Iguassu Flower Garden Hotel Puerto Iguazu Review

Our review of the Iguassu Flower Garden Hotel in Puerto Iguazu in Argentina.

Name: Iguassu Flower Garden in Puerto Iguazu

Type: B&B

Address: Entre Rios 223, 3370 Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
Contact Details: Telephone: 03757 423927
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.iguassuflowergarden.com.ar

Date of Stay: 24th March – 27th March, 2013 3 nights

Booked through: Booking.com

Why we went there?
We had decided to spend a week exploring the Brazilian and Argentinian sides of the Falls. We travelled across the border by taxi from Foz do Iguacu, Brazil.

Why we chose it?
We struggled to find accommodation in Puerto Iguazu as it was the week leading up to Easter and most of the highly rated hostels were full. Iguassu Flower Garden Hotel was the highest amount we had paid for accommodation so far on our RTW journey. So the learning is if you plan to visit this side of the Falls book early to find the price and comfort that you expect.
We were slightly shocked on arrival as it seemed more like a car park motel, all walk areas concreted and a swimming pool with little ambience. We were greeted by the nicest owners you could ever meet. Iguassu Flower Garden Hotel accommodation ended up being one of the cleanest places we had stayed in on our 12 month journey. Breakfast was included.
It was further out of town than we would have liked, but it was in a quiet and safe neighbourhood. It took about 30 minutes to walk into town there were lots of bars and restaurants.

What was it like?
The accommodation was spotlessly clean. The dining area where breakfast was held each morning very clean and welcoming. The grounds around the swimming pool were very well maintained. The pool was sparkling clean.

What was around it?
Iguassu Flower Garden Hotel is located 25- 30 minutes from town where there are supermarkets, Banks, ATMs, restaurants and bars. The bus station provides regular transport to the Falls.
Would we return?
Maybe, but not to this accommodation, we would prefer to have accommodation in the town area closer to all services.
AUD92 per night
How was the Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi worked better in the office/lounge area.

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