Tulum
  • 194km from the Mayan Riviera
  • 120km from Merida
  • 197km from Cancun.


It is located in the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

When To Visit Chichen Itza

During winter November to April is the coolest time to visit Chichen Itza but also the busiest with hundreds of busloads of tourists per day.

It is hot and humid during the months of the rainy season – from May to October.

Chichen Itza Hours

Chichen Itza is open from 08.00 to 16.30 hours.

Chichen Itza Official Site

The website for more information on Chichen Itza.

Chichen Itza Tickets

Tickets for Chichen Itza can be purchased in advance where you can skip the queue can book them here.


Chichen Itza Tours


Can You Climb Chichen Itza?

Since 2006 it has been prohibited to climb the Temple of Kulkulkan as an 81-year-old woman fell to her death, actually we prefer it this way for the preservation of these ancient sites.

Chichen Itza at Night

Chichen Itza has a spectacular night time show click here to read our latest post on all you need to know about experiencing the Light Show.

Hotels Near Chichen Itza

There are advantages to staying in one of the hotels close to Chichen Itza as it allows you to visit the site without rushing. Travelling from Merida to Chichen Itza takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.

By staying close by you can also visit the Chichen Itza Light Show.  The gates open at 6.30, tickets need to be purchased. Entry is from 7 pm where you can tour Chichen Itza before the show starts at 7.45 pm.


Some hotel recommendations for you close to Chichen Itza:

The Lodge Highway Merida-Cancun Km120 (we enjoyed a great lunch here of traditional Mexican fare).

Guest review: “Great location, right in the middle of jungle and next to the pyramid. Fabulous food and helpful staff.”

The 5-star Lodge offers an outdoor pool, and jacuzzi and offers packed lunches for your visit to Chichen Itza.

Chichen Itza How to make the most of your visit

Hotel & Bungalows Mayaland Chichen Itza Km 120 Ctra. Merida-Puerto Juarez Km 120, Chichen Itza.


Guest review: “The historic traditional rooms are great, lovely balcony looking out onto stunning gardens. Staff were super helpful and very accommodating and made my friends birthday extra special.”

This is the perfect accommodation for families. The historic 5-star resort offers excellent facilities for children and free bike rental.

Chichen Itza How to make the most of your visit

Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxkin Spa Km 120 Carretera Merida Puerto Juarez, Chichen Itza.


Guest review: “Location and staff were great. Great hospitality 🤗 We just can recommend Hacienda Chichen Resort. The whole Hacienda is amazing in shape. You feel back in time a little :)”

The 5-star resort offers an outdoor pool, spa services, on-site library, restaurant and bar. Perfect to relax after a day visiting Chichen Itza.

Chichen Itza How to make the most of your visit

Merida Hotels

There are many hotels to stay in Merida.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Wyndham Merida in Merida.

Guest review: “It’s an amazing hotel with a lot of facilities. I enjoyed every second of my staying and I’m willing to stay here every time I visit Merida again. ”


Wyndham Merida
Wyndham Merida

The hotel was located well to visit all the tourist attractions of the Yucatan.  The swimming pool was a welcome after a day of sightseeing. Click below to see the latest deals.

Chichen Itza how to make the most of your visit



Other recommendations for accommodation in Merida 

Fiesta Americana Paseo Montejo 451, Esquina Avenida Colon Centro, Merida. The 5-star hotel offers excellent facilities for families with family rooms available, an outdoor pool, sauna and jacuzzi.


Guest review: “everything was great !!! Staff, service, rooms, facilities, restaurants, concierge !! well done lads”

Top 3 free things to do in Grasse

Hotel Casa Lucia, Calle 60 No. 474-A Entre 55 Y 53, Centro, Merida Historic Centre,


This 15-room 5-star hotel offers an outdoor pool, in-house restaurant and bar.

Guest review: “Rooms and all common areas super clean and well maintained. Pool area small but beautiful and very nice to have in the afternoon sun. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We transferred to Casa Lucia from another hotel close by and were so happy with the change. The restaurant attached also has a hidden terrace on the plaza and even if may not look like has excellent food – we tried both breakfast and dinner.”


Chichen Itza how to make the most of your visit

Casa del Balam Hotel Calle 57 and 60, Merida Historic Centre, Merida, Centrally located this 5-star hotel offers a jacuzzi, outdoor pool, terrace and on-site restaurant.


Guest review: “Rooms and all common areas super clean and well maintained. Pool area small but beautiful and very nice to have in the afternoon sun. Staff very friendly and helpful.”


Chichen Itza how to make the most of your visit

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Where to Eat in Chichen Itza

The top restaurants in Chichen Itza are:

  1.  Oxtun – Local 7 Parador Turistico Chichen Itza
  2. Hotel & Bungalows Mayaland – Archaeological Park Chichen Itza
  3. Hotel Oka’an – 2km on main highway from Chichen Itza
  4. The Lodge – Archaeological Park Chichen Itza


Other places to visit close to Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula:

A Visit to Izamal

A Visit to Uxmal

Private Tour of Merida

Things to do in the Yucatan Peninsula

How to get in

The closest airports to Chichen Itza are Merida (136 km)  and Cancun (202 km).

Flight Deals to the Yucatan Peninsula

Find the cheapest flights with Skyscanner our ‘go-to’ for researching and booking flights around the world.

There are bus services from Merida and Cancun. For the latest schedules and ticket prices click here.

A Mexico Guide

Chichen Itza how to make the most of your visit


We love Mexico so much and have travelled to so many places within Mexico we created our own Mexico e-book guide.




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We would like to thank  Yucatan Travel and Visit Mexico for their assistance for our 4 days in Merida and the Yucatan.  In our visit to Chichen Itza our transport to and from Merida was sponsored.  Our accommodation at the Wyndham Hotel in Merida was sponsored for our stay, we thank the management and staff for taking good care of us. We thank George our driver and Maria from Yucatan Travel for looking after us so well.  As always, our opinions are our own.

In conclusion, visiting Chichen Itza is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich history and culture of the ancient Mayan civilization. By following these tips and strategies, travellers can make the most of their visit to this remarkable archaeological site. From arriving early to avoid crowds, hiring a knowledgeable guide for an informative tour, exploring both the iconic landmarks and hidden gems, to respecting and preserving the site’s heritage, visitors can ensure a truly unforgettable experience at Chichen Itza. Whether it be marvelling at the majestic El Castillo or witnessing the mystical play of light and shadow during the equinoxes at El Caracol, each moment spent within these sacred grounds will leave an indelible impression on all who venture here.

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